Slide, Super Poke Pets Fans Furious Over Google’s Planned Shut Down

Google responds

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Slide, Super Poke Pets Fans Furious Over Google’s Planned Shut Down
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Last week, it was revealed that Google is shutting down Slide, the social game company it bought last summer. The move was quite surprising to the tech/social media industry, as the company had only just launched games for its new social network Google+. It also caught users off guard, as has been made abundantly clear in the comments of our previous coverage.

Some users of Slide’s games (mostly Super Poke Pets) are upset that they have put invested money into the game with the impression that it would be around for a while. Others are more worried about losing relationships that they have established with other players as they have engaged in the game.

Some have vowed to stop using Google services altogether because of the ordeal. Others have even suggested a potential class action lawsuit.

“Since I have been with the Super Poke Pets I can say I have spent over $200. And $60 of it was when they announced that they where not making anymore Animated gifts , toys & habitats,” Chris (from PA) tells WebProNews. “Mad? Yes, I am mad. They stated they were not closing down. If I would have known I would have cut my loses & just played till the end & begged for them to keep the game up & running.”

“I put up with the glitches & the poor tech services, but [it] was the game that we loved,” she adds. “There are not many games out there that are not time measured, stressful & that anyone can play. This was one of the few that was just that, no violence no stress & a great family to play with.”

A reader named Reba said in comment on another article, “I’m a SPP player who has invested hundreds and hundreds of dollars in this game and I am so upset. I was assured this site would not close , so I continued to play and purchase now we are left out in the cold. This should be illegal!!! Had I been told the site would be leaving I would not have spent my money. This game is very important to us , some of us are disabled or sick, and we have made very good friends with this site, we need it to stay. At the very least they need to return our money and rest assured if they shut us down I’ll never invest myself in any other games.”

We contacted Google about the the whole thing, and a spokesperson directed us to the original Slide announcement we shared before, and a forum post from the SuperPoke Pets team discussing SuperPoke Pets specifically. Here is the text of that in its entirety:


We understand that the last few days have been difficult for many of you. We are reading your posts and wanted to provide more information about several of the themes and topics we’ve seen emerge.

Since stopping active development on SPP, we’ve seen quite a bit of speculation about Slide turning off SPP altogether. We want you all to know that, until this week, we did not have a plan to shut down SPP. In our June announcement about the changes, you can see that at the time, we saw very little reason to turn off SPP and intended to keep it running for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, as all of us have experienced, the future is not very predictable. As you may have read in our recent Slide blog post or other articles, the Slide group will be splitting up to join other areas within Google. Unfortunately, this means that we will be shutting down almost all of our products, including SPP and several that we just launched. This is not something we anticipated or planned for when we made our announcements about SPP back in June.

Many people also brought up questions about the value of items on SPP and we want you to know that we have spent a lot of time thinking about this very topic. You can use and enjoy virtual items however much you want – and over the course of SPP, we’re sure that there are items you’ve used for hours, even months. While you can use SPP items in a number of different ways: trade, decoration, gifting, and collecting, one thing you can’t do is bring them home and keep them forever.

The closest real-life analog to SPP items is probably a Halloween costume. You purchase it to dress up and enjoy the experience, but likely don’t wear that costume day in and day out, or for every Halloween thereafter. Unlike a costume, there are still months ahead for you to make the most of the items in your inventory and we are working on tools to help you export some of your SPP content/items to keep and access outside of SPP. We are still in the process of working out the details of what these tools might be and will update you as soon as we have more information to share.

We know that the SPP community, and the friends you have made here, are incredibly important to many of you. We encourage you to transition the relationships you’ve built on SPP to an outside platform so that they may continue to grow and flourish. As an example, Nicole established a FB group for SPP users as a place where you can go to make these sorts of connections:http://www.facebook.com/groups/104602236311763/. I also anticipate that some of you will have groups of your own that you will wish to promote or invite your SPP friends to. We are also looking into whether we can find an existing public forum that might host SPP Community rooms so that you can continue your interactions there. If we are able to find something we can implement, we will communicate the details here. As I mentioned in my original post, we will not be shutting SPP down for about six months. One of our hopes is that this will provide you with plenty of time to re-establish these connections outside of SPP.

