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Google Sued over Alleged Age Discrimination

Google, once again, finds itself the target of an age discrimination lawsuit. This time the claim comes from a 64-year-old engineer, who says Google never even considered hiring him due to his age. From the Wall Street Journal: Robert Heath says in his complaint filed in U.S. District Court in San Jose, Calif., that Google unfairly dismissed his application for …

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Twitter Makes You Enter Your Age to Follow Booze Brands

I’d be willing to bet that almost every single internet user is familiar with the ol’ age verification roadblock. You know, that whole “enter you age” to proceed prompt that’s likely to exist on sites containing violent content, porn, or adult libations. Starting today, that age check is coming to Twitter. Well, at least for the latter category. Now, in …

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Actress Who Lied About Her Age on IMDb Loses Lawsuit

If you’re an actor/actress hoping to perpetuate age misinformation, IMDb is not your friend. A 41-year-old actress has lost her bid to sue the Internet Movie Database for publishing her true age on the popular site. Junie Hoang, an actress with 99 IMDb credits to her name (mostly B-movies and TV shows), claimed that the Amazon-owned IMDb breached subscriber privacy …

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How the Brain Ages and How to Stop It [Infographic]

The most important thing to take from this infographic is that there are ways that you can maintain a healthy brain. The ways to do this are pretty simple and self-explanitory: Eat right, exercise (your mind and your body), get plenty of rest, and find ways to release stress. Some interesting factoids you may not have known: The brain produces …

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Minimum Age To Be Allowed On Facebook?

To sign up for an account on Facebook you must be at least thirteen years of age. That obviously hasn’t been a real deterrent for kids under that age from faking out Facebook or talking their parents into allowing them to do so or even into doing it for them. According to a November 2011 survey of over a thousand …

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