American Flag Desecration Leads to Charges

American Flag Desecration Leads to Charges

By Mike Fossum May 21, 2014

A Blair County, Pennsylvania man was charged with desecration and insults to the flag after spray painting an American flag with the letters “AIM” and hanging it upside down outside his home. Neighbors and passersby were offended by the display, …

AOL Aims For Devs With AIM Money

AOL opened its revenue sharing platform for applications constructed with the Open AIM development kit.

AIM Opens Real-Time IM Feature

Through work with Galludet University and the University of Wisconsin’s Trace Center, AOL crafted a new deafness-friendly feature for AIM.

AOL Brightens Up Its Desktop
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A new version of AOL Desktop bundles tabbed browsing, multiple email account management, and an “App Map” of all open application windows within the environment.

Gmail Now Talks To AIM

Google announced a partnership with AOL that allows users to log into their Instant Messenger account from GMail.

Google Takes Aim At China’s Mobile Market

We’ve discussed cultural differences, censorship, and the lack of a home field advantage – these have all posed challenges to Google in China.  It’s now becoming clear that Google will also need to overcome its unfamiliarity with the mobile market to succeed in this country.

SMX Rewind

So much covered, seen and happened in just two days. From FaceBook to Wikipedia and everything about social media in between. Finally, we wind up and take a dekko at all that we and everyone else from the SEM community have covered:

Exploitation of Passion for Profit

Buying Attention & Building Trust

With content that you freely distribute you are primarily trying to build relationships with people who don’t know you and have never bought from you. Since attention is limited you have to make your content accessible to gain market attention.

Highbrow = Low Readership

Most potential buyers can not distinguish between great information and average information, but most people…

Meebo, Google Talk Gaining On AIM, MSN

Though they have a long way to go (a really long way), instant messaging services that offer chat or multimedia chat functionalities are growing the fastest among IM providers, according to new numbers from Nielsen//NetRatings.

AppFactory Backing Facebook Platform Builders
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Silicon Valley venture capital firm Bay Partners has opened its AppFactory program to provide fast-track funding to developers working on Facebook Platform.

AOL Launches New Mail And Widget
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AOL has released an e-mail service with AIM integration that enables users to simultaneously e-mail and IM from the same application.

AOL Latino Goes Social

AOL Latino has launched Latino AIM Pages, a social networking service built on the AIM platform.

Blinkx Skyrockets Following AIM Launch

Blinkx is a top-of-the-line video search engine, but the people who run it might want to consider a new line of work.  After all, following Blinkx’s launch on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM), the company raked in exactly what they predicted: 25 million pounds.  Yes, those guys (and gals) would do quite well on the stock market.

AOL Plugin About Location

Skyhook Wireless is powering a location-based plugin for users of AOL’s AIM service. The Wi-Fi based AIM Location plugin lets users set and share their location with other users who have the plugin.

Companies and Marketing 2.0

Just saw on Twitter that Emily Chang had posted about RSS feeds for archiving your own personal history.

Google Talk and AIM to Work Together?

Over a year ago, Google paid a billion dollars for a chunk of AOL, and probably the most exciting part of the deal was the announcement that Google Talk and AOL Instant Messenger would probable eventually connect to each other.

AIM & GoogleTalk Edge Closer to Interoperability

Plans to develop technology that would allow users of AIM and GoogleTalk to communicate with each other were originally announced in December of 2005, and have yet to provide any tangible results.