There is still a lot to plan and do as part of the SPP shut down, and as mentioned above, you will continue to hear from us. We are saddened by the eventual loss of SPP and committed to doing what we can to make this transition as smooth as it can be for you, the incredible SPP community.

Thank you,
The SPP Team

Are you a user? Do you think the Halloween costume analogy is a good one?

Slide, Super Poke Pets Fans Furious Over Google’s Planned Shut Down
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  • Cindy Vickrey

    I love superpoke pets , I’ve had so much fun playing it & teach my 2 grandsons different things on it . My oldest grandson is 3 1/2 & loves to spin the daily wheel & take care of the pet . I have around 20 pets in all & I love them all . Superpoke pets are so sweet they are like having a real pet without the mess lol . My main one is a dragon as I have always wanted a real dragon since I was small . I know there are no real dragons , but my Fireball is so sweet , she breaths fire & is always happy , she loves to dress up & likes to go out & play . But what Google is doing is KILLING my sweet Fireball . I really hope you can help us with this , we all love our pets & the friends we have made .

  • Kathyrn

    SPP is the only the game I have ever really enjoyed. Over the past the past two years it has become my way to relax. I have recruited my whole family to play. Including my 5 year old son. He loves his pet. I love that he uses his mind creatively while at play. I have spent a whole lot of money of this game. To me it’s no different than those who spend $65 or more on video games for their consoles only more rewarding. To think that all that money is going to be wasted makes me literally cry. My heart is already heavy and I am weary.

    I want to mention the wonderful friends that I have made through this social outlet unlike any other. Some are going to be lifetime friends. The kind you can count on for anything, anytime. While I realize that I will always have them I will lose a multitude more. People who brighten my day by stopping in having a “playdate” and leaving my pet a gift with a smiley face. Those who compliment my pet and applaud my artistic decorating. People whom I visit and do the same for. They have become a part of my life. Google doesn’t realize what a wonderful thing they are throwing away. Nor how many lives they are affecting negatively.

    I haven’t told my son that his pet and all things we have bought for him through the years are about to disappear. For one thing I haven’t the heart to listen hear him crying and how do I explain to him how it’s possible that his pet can just go away? Perhaps I can make up a story about an evil rich giant buying a bunch of toys. Discovering that he really didn’t like or even need those toys. Then throwing them away even though were perfectly good toys and moving on to buy more without ever thinking about them again. I think that would about sum it up.

    I think I’ll wait a bit before before I tell him. You see- I do believe in miracles. There is an answer out there. I just we can find it before it’s too late.

  • Emily

    I have already removed all GOOGLE associated products from my computer! I have one thing to say of the don’t stop this! SCREW YOU GOOGLE

  • Bente Wisth

    I have been playing superpoke pets since march 2009, and I am in tears over this decision to shut it down. I love my Chi Chi, and I have met tons of wonderful friends there. I love decorating my habi’s to let people know how I feel, or what is going on, or for different holdiays etc. Personally, I know I have probably put thousands of dollars in to the game, I would say I have spent an average of at least $50 a week since shortly after I started playing. I just want my game to stay. I don’t understand why google cant make it part of google+ gameline up, or just leave it running. If htey can spend 200 million on buying it, can’t they spend a little to keep their servers up?
    And no, the halloween costume analogy is not a good one… I could still put my halloween costume on next year, can’t I?

  • mia chang

    BOGUS!!!THIS IS BOGUS!!!>:( why the heck are u trying 2 delete SuperPoke!Pets??? its probably the only game i play on the internet and ever will. its the best!!! PLEASE DONT DELETE IT!!!! lots of people like SuperPoke!Pets alot. just dont delete SuperPoke!Pets!!!!!

  • http://Facebook Terri Kurburski

    How can you compare this game to a Halloween costume. Halloween comes once a year. This game is entertainment for those of us who are disabled and so many others. We have made so many friends and interact together and there is no other game like this. We have spent our money on Gold items and it is so wrong to make us lose all that we love. Find a way to use these things offline if not keeping our game. I will be so hurt to lose the one thing that I can do when I am hurting and can’t get around and do other things. But mostly I will miss so many friends.

