Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Team Up Once Again

    June 28, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger make a great team, as they’ve proven most recently with “The Expendables 2″; now, they’re at it again with a prison-break movie called “Escape Plan”.

The plot follows Stallone’s Ray Breslin, a professional prison-breaker (?) who is double-crossed by the people he works with and tossed into “the tomb”, a prison that no one has ever escaped from…until now, I assume. Check out the trailer below.

  • Paul

    Aren’t these guys getting just a bit long in the tooth to still be doing this ‘action adventure’ shtick? I mean, come on now; let’s get real. Couple of years from now, what, they’re going to be doddering across the screen in walkers & 4-point canes? Sheesh!

    • Richard Castruita

      When is the last time you were Mr. Olympia? And The No! Movie Star in the World?

      Rick C

      • SlyFan

        Agreed. This is what they do. More importantly, this is what they do BEST. Plenty of fans out there that still enjoy watching their work. Heck, most men who grew up watching their prime work get some sort of inspiration watching these guys put on a show…even in their older age.

    • Greg

      I’d rather watch them than what they have now. I mean Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, Channing Tatum, ect… don’t hold a candle to the old guys.

    • DBM

      Vs… say Shia LaBeouf, Orlando Bloom or Tobey Maguire as an action hero? I think at age 60+ Sly and Arny could still take them on.

  • http://yahoo pezo

    That looks like another blockbuster.Cant wait to see it.

  • Elizabeth Wiley

    Both of these gentlemen have made some good movies. And this teen boy, old fart schtick.

    I would like to see them make a movie that takes a dumb and dumber pair of teens, with old grandpa alongside, and change something………like a school into a place that helps people learn, and along with it teach young people to empower themselves against school systems that could care less about the students.

    and I would make it a comedy! They can do it.

    • vaas

      you mean like the learing center for ants!!!! lol

  • Capnsaveemm

    Looks good. I think Sly has had too much plastic surgery or botox, but he still packs a punch and writes a good escape type script. I like Arnold in a goatee, looks good on him.

    Cracks me up, two guys who don’t speak English very well or clear yet are some of the most beloved film stars and never one an oscar. They just count their money to the bank.

  • http://WebProNews Carl

    Arnold, Sly, D’Onofrio and Caviezel– this is gonna be a good one– better than Expendables 2!

  • Jay

    tango and cash, Lockup, another rehash for stallone, keeps making the same movie over and over