Swiss Nurse Posts Corpse Photos on Facebook

By: Josh Wolford - March 4, 2013

Every week, it seems like somebody is making the news for forgetting that Facebook is a public forum and that people can actually see the things they post. A lot of the time, this lesson is learned in the form of a questionable photo that either gets the poster fired, arrested, or otherwise seriously embarrassed.

This story takes that formula and adds “totally unnerving” to the mix.

A Swiss nurse has run afoul of investigators after posting photos on Facebook showing her posing next to dead people – presumably people formerly under her care.

In captions posted alongside the photos, the nurse refers to herself as the “soul thief”:

“Guess she is asleep or is she dead? Hint: I’m the soul thief,” read one caption.

“Yeah, your time is over. Send them to hell, where some of them belong. The rest goes into the hole for compost fertilizer, hehehe,” read another. Both are Google Translated from German, but you get the picture.

According to reports, the nurse’s Facebook page was also full of “Satanic” imagery – “devilish images” and such.

Officials in the town of St. Gallen, Switzerland said that they are looking into possible criminal charges. The Swiss nurses federation said that they were “shocked and saddened” by the nurse’s actions.

Facebookers have been known to post photos of their deceased relatives at funerals and such (RIP GRANNY LOVE YOU #YOLO). But posting photos of dead people in your nursing care, well, that’s a whole other animal. Yikes.

[20min via France 24 via Jezebel]
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  • shawn

    WOW what a freak

  • Kevin

    No different than soldiers with dead bodies or the news showing dead bodies, all freaky!

  • Alicia

    Switzerland could easily deport her, Even if she was born there!, given their strict immigration and citizenship laws.

    Send her “home” where she’d suffer an adequate punishment for a repeat performance.