Swine Flu (H1N1) An Epidemic In The U.S?

    December 28, 2013
    Tina Volpe
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The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) claim that the swine flu, known as H1N1 is spreading widely throughout the U.S. and has now extended into 10 states.

This is the same flu that in 2009 was seen as a worldwide pandemic, which caused 12,000 American deaths. Apparently that flu, during peak flu season, has surfaced with a vengeance in parts of Texas and other northeastern and southern states.

Health officials are still encouraging citizens to get a seasonal flu shot which after a couple of weeks will cause the patient to produce antibodies that will help fight off any exposure.

The World Health Organization (WHO) are testing specimens of this virus and have discovered that 64 percent of these specimens tested positive for H1N1.

The CDC reported that cases of influenza were widespread in New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Kansas, Wyoming and Alaska; last week, just four states reported widespread outbreaks. Twenty-three more states have reported regional outbreaks.

A wife in Texas who lost her husband to the virus said: “You don’t think it would happen to you, you know. We always worried about my son getting the flu shot. We’re never really worried about the two of us because you don’t really hear about any of this, you don’t think it will happen to you.”

The H1N1 is a flu that starts in pigs, and eventually spreads to humans. Pigs kept in unsanitary situations, who are sickly are more prone to contracting the flu virus.

According to the Humane Society of the U.S.- Dr. Michael Greger reports: The H1N1 swine flu virus may be “the product of intensive farming.” Factory farming and long-distance live animal transport apparently led to the emergence of the ancestors of the current swine flu threat.”

Further, In early analysis of the H1N1 swine flu virus from human cases in California and Texas revealed that six of the eight viral gene segments arose from North American swine flu strains circulating since 1998, when a new strain was first identified on a factory farm in North Carolina.

Those little viruses are smart – they figure out ways to mutate until they can latch onto something. Medical labs creating vaccinations have difficulty keeping up with their forever-changing attacks. As soon as an antibiotic is created that can create immunity the virus, it has changed again.

In mid 1998, all through a North Carolina pig factory farm – thousands of pigs fell sick. Coughing was the sound you heard when walking through those dark filthy corridors. That was the start of the new strain of swine flu – a human-pig hybrid virus that had picked up three human flu genes. By the end of that year—a hybrid of a human virus, a pig virus, and a bird virus—triggered outbreaks in Texas, Minnesota, and Iowa.

It’s back now – and with an even stronger force.

Until human beings learn that farm animals cannot be condensed as they are – hundreds of thousands of them per warehouse – we’re breeding trouble. Not only do they remain sickly, confined and miserable, it is a breeding ground for deadly viruses.

It is only a matter of time before the predicted major pandemic hits the U.S. and the world, similar to the one in 1919 that killed millions.

The precautions of course are keeping your immune system healthy by eating healthy – and avoiding people who are sick. Wash your hands regularly and stay home if you are sick.

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  • Pandemic

    They have been saying this for years.

    I will say this though. Do an internet search on microbiologists that have died suspiciously. From around the world, many high ranking microbiologists have died from crazy things.

    This bothers me because I have friends who work for the CDC and they mentioned this to me one day. The people that are dying are known around the world and people are wondering why. I don’t have any inside information or anything, but to me when people die and they are connected to major government projects, it is a cause for concern. I look at my life and I don’t know of one person who died of suspicious circumstances. Not one. To see a list of 80 top ranked scientists that all died of weird circumstance is unsettling. Believe me, microbiologists don’t really live fast lives or put themselves in too much danger. They are essentially big nerds. Cool people but nonetheless, not big risk takers.

    It makes you wonder if they are being eliminated because they know of something that is about to happen or has happened.

    I used to trust government to a certain degree, but not anymore. Too many strange things going on. From 9/11 to Sandy Hook. We are being told one thing and we find out that we are being lied to. We are told things happened but we aren’t shown video tapes or pictures. I am not a fool. When someone tell you something, but doesn’t show you — they are hiding something.

    • Ruth

      I think the scientists die because they are exposed to all these viruses too much!

      The article had an error – antibiotics do not kill viruses!
      Antibodies give you resistance to them.

      As I recall, swine flu first appeared in the US when it “escaped” a New Jersey army base in the 80’s, if not earlier. At the time, many thought this was intentional. Odd this origin is not mentioned in this article.

      I think this article does make a very important point, though – the more we crowd livestock together in unnatural conditions,the more problems we are going to have as a result, including significant health ones. This is also WHY ANTIBIOTICS ARE GIven TO the animals we eat in such huge doses. But I dont see how this current virus can still be called Swine flu, or even “H1N1, if it is now a combination of bird, swine,and human viruses!

