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Little Black Dress: How To Accessorize For The Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner and if you aren’t sure what to wear to Thanksgiving Dinner or those office holiday parties, why not go for a little black dress. Little black dresses are perfect for any occasion and are available in a variety of styles. If you don’t want to wear plain black to a party or holiday …

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Amazon Now Lets You Customize Your Kindle Accessories

If you’re buying a Kindle Fire HDX for a family member this holiday season, you’re also probably buying a cover for the device. Now you can make your gift even more special by slapping your beautiful mug on the cover. Amazon announced today that consumers can now fully customize their Kindle accessories. In other words, you can take your own …

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Expect To Pay A Lot For Google Glass Accessories

Consumer electronic accessories are typically some of the most overpriced products you will ever buy. Want to protect your new Galaxy S 4? That rubber bumper cover will cost you $50. Want to use a controller with your tablet? That will be another $60. We’ve come to expect this sort of thing with smartphones and tablets, and it looks like …

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Game Genie for PlayStation 3 to Debut at E3

Do you remember the feeling of swapping Game Genie codes with your friends at school or looking up codes over your dial-up internet connection? Do you remember the feeling of inserting your Super Nintendo cartridge into a Game Genie and watching Mario jump off the screen while enjoying infinite lives and cape feathers? If you share these nostalgic feelings, prepare …

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Mobile Accessory Market To Reach $63 Billion

The average U.S. owner of a mobile phone spends about $60 on accessories over the life of the phone, according to a new survey from ABI Research.

Related market research indicates that the worldwide wireless handset accessories market is worth about $63 billion in 2009.

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