Swimmer’s Death Raises Bigger Questions

    January 30, 2014
    Matt Spencer
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News of sexual assaults on college campuses has become far too commonplace in contemporary society, but a recent development may lead to a tightening of regulations and school awareness.

Former University of Missouri swimmer Sasha Menu Courey was assaulted by as many as three football players while attending school, but chose not to report the crimes to the police. The school did not investigate the incidents and 16 months later Courey committed suicide.

Her parents are claiming that her death was a direct result of the assaults she endured. The University is claiming that it was never told about the assaults and is now investigating the situation. Although they are claiming that they followed the letter of the law and lacked proper notification, many, including Courey’s parents, are left with questions as to what could have been done differently to insure justice for a young woman trying to earn an education.

In light of Courey’s death and many similar incidents, such as the well-publicized sexual abuse scandal at Penn State University, President Obama recently announced a new taskforce meant to look into reports of sexual assault on college campuses. The problem has become so widespread that it is being considered a public health epidemic by the White House.

Such incidents have created a college culture that is dangerous for young women. Drastic change is needed to narrow the gap in the alarming statistics used to describe the great inequality between number of assaults, number of assaults reported, and number of individuals brought to justice for their actions.

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  • http://facebook John Cameron

    It is not clear from the article whether the college was actually told of the rapes. If it was informed and did nothing that is an outrage. If it was not told by anyone, I am at a loss to see what it was expected to do.

    • @John

      She waited 11 months to talk to a counselor and then never filed a report. This reporter neglected to mention this fact. Look up other stories on the net about it.

  • Wow

    I have a real problem with people who claim they are raped and never report it or claim they were raped months and even years later. I also have a problem with reporters like this who say things like "Courey was assaulted by as many as….". We don't know if she was assaulted or not. She never reported it. In fact, she waited 11 months to even talk to a counselor and then never wrote up an official report. Nothing was official. The reason why the school did not investigate it until 16 months is because she never even said anything for 11.

    For every other crime out there, you have to report your crime in a timely manner. I was a victim of a violent crime. I was attacked by a gang. I went to the hospital, got treated, then went and filed a police report. This all happened within hours. Hours. Not days. Not months. Not years.

    I also don't buy this culture of violence against women. When you break down college rapes and look at the circumstances, the vast majority of rapes are drunken sex. Lots of girls out there drinking and screwing. You remove alcohol from the equation and campus rapes are virtually non-existent. No one looks into the statistics deep enough either. No one ever talks about that half of all rape cases are false rape allegations. Then, when you factor in that most false rape allegations are not even documented. Well, then that number explodes.

    Rape is wrong, but it is not too much to ask that a woman report it when it happens. It is not too much to ask for women not to get so drunk that they don't even remember details of the rapes. If I get drunk and drive a car and kill someone, I am responsible. I go to prison. Getting drunk, flirting, have sex, not remembering if you consented because you were trashed — is not rape.

    • WTF

      WTF???Are you really this insensitive or just a complete idiot to what matters? This young woman, who was trying to get an education, has committed suicide. How would that make since if she wasn't assaulted. You're a fool if you think that isn't evidence of some type of assault. I was also a victim at a young age and didn't report it until later. Why? Because of idiots like you who want to turn the situation around on the woman involved. "She must have led him on." "She must have been under the influence." I don't believe you were truly assaulted because if u had of been, you would be much more sensitive to the topic and would understand what all comes with it. SICKENING LIAR!!! "I was a victim of a violent crime." BULLSHIT!!!

      • Sal

        Or the woman could have been crazy and that is why she ended up in a mental institution. Why is it that people do not think there are crazy women out there when women make up the majority of people in mental institutions and in therapy? It is not too much to ask if you are raped then you report it. That is all the person is saying. Also, he or she is very much right about the cases of rape that involve alcohol.

        Being sensitive doesn't mean that you ignore facts and you just believe people. Women lie. Women are crazy. Women drink. Do I need to point you to the recent case where one woman was found guilty of accusing 4 different men from 4 different locations on 4 different occasions of rape? She literally targeted men and accused them of rape.

      • @WTF

        Maybe she committed suicide because she had mental problems. Not because she was raped.

        She wasn't young either. She is a woman. No one is saying she was led on or drunk. They are just saying she should have reported it when it happened. It doesn't matter if people believe the victim or not. What matters is the victim reports it. It is not up to the people taking the report to believe the person. It is up to them to document it and get it in the hands of people who investigate.

        Also, why call someone else a liar. When someone could easily do it to you about your whole story.

      • janksb

        One can be sensitive about the fact that a young woman commited suicide and still believe that the school had no duty to investigate off campus incidents simply because the "alleged" perpetrators were students. Even so, does the school have Trained criminal investigators? Then what ? Kick the perpetrators off the football team?? How does this gain justice for this woman? If she was looking for justice, she should have contacted the police to do the investigation and that would have put the school on notice to take any appropriate action. The school did not deny this woman an education…she did herself for her own reasons which we will never know.

  • Violations over Title 9?

    Do you even know how title 9 works? There are no violations over title 9. In fact, many men have lost their scholarships over title 9. Title 9 has nothing to do with rape cases. Nothing. How you equate the two in the same sentence is crazy.

    Here is a real example of how title 9 works. I went to college. I played sports. I saw this. The men's baseball team raised money for new scoreboard. They did all the work and fund raising on their own time. Since the men had that scoreboard, the women had to have the exact same scoreboard, but the university had to buy it. That is how title 9 works in the real world and not some made up world of an internet reporter. This is just one example and there are countless others. It also has nothing to do with rape.

    The internet has created a culture of people who have no ability to write or report and made them reporters.