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YouTube Upgrading Embed Codes To ActionScript 3 YouTube Upgrading Embed Codes To ActionScript 3

You may have a Web site that uses copious amounts of YouTube videos that solely rely on Flash player across your many pages. Chances are you have embedded which makes use of the ActionScript player. Further chances are that you …

Easier Flash/Facebook Integration
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Update: More from the press release, which has since come out:

Documentation, example applications and code are now available at http://www.adobe.com/go/facebook for developers to get started building rich applications with Adobe Flash and Flex software, and Facebook Platform.

MapQuest Launches ActionScript API

MapQuest has launched a new, Adobe ActionScript API that will allow developers to use a robust toolset with the benefits of ActionScript 3.0.

Embedding & Controlling Flash Video With Actionscript
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Of late, there’s no questioning the ubiquity of flash video on the web: Google, Yahoo, YouTube, etc..

Adobe Opens ActionScript Code to Mozilla
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Adobe announced this week that it has contributed source code for the ActionScript Virtual Machine to the Mozilla Foundation as part of a new open source project entitled Tamarin.

Yahoo Flashes New Development Center

A Flash Development Center opened on the Yahoo Developer Network with a variety of resources for ActionScript 2 and 3 application builders.

ActionScript 2.0 Best Practices

Actionscript is a very powerful language made by macromedia. Learning actionscript can be tricky until you get your mind thinking the same way actionscript does.

Flex & Ajax Together: FABridge

Macromedia has a lot of wonderful tools for the developer community. One of the most impressive new tools, Flex 2.0, has been developed with ColdFusion integration in mind. Macromedia threw out a new resource by introducing a new library of code called the Flex Ajax Bridge (FABridge). The new code can be inserted into a Flex application, a Flex component or an empty SWF file in order to expose it to scripting in the browser.

Flash Developer Toolbox
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These days, Flash users fall into two main categories: designers, who can dream up amazing Flash user interfaces, and developers, who spend most of their time pressing Ctrl+Enter. The Flash developer is a relatively new moniker. It describes someone who prefers to interact with Flash using a text editor, rather than manipulating movie clips on the stage. This article is an overview of must-have tools for Flash developers. Most of them are free, some are not. But all of them can save you time and effort.

Actionscript Based Shapes, That Move

Peace and Respect 2 all of you outThere that live an ACTIONSCRIPTING life. Firstly let me say i’m no actionscript guru, i’m just a beginner, but i live, eat, breathe, dream actionscript since the first time i laid eyez on it. (thats about 3-4 months ago).