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Adult ADHD: What Non-Medication Options Are Available?

It can be very frustrating coping with adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) symptoms. Those who suffer from ADHD are constantly on the lookout for treatment options to help bring their symptoms under control. Today a growing number of ADHD sufferers are looking for ways to treat the condition naturally as to avoid manufactured medications with potentially harmful effects on …

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Depression Drug Vyvanse Sent Back To Drawing Board

The pharmaceutical group Shire has decided to stop developing the drug Vyvanse for use to treat depression. The Amphetamine-based Vyvanse is a popular ADHD drug, having made over $1.2 billion dollars for related therapy last year. However, Shire was hoping that the drug would work for patients suffering from depression. Unfortunately for Shire, the drug failed to improve symptoms for …

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ADHD Drugs: Fake Versions of Adderall Available Online

ADHD drugs being sold online are most likely fake, according to the US Food and Drug Administration. The organization sent out warnings about dubious versions of Adderall, a drug that’s used to treat both ADHD and narcolepsy, that are currently being sold through various drug-peddling websites. Adderall is a controlled substance, which means it is addictive and subject to regulation. …

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