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Adult ADHD: What Non-Medication Options Are Available?

It can be very frustrating coping with adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) symptoms. Those who suffer from ADHD are constantly on the lookout for treatment options to help bring their symptoms under control. Today a growing number of ADHD sufferers are looking for ways to treat the condition naturally as to avoid manufactured medications with potentially harmful effects on …

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ADHD Symptoms: What To Look Out For

Imagine a fifth-grader in a classroom, bouncing around from seat to seat, unable to sit still, talking constantly, showing little to no attention span, listening to the teacher for brief moments, but unable to hold onto the words which he or she said very long. It’s the common stereotype of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or more commonly called ADHD. It’s a …

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Childhood ADHD: Under Or Over Diagnosed

In an ABC News segment titled Missing ADHD Diagnosis, Lost Childhood, interviewers talk to Andrea Frank, a 38-year-old nursing assistant from Wisconsin. While bright, she struggled in school and at work, where she never lived up to her potential. But when she married and had two boys, she noticed signs that they had behavior traits like her and wanted answers. …

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ADHD Symptoms: What To Watch For

ADHD is a disorder that affects millions of children and adults. While most people associate the disorder with the inability to pay attention or concentrate on one thing at a time, there are many other symptoms that can be observed as well. The sooner a child or adult is diagnosed with the disorder, the sooner they can seek help. 38-year-old …

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