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Google Sued over Alleged Age Discrimination Google Sued over Alleged Age Discrimination

Google, once again, finds itself the target of an age discrimination lawsuit. This time the claim comes from a 64-year-old engineer, who says Google never even considered hiring him due to his age. From the Wall Street Journal: Robert Heath …

Twitter Makes You Enter Your Age to Follow Booze Brands Twitter Makes You Enter Your Age to Follow Booze Brands

I’d be willing to bet that almost every single internet user is familiar with the ol’ age verification roadblock. You know, that whole “enter you age” to proceed prompt that’s likely to exist on sites containing violent content, porn, or …

Actress Who Lied About Her Age on IMDb Loses Lawsuit Actress Who Lied About Her Age on IMDb Loses Lawsuit
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If you’re an actor/actress hoping to perpetuate age misinformation, IMDb is not your friend. A 41-year-old actress has lost her bid to sue the Internet Movie Database for publishing her true age on the popular site. Junie Hoang, an actress …

How the Brain Ages and How to Stop It [Infographic]

The most important thing to take from this infographic is that there are ways that you can maintain a healthy brain. The ways to do this are pretty simple and self-explanitory: Eat right, exercise (your mind and your body), get …

Minimum Age To Be Allowed On Facebook? Minimum Age To Be Allowed On Facebook?
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To sign up for an account on Facebook you must be at least thirteen years of age. That obviously hasn’t been a real deterrent for kids under that age from faking out Facebook or talking their parents into allowing them …

Study Breaks Down The Demographic Of Bloggers
Social Media monitoring company, Sysomos has just released a study in which they analyzed over a 100 million blogs and reported data on age, gender and location of bloggers.

Age Differences Between MySpace and Facebook Users
comScore’s recent digital year in review reveals that the MySpace demographic has gotten younger over the last year whereas Facebook’s 24 & under crowd decreased and its 25-34 year segment increased.
An analysis of demographic composition of Facebook, MySpace and Twitter users revealed important differences that reflect their appeal to various audiences.

The Growth of Twitter and Facebook Use By Age Demographic

As I noted in my last article about the subtle shifts happening within MySpace, social network audience demographics are always on the move.

Older Generations Are Flocking To Twitter

The folks at comScore put some numbers to what everyone already suspects. Twitter traffic is growing at a very rapid rate. What may surprise some are the people that are leading the charge. They also say that the March numbers to be released in the next week will raise some eyebrows as well.

Older Women The ‘Dominant’ Demographic On Facebook
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Yep, you read that headline right. According to MediaPost, women over the age of 55 are the fastest-growing user group on Facebook over the last three months.

Does Age Matter In Marketing?

Sometimes I can’t resist a post that will result in a few irate responses. This is likely going to be one of them. It is essentially about my distaste for something that I have seen far too many marketers blindly rely on … age statistics. Just about every web site that tries to sell advertising reports on the age stats of their visitors. Television programs report on their ability to reach wide demographics whether it is the "coveted" 18-34 males or moms from 25-44. Let’s face it …

18 Or Older To Use Google?

Google has this bit in their terms of service:

You may not use the Services [defined as “Google’s products, software, services and web sites"] and may not accept the Terms if … you are not of legal age to form a binding contract with Google