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Waiting In Line 3D, The Worst Video Game Ever?

Can’t wait to get your hands on the latest videogame? Do you like shooters like Doom and Duke Nukem 3D? Why not try Waiting in Line 3D, a first-person punching game about a man waiting outside in a queue. There are no enemies in the game, but in the long wait of what’s to be anticipated, the player must stay …

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Black Hawk Down: 20 Years Since Military Disaster

The twentieth anniversary of one of the U.S. military’s greatest botched missions, “Black Hawk Down,” was yesterday. In celebration, the US government recently released the classified footage of the operation. The video above contains some of that footage, and 60 Minutes will probably air even more. 2001’s blockbuster film Black Hawk Down (dir. by Ridley Scott) famously dramatized the events …

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Order the Newly Released ‘Pinterest’ from 1992

We have been covering squirrel-monkey’s videos for a while now. I guess we just have a taste for nostalgia. Either that or we love to feel really old. Their latest video shows us what Pinterest would have looked like in the 90’s. Be thankful for what you have boys and girls. This one is done in a little different style, …

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Relive 90s Pop With Awesome Melodica Megamix [VIDEO]

Today’s viral smash sports a pretty simple premise. If you grew up in the 90s or were really into pop music as an adult during the 90s, this is going to be a very awesome experience for you. YouTube user BennyTheJukebox has come up with a 90s Megamix of all your favorite dance pop tracks from one of the best …

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