Suspect Buried Alive With Rape/Murder Victim

    June 7, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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A Bolivian village took matters into their own hands on Wednesday after burying a 35-year old rape and murder victim by pushing the suspect, 17-year old Santos Ramos, into the woman’s grave and burying him alive.

The victim, Leandra Arias Janco, drew 200 mourners to her funeral, some of whom tied up Ramos before burying him alive. The area, near the Colquechaca municipality in the southern highlands of Bolivia, is known for policing itself due to a mostly unjust legal system and corruption inside the police department. Villagers reportedly blocked roads to keep police from entering the area as they buried Ramos.

With civil unrest in India over repeated rapes and murders–which often involve children–stories involving mob justice are getting national attention.

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Image: DailyMail.com

  • drea

    you spelled Colombia wrong on your map.

  • ancientfossil

    One thing for sure…he won’t be doing it again! but to bury him with his Victim…shame on those people…

    • richard

      Maybe if this was done more often, there would be less rapes. I just hope they got the right guy….

      • Jonathan Siebott

        So much for due process. Hope of guilt is all we have now.

      • Name

        I know it isn’t politically correct to say this. As many as 10% of all rapes reported are false. That is pretty bad. If you add in the number of cases that involved alcohol, drugs, no violence, and coached witnesses then that number goes up.

        So if this happened more often a lot of people would die for doing nothing, which is just as bad as rape.

  • richard zorger

    just like the old days, more killers should experience this kind of justice.

  • http://nexdor.cum Boobs

    So the woman gets to spend eternity with him?doesn’t sound right.I think they should have let him live but make him tell everyone he knows what he did in detail.

  • matt

    they dont have due process in bolivia

  • Kay

    If he was guilty, that’s exactly what he deserves. It’s about time we let rapists know they can’t go around ruining people’s lives.

  • Name

    We know nothing about the case. Just some vague generalizations. Mob justice is never the answer because often the mob does not think and just acts out of emotion. Often vigilantes do more harm than good.

    Yet, who are we kidding, many people in the US go to prison when they are innocent. The difference between what people think happens in a courtroom and what actually does is vast.

  • http://webpronews cate lynn

    They should have castrated him first, then buried alive.

  • Alan

    There are two issues here.

    First we don’t know from the story if the 17 year truly was guilty or was he just accused by the mob.

    Secondly, I think it is insulting for a victim to be buried with their rapist/killer.

    Mob justice sounds like what India could use against rapists.

  • Mike

    This is Biblical justice. From what I’ve read in the Bible crimes like this was rare, not every day like today. I guess it worked back then.

  • Sassy Lou

    I hope they sought proper EVIDENCE before doing so!!!!

    If they have proof positive like the woman named the guy before she died..then so be it. Buried alive! I guess guys will think twice if a stupid fuckin orgasm is worth it!!!!

    Sex is so fuckin overrated as it is!!!!

  • Coffeecol

    It’s spelt Colombia not Culombia

  • http://newbizshop.com derek

    Was the kid actually innocent or did they hear rumors and act on those without proper investigation?

    It would be funny if the real suspect does a press conference to state that he is alive and in hiding and thanks for killing an innocent man.

    If this village doesn’t get punished for killing someone, the whole village should be known as killers and the gov. should cut there funds off. Don’t matter if police is corrupted, you don’t kill someone without valid proof he was the actual suspect. I could make up lies about someone doing something and plant evidence and do what they did.