      My suspicion is that it is simply another diversion, and a way to get people to think the govt is once again “taking care” of them… I also wonder just what else is in those “flu” shots!

      • http://www.tinavolpe-writer.com/ Tina Volpe

        Thank you Ruth – I knew that… appreciate you catching it and being kind about it :)

        And I agree – the crowding is a major breeding ground.

      • @Ruth

        I will give you one example and you tell me if it is due to a virus:

        April 5, 2005 – Barbara Kalow, 45

        — Expertise: A FEDERAL government veterinary scientist and was a researcher before being hired by the feds in 1992 as a meat inspector.
        She then moved to veterinary biologics and was promoted to the science branch to advise on animal health issues.
        — Circumstance of Death: She died of asphyxiation after being smothered by a pillow in her hotel room while on vacation in Arizona.

        Smothered by a pillow is not work related.

      • Government Research

        I saw the Jesse Ventura show on Plum Island. The one about the government biological weapons program that was run by a former Nazi scientist. A whistleblower came out and said they are developing biological weapons and those weapons are escaping the labs. In fact, he sued and won. At plum island, they had a lot of livestock there and they were used for experiments. The facility was then moved to Kansas State University, which is in the middle of cattle country. All of that is true and can easily be verified.

        People laugh at Conspiracy Theories, but the reality is that quite a few are true. There are some that are way out there, but there are some that are very true. History is full of conspiracies. The government just wants you to believe all conspiracy theories are false. What better way to stop information from getting to the masses. If no one believes a whistleblower, then the truth will always be what the government wants you to believe because anything you hear that is contrary to the government’s position, automatically becomes a conspiracy theory.

        I also don’t think people realize just how many WHO organizations there are and how close they may be to a facility that is working on biological weapons. If the government will lie to you about spying on you, they will surely lie to you about developing biological agents that could kill you. They most certainly won’t tell you when one escapes until they have to.

      • Ashley

        I have never understood the thinking behind flu shots. They mass produce the vaccine based on their best hypothetical ‘guess’ as to what virus might be a problem in the coming flu ‘season’, hype the ‘get your flu shot’ mantra…yet they truly have NO IDEA what strain could pop up that they have never heard of or seen, or how bad it might be.

        I have had 1 flu shot in my life, it did not go well for me and I will NEVER have another one.

      • http://none one upset mother

        well, since I got my flu shot.I have been wanting to snort like a hog.

  • Cougar

    Only a fool would take a government (sic) ‘approved’ flu shot. Take 10,000 iu of vitamin D3 every day to boost your immune system instead. Much more effective and safe.

    • Ashley

      If you take this amount Vitamin D in the gel cap, liquid form, especially at that level daily it can be lethal because it is a ‘fat stored’ substance, not water soluble.

      A fat stored substance does not flush out of your system like Vit B’s or C, which are water soluble, do. It can cause serious liver damage. This goes for mega doses of Vit A, E and any other vitamins supplement that are ‘fat soluble.

      This is why there is now talk of taking supplements off the market because people don’t understand that some of them can be toxic because they don’t understand the difference between a ‘fat soluble’ (sticks in your fat cells) and ‘water soluble’.

      Bottom line, anything that is ‘fat soluble’ will be in your system much longer and adding more of the same to what is there could easily result in a ‘toxic dose’.

      • http://LiberalPandemic.wordpress.com/ Peter Pocket

        Vitamin C is what you want to take. 1000cc 4 to 6 times a day during flu season. It is a potent antioxidant and an antiviral that protects your cell walls from being penetrated or weakened by the virus.

  • Leon

    My 95 year old mother (96 come April) survived the 1918 Pandemic which also claimed her father. To the best of our knowledge, neither my mother, my two sisters nor myself have ever contacted a flu even though we have had wives, husbands and children in the same household’s come down with flu’s along with working close to others with flu’s. We do not get the flu shots. Our feeling is that we have acquired an immunity to flu’s through mom.

    • http://none one upset mother

      then you and your family’s immunity needs to be investigated.Perhaps there is something in your immunity system that could help eradicate the flu.

  • @Pandemic

    I went out there and did a search like you said. You weren’t kidding were you. I find an article about 88 scientists that were killed in strange ways.

    It is all so bizarre.

  • ivy

    While we’re on the subject…research the number of odd and unusual deaths of the witnesses from 9/11. Oh wait, we weren’t on that subject were we? (sarcasm.) See the connection?

