Sylvester Stallone: Family Faces More Tragedy

    August 10, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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As Sylvester Stallone copes with the loss of his son, Sage, who was found dead at his home last month, the family is coping with yet another tragedy as his sister battles for her life in a California hospital.

48-year old Toni Ann Fillti, who is Stallone’s half-sister, is fighting stage 4 lung cancer. The disease has spread to her brain and liver, and Stallone’s mother, Jackie, says things aren’t looking good for her daughter. After so much recent loss, she’s hoping for a miracle to come help the family.

“She is conscious and responsive sometimes, but not really,” Jackie said. “What we need is a miracle. I still believe there are miracles, it is the only thing that keeps you going. I always think some miracle will happen, and she will wake up and this is all a bad dream. I want her with us until the last hour. She looks beautiful lying there. But her condition is critical.”


Stallone has been with his wife and daughters in France recently on holiday, grieving the loss of Sage, but he appeared briefly during a premiere of his film “Expendables 2″. Co-star Randy Couture said the stars of the film have missed him while doing press junkets and promotional events, but are thinking about him during such a difficult time.

“He is the leader of this group, both on-screen and off-screen. And so we miss him here,” Couture said. “But we understand. We’re parents. We have kids. We can’t really imagine what he’s going through now. But what do you say? … So we’re giving him space.”

Jackie Stallone says she would like to bring her daughter home and the family is exploring alternative treatments to ease her pain. For now, she is at the UCLA Medical Center.

  • Renee

    May you and your loved ones be at peace and know that God is always at your side. God does miracles….. I pray for all and may you be comforted with love, love, love, love always. Your friend in this journey, love always, Renee

  • Sharon Cornett

    It’s a terrible thing for a family to go through, but in my own family a very special uncle of mine died in a car wreck just a few weeks before my mom passed from brain cancer. They always got along great and joked a lot. I like thinking of them together wherever they are while they were waiting for my old man to join them. Sometimes family members go in pairs or even in groups to make it easier on each other. It may be harder on those left behind, but your time will come, too, and it’s nice to have someone already on the other side to help you over.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Lisa Weiner

    To Sylvester Stallone,
    I’m sorry that your half sister is suffering. I hope she recovers soon. Lisa Weiner

    • Vi

      So often one hears of tragedys following one another in a family that appeared to be immune to such grief. Life is not without it’s challenges &, eventually, everyone is subject to them. Perhaps the lessons learned here is to gain mercy & wisdom & compassion that allow us to grow in our humanness. These are never times to judge.

  • http://webpronews Elizabeth

    It never rains but it pours. Sorry for all the problems in his family recently.

  • http://SocialMediaBootCamp-FreeWebinar Damaris Rispoli

    I’m SO VERY SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS and for YOUR DAUGHTERS CANCER!!!! I Had Breast Cancer, and, unfortuanately, my grandmother passed from cancer. You are in our thoughts AND our prayers!!! We LOVE YOU!!!! Damaris, Joe Nittany and Rocky Balboa Rispoli
    Bedford, PA

  • http://gohgle simataa

    with much heart felt condolences for the loss of your dearest son may his soul rest in peace,take heart iam sending my peacefull prayers to comfort you in this time.let god take charge of our lives everytime and we pray that he may find refuge under his bossom.

    to all your sisters with cancer i pray that god will give her strength to overcome all pain and god’s miracle is at hand let our prayers be the medication to all the sickness.god never fosake his own people we will pray for her to recover .
    god bless you all in jesus name,amen.