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Drinking at Work: Some Companies Use Liquor as an Incentive

Are there benefits to sipping on a martini while at work? Some employees think that drinking at work on a daily basis makes them happier and more creative. In New York, J. Walter Thompson has in its offices a 50-foot-long bar with pedestal stools. Their spokesman says the bar is accessed frequently by employees both on and off the clock …

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Google Unleashes DoubleClick Ad Exchange

Google has announced the DoubleClick Ad Exchange, which it refers to as a real-time marketplace for helping online publishers and ad networks/agencies buy and sell display ad space. Prices in the marketplace are set in a real-time auction.

Google says it has three principles for its approach to display advertising:

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Google Getting Aggressive with Advertising

Google is trying to get advertising agencies to warm up to it after years of not being their favorite entity. After all, think of all the marketing dollars spent on search engine advertising (and SEO campaigns for that matter) that agencies missed out on because of a certain search giant.

Google Shows Off

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