  • Rishat

    I am a Russian I have super immunity to influenza. I work for the best distributor of newspapers in Almetyevsk, I go around the city sell the newspaper for 15 years. A flu afraid of people who play sports in the fresh air. Not sick with diabetes mellitus other type of drink a lot of water. A flu does not like people who drink a lot of water. I propose to make a flu vaccine based on my blood. phone 79046762574

  • driz

    This makes me think it’s time for the government agencies to start cracking down on the people causing this, huge farms. Hell, they aren’t really farms anymore anyways, just production lines. Remember what caused Mad Cow, greedy European factory farms and their cannibalistic practices.
    Better yet just quit eating meat. You don’t need it anyways and vegetarians generally enjoy better health than meat eaters.

  • girliegirl2012

    I thought the swine flu originated in Mexico?? According to this article, it was found in NC? I have never taken the flu shot. So many people I know have gotten sick or at least symptoms of the flu after taking it. The medical profession really insist on taking the flu vaccination. I prefer to stay away from crowds and stay home as much as possible during flu season. So many hospitals these days REQUIRE their medical staff to be vaccinated. Recently, it made Nat’l news that a nurse was fired for refusing the injection. I do think that living here in the USA, a person should have the right to refuse it without repercussions. It should be a personal choice. Not mandated. Think about the people you know that have taken the flu shot-now and in the past. Bet you know many who became sick too. Flu shot…not for me. If I happen to get the flu, I will let my body fight it naturally. I’m to afraid of the vaccine. How about you?

  • nancy murphy

    I had Guillum Barr’e Syndome when I was 16 now I am 49. I was hospitalized for 5 months and it definitely a muscle disease and did a year or more of intense physical therapy . I was in 11th grade and when I released from hospital I weighted 68 lbs. It took a lot to gain it back. But it was a long road back. And it lays dormant in your body since it is a virus much like chicken poxs. I now no longer will ever get a flu shot.

  • Ashley

    The article states, “…last week, just four states reported widespread outbreaks. Twenty-three more states have reported regional outbreaks.” Guess what happened between the 4 states reporting outbreaks and the increase in outbreaks – CHRISTMAS, holiday travel by AIR. And no doubt those nasty little germs hitched a ride! Sometimes people miss the obvious while looking for the obscure – which doesn’t exist.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Andrea

    OMG! I can’t believe that this is happening again. My mom and I got our flu shots this year in September. I hope that we don’t get the swine flu. I already had the swine flu 4 years ago in February and it sucked.

  • Kathleen

    I had the H1N1 2009 and now…have it again this year. I took my flu shot this year and every other year as I have an autoimmune illness. The first time I got it, it took 6 weeks to recover. This time, I will be okay I think in about 2 weeks. My doc told me today that even for those who do catch it if they have a flu shot, it will generally be milder. I must say, that is the pattern I am experiencing. I do believe it is wise to get a flu shot especially if you are of an age that this virus typically effect…Which I am as a 50 year old. In Texas, my doc said they ran out of flu tests Saturday in his office with at least 88 people in a small office testing positive before the shortage of tests on Saturday alone. That is a lot of flu!

  • Irritated

    Ok so it’s back………. But this time the “birds” in the mix…… U either get the shot or don’t and hope u make it through if ur lucky enough too not get it…………. But too sit here and pick the GOVT apart and contimplate possible conspiracies I find a little far fetched…….

    Do u not have anything better too do? Ido u have nothing but news on ur tv 24/7???????

    Crowded farms and improper holding and living conditions for these animals is a shame yes but not something we as citizens can control…………. Becoming a vegetarian might be up for contemplation if this issue urchs one so………

    Random deaths and deaths from unknown causes of biologists and microbiologists also does not mean the GOVT is conspiring against us…………. Nor does mysterious deaths of 9/11 witnesses……… Although 9/11 is questionable and could probably stand further research……… But
    All in all In my opinion it seems as though some may be under the impression the GOVT may have in some way created a bigger better stronger version of the so called 3 strain H1N1 “swine ” flu in hopes of only certain individuals contracting the virus in a fashion it will slowly and miserably eat away at them until there is nothing and the individual dies a death of somewhat natural causes………. Hhhhhmmmmmm yes that’s it………
    Let’s create a virus that could potentially become worse than the frickin plague and take out millions even billions of people in the US and surrounding countries with the intent too only target certain individuals all while keeping it contained to prevent an outbreak everyone knows is coming in the end anyway………

    Obama suck ass yes that’s my own opinion……. But I don’t quite think the GOVT is purposely plotting another pandemic of this damn flu………. I mean really……..

  • Tricia

    Stop abusing animals and don’t eat meat.