Swayze’s Widow Has Found Someone

    October 5, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Patrick Swayze’s wife, Lisa Niemi, has found someone she connects with after three years of being a widow.

Niemi says she met Albert DePrisco at a party for a mutual friend and they clicked immediately. Her rep gave the news to People Magazine, saying that while she is happy to have found someone, she isn’t rushing into anything.

“It’s new, and they’re taking it slow,” the rep says.

Swayze lost his battle with cancer in 2009, and since then Lisa has appeared on his behalf a few times, most notably at the unveiling of his wax sculpture in Hollywood last year. The couple were married for 34 years, so it will take some time for her to adjust to the loss. Still, she says it has gotten easier to accept over time.

“I know I’m stronger now. The fact that I’ve had some good days definitely gives me hope that I can have more.”

Both Swayze and Lisa were talented dancers and often performed together.

  • http://yahoo.com Dwight Clark

    How dare she disrespect her late hubby this way! When Ur a widow of Ur late Hubby, U should stay that way, Till U pass away!

    U should never disrespect the loving memory of Ur late hubby that way, bcoz, When It’s time for U to passaway, U’re supposed to be buried next to him, Not next to someone else!

    Maybe that’s why everybody’s gett’n re-hitched after their spouses pass on!

    • jvjb65

      i lost my husband in a car accendent when i was 25. your telling me i have to stay a widow ALL my life? how DARE YOU imply that i live MY life according to what you think things should be in someone eles life that u don’t even know, like her. and fyi just before my husband died he implyed that i should look for someone because he didn’t want me living like that way and that he would see me in heaven when it is finally my time. got something to say about that?

      • Michelle II

        Sorry for your loss, jvjb65. I wish you happiness.

    • Susan

      You ignorant twit. Are you familiar withthe phrase “til death do your part” or “for as long as you both shall live.”? This matter of remarrying or falling in love again is covered in the wedding vows. As a widow, I can assure you, choosing to love again is not an easy decision. When you lose a spouse, then, and ONLY then, can you weigh in on this topic. Until then, keep your ignorant opinions to yourself.

      • Michelle II

        Brilliant response, Susan!

    • dreamrider

      Dwight….you’re an idiot.

  • Kim

    Dwight I think that is a very sad expectation for anyone.
    Everyone deserves love and companionship, even after their spouse passes. It’s not like he passed away yesterday and she went off to the bars in search of the next one. My father passed away completely unexpectedly when we were just kids. Do you really think that as of the age of 35 my Mom should have been single for the rest of her life?
    That is a very sad thought to me. I’m happy my Mom found love again and I think if I knew this woman personally I would hope that she would find some companionship again and be happy for her.

  • Diva M.

    I am pleased to read she has found companionship. Her marriage was not always a picnic, far from it. She tolerated his alcoholism for years and stood by his side. She appears to have been a wonderful wife to Patrick.

    • Diane

      Why is everyone calling him an alcoholic…he had a problem, he went to rehab..never kept it a secret, and it lasted a couple years..NOT A FLIPPING LIFE..maybe those that can only write negative…GET A LIFE

  • Me

    Why is this news?

    • http://yahoo ruth cummings

      for what ever reason she stayed married to Swayze she had more guts then i ever will I could never stand living with a drunk but who knows if i spent his money maybe, and lived in a big mansion where i could lock myself up in one of the rooms when he’d come home drunk i could have my own party with maybe someone else, i’d have the maid tend to him like Arnolds did, i wouldn’t care,’cause after a few years of living with a boozer that sweet love goes out the window, and the waiting game begins who’s going to croak first, me from misery or him from abusing his health

      • Diane

        WOW which scum magazine do you ready, I knew the man “boozer” hardy, he was a prince of a man,,,not perfect..human, and a sweetheart…Ruth, you should be ashamed of yourself..who the heck do you think you are to slam someone who isn’t here.

  • hugby

    Of course she “found someone.” She’s a CHICK. All she has to do is wiggle her futoombas and the whole male race will come running! How do we know she’s not getting pounded by 15 other seedy lowlife sods? Or 20? Or 25? When frickin’ “Albert” is plowing her, does she call out Patrick’s fuggin’ name? “Oh Paaaatrick!!!” “Will you shut up? I’M AAAALBERT!!!” “I don’t give a cwapp – JUST GIVE ME YOUR BIIGG SEEDY SCHLOOOOOOONG!!!!!!!!!!”

