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Are You Prepared for the New AdWords Interface?
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Google announced today that it has two updates regarding the release of the New Adwords Interface. For one, they’ve made the interface available to everyone who uses AdWords Standard Edition. Secondly, Google has begun the migration process already with a small number of accounts.

Google Moves Closer To Paying $20M Settlement

People who may be affected by a class action lawsuit against Google have been receiving some interesting notices in their inboxes lately.  It looks like certain AdWords advertisers are on track to split a $20 million settlement starting September 14th. 

Are Local Businesses Trying Hard Enough with Paid Search?
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On Friday, the Interactive Advertising Bureau announced that the US had reached $5.5 billion in online ad revenue for the first quarter. This was down a bit from last year, but that’s not too bad considering the state of the economy. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find other ways to advertise your business that are as cost-effective.

Google’s AdWords Editor Gets an Upgrade
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Google has released a new version of AdWords Editor. That of course means that there are some updates that come with it.

For one, advertisers can now import CSV files.
Users who make changes to their accounts in a spreadsheet or custom application can import their spreadsheet directly into AdWords Editor, then post new or edited items. To import a CSV file:

Google Shares 6 Ways to Maximize Your AdWords Investment
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Google says AdWords’ real-time targeting and reporting are ideal for finding an efficient way to reach customers in the economic downturn. The company has detailed six tactics for maximizing your AdWords investment.

1. Focus your ads on low prices and savings.

See Google Queries That Resulted in a Click

Google is expanding the Search Query Performance Report for AdWords. The goal is to provide users with more visibility into the performance of ads and to aid in the decision process.

Trademark Owners Up In Arms With Google’s New Policy

 The online world is noisy enough as it is. Everyone is trying to get everyone’s attention to sell whatever it is they have.

Google Slows to a Crawl
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Update: Google has addressed the issue on the Official Blog. The company says:

Google Launches Interaction Reports for Local Business Ads

As you are probably aware, Google offers local business ads, which are essentially AdWords ads associated with specific business locations. They appear on Google Maps, Google, and across Google’s ad network.

Earlier this year, Google announced the addition of four new links for these ads – "Get Directions," "Street View" where available, "Save to My Maps," and "Send." The links were introduced as an effort to help people better locate the business that was being advertised.

Google To Expand Trademark Bidding Worldwide

This June, Google will expand advertiser’s ability to bid on trademarked keywords worldwide in over 200 countries despite a class action lawsuit filed in Texas. The plan to do so illustrates Google’s confidence that trademark bidding is not a violation of trademark laws—apparently anywhere.

Looking at the State of Google
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Google held its annual stockholders’ meeting yesterday evening and to accompany that Co-founder Sergey Brin decided to re-share the 2008 Founders’ Letter, which was originally published on Google’s Investor Relations site. Brin says they wanted to make this more widely available so they posted it on the Official Google Blog.

Yahoo Testing Favicons in Sponsored Ads
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Yahoo is testing the use of favicons in sponsored ads. When a user searches for your domain name, your favicon will appear in your sponsored result.

Yahoo looks at the example of Expedia. You can see how it looks in the following screenshot:

Google Aims to Increase Relevancy for Ads on TV
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Google is offering a look into its process for measuring and analyzing data from television ads. It’s interesting to see the metrics they use and how they are trying to make television ads more relevant to viewers.

Some Changes in Google’s New AdWords Interface
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AdWords users who use the English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Hebrew, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, or Brazilian Portuguese versions of AdWords will see the new AdWords interface next time they login to their accounts if they have not already.

There are a number of changes within the new interface, and Google has taken the opportunity to highlight a few of them.

Google Product Management Director Talks Display Ad Builder
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Last October Google launched its Display Ad Builder. WebProNews has covered various features of this product since its launch.

"In short, DAB brings some key attributes of search — simplicity and cost-efficiency –  to display, a form of advertising that many agencies find to be more resource intensive and complex," a spokesperson for Google tells WebProNews. "Since the fall, it’s become much more relevant to the industry as the economy has made executing campaigns efficiently more crucial."

New Google Tool Benefits Both AdWords and AdSense Users
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Google has launched the Google Ad Planner Publisher Center. This is a new feature of the Google Ad Planner that is designed to improve the quality and accuracy of site data.

Increasing The Length Of Your Google Adwords Title

 There has been a bit of discussion of late about the length of AdWords ad titles with some advertisers reporting more than 25 characters being displayed in their title.

Google Expands New AdWords Interface Beta
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Google announced today that it has expanded the beta testing for the new AdWords interface. It is now available in ten languages to most active AdWords accounts.

Google Looking for Revenue Stimulus in Australia?
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Google Australia is giving away a free AdWords campaign worth $75 to small and medium-sized businesses that don’t already use AdWords. This would seem like a good way to get new users on board.

Google Improves Search-Based Keyword Tool

Back in November Google introduced a new keyword tool called simply Search-based Keyword Tool that enables paid search advertisers to see what keywords they may be missing out on based on searches that are leading to your site. Today Google has announced wider availability and some improvements to the tool.

Google TV Ads Online Launched in Beta
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A few weeks ago, it was reported that Google was testing an online version of its Google TV Ads. They’re now launching Google TV Ads Online in beta by invitation only.