  • dan

    While Patrick was yelling- “Getting drunk again tonight!,” his poor little wife who I wouldn’t know from Joe, was looking for Dick.

    • Teriqua Jones

      Your comment is rude. Why do you want to insult this couple? It’s sad that Patrick Swayze died so young.

  • Jennifer

    If someone wants new love after someone dies that is up to them.My husband’s grandfather got married 5 years after his grandmother died and remarried to a wonderful woman at 90 years old.The woman he married was a girl he met at 16 and she was 5.His mother used to babysit her.He said he couldn’t stand her when he was young because he thought she was a silly brat.She died 3 years ago and he died last year at 95.

  • Michelle II

    I think Dwight Clark (if he really exists)is here just to attempt to rile us up: “When Ur a widow of Ur late Hubby, U should stay that way, Till U pass away!” You can say this of a woman that is 35 years old? Really?

  • Michelle II

    After reading a few more responses at this site, I realized this is not where I’m supposed to be. Thanks, Dwigt, Dan, and Hugby…you ARE all morons.

  • Broncorose

    I went through something similar almost 20 years ago. I was 40 when my first husband was taken in a work accident. It was very tough, one of the hardest things I have gone through. I also had two teenage girls to raise and that made it even more difficult in some ways.
    It took me a long time to feel I could reach out to someone while I felt some guilt. The loneliness and need to have someone to share things with, not to mention now you are the only person you can rely on, no one else to take some of the normal every day load.
    I think Lisa should move on, she will never forget Patrick while she needs to keep living. She never abandoned Patrick and she deserves to live a full life now that he is gone.

  • Broncorose

    Wow there are sure some ignorant people in here. I agree, until you have been in that situation, you should not be judging. It is very difficult to move on, and anyone who thinks it isn’t, maybe they should walk in our shoes first.

  • D-Piddy

    If your dead pigbumm queer hubby had been at home playing jacks like he should have, he never would have an accident and would still be around. The moral of the story: DON’T WORK! GO ON FOOD STAMPS! OTHERWISE, YOU’LL BE DEAD! Why didn’t the ol’ gay oaf stay away from that fuggin’ compactor, anyway?????????????????????

    • LVS

      you should be ashame of yourself.

      • Diane

        D you ass he died of cancer…maybe you should try a little of that compactor

    • Ann marie

      Really? You have some serious issues. check yourself at the doorr before you judge others.

  • Anna

    Lisa deserves to be happy:she needs to move on.It’s been 3 years since we said Good bye to the most talented actor,Patrick Swayze! He is in Heaven and only cheering up his beloved Lisa!That’s for sure. Found or not found it’s none of our business,guys:it is only her business,Lisa’s:it’s her life.She was in big love with her Patrick and she is still and will be till her mind will turn out.

    Good Luck and be happy,Lisa!You were the shiny star for your Patrick loving,caring, being devoted to him!Let him go.Lisa can’t grieve forever and feel the quilt,which, actually, is not her “fault”.Patrick will be only happy for her,if she finds a nice/decent man.

  • trinidad

    How can I say this without being rude & disrespectful? Let’s see.
    You D-Piddy, Dwigt, (as you spell it), Dan and Hugby, of course, “Hugby”
    you three are true burned-out sicko pigs, But, yous know that!

  • Diane

    Dan, Hugby, Dwight, you people are examples of what’s wrong with this country. Get a life.

  • LVS

    I have read the comments and mistified how cruel some people can be,it doesn”t matter if Patrick wasn’t a saint here on earth none of us are the point is he and Lisa loved each other until the end and I for one commend Lisa for finding someone if Albert makes her happy so be it.I’m sure Patrick would want this for her.

  • pauly Girl

    Till death do us part means just that.
    The surviving spouse is free to go on with life and find another partner if they wish. Looks like there is always a horses tail in the crowd trying to have people feel guilty. Life is for the living!!!

  • I Constable

    When one had the gift of a beautiful life in marriage – 34 years, not only a happy wedding day,a full life – a happy and fulfilling life with a partner, and that partner has gone, what is left is a deep vacuumed place; and when one comes along with an open glowing light of love, which meshes in that deep innermost empty place, with the partner who survived a beautiful marriage that innermost place lights up and blaizes, one can move on in that new light, bringing joy to the heart.

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