  • Tracey Sheets

    The Halloween costume analogy is a SLAP IN THE FACE!!! I am deeply offended. I have been playing SPP since April 2009. I love my little bunny named Snowball and I don’t understand why they can’t offer SPP on Google+. Playing social games is the ONLY reason I was going to try out Google+
    I am disabled and SPP is art therapy and social interaction for me.

  • Michelle

    Please do not get rid of SPP. I have been playing almost 3 years. I love this app…I have spent thousands of dollars ans have a HUGE inventory.PLEASE SAVE SPP!!

  • James -aka- Mr. Monkey Club Founder of “TogetherAsOne”

    I wish I could say I only spent $100’s… One thing I can say though is I WILL NOT go w/out fight to the end… This is complete B.S & it sickens me to think Google can just mislead us and steal our money like this… It ain’t over till the fat lady sings Google… U really screwed up this time and messed w/ the wrong bunch of people… KARMA’S a bitch & U just showed Ur ass to all of us… U will pay the price!!!

  • Edy

    I can’t believe Google is doing to such a beloved game by thousands! Many of us have spent hard earned money on it and now they are canning it without even a refund? Many of us have made great friends on there and consider one another like family. It is a very social site with contests and games within the community itself. WTH Google? I am deleting any Google products I currently have and you can go blank yourself!

  • cathy

    I have been here from almost the very beginning when SPP was brought on myspace…..we have put up with alot of glitches, scammers from other players, but we still stayed with the game, because we love our pets, and we love the friends we have made. The original members are also the ones that started trading our items…then Slide brought us all together…myspace, Hi5, and facebook…starting the forum we have today…..We just want either google to bring this game to google+, or sell to another gaming company

  • Paula Dempsey

    How can they take from the players things they have paid for??? Especially since they had a big sale of items last spring? After assuring people that they wouldn’t end the game?? We love this game and will fight for it. Bring back SPP the way it was….quit lying to us…do not delete our pets. We love them…we need them…

    We may go down, but we will go down screaming and will continue to scream.

  • jennifer

    I cannont belive you all are going to take away all of our pets and our extended family. I have been with them since they started out. what did you do with all the money you made off of us? I know you at least made millions and billions off of us. we should get a refund for all we spent and time we used. You see they are not taking the violent games away but the family ones they are. I was mad when you started charging us money but then I thought this is a fun clean game and its worth it, Look how many people of all ages you have on there. some of us you have kept out of trouble. And most of us have found a “new Family” The Halloween costume analogy is a joke and i am affended by it. You are making fun of each and every person who is or has used this. since you guys think its funny why not give all the money you have taked from us and loan it to the government to get them out of debt. Or better yet return it to us since you sold things to us. You are unfair by doing this I know a lot of eldery people on here that this is their life line to the outside world and with out spp they would be lonly and sad.

    think about other people for once.

  • http://www.netmajic.com Brian Johnson

    I don’t think I understand why they would shut it down instead of just no longer supporting it… I mean how many programs/websites are there which exist just to get traffic and users. Surely Google of all companies should be able to figure out how to make enough advertising revenue to justify keeping it up. Avoiding the backlash alone probably makes it worth looking into

  • Alicia B

    I would say the Halloween costume analogy is not a good one. To the players of SPP I think a nightgown would be a better analogy. You are not (hopefully) going to wear your nightgown all the time, but you will wear it for a while each day, a comfortable cozy part.

    Google clearly does not get what this game means to the people who play it. It is a unique way to interact with friends and family, with the guilty pleasure of an escape from the stresses of daily life.

    Clearly everyone who plays will survive without the game, we will just be sleeping in a burlap nightgown.

  • Bobbie Weidner

    Yes, I have a pet & have played Superpoke Pets sin January or February of 2009. Is the Halloween costume a good analogy of the items people have purchased in this game? ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NO!!! The items in the game represent such a tiny fraction of the whole … a family oriented, somewhat educational, creative environment which has fostered kindness and generosity and subsequently developed into clubs & groups of friends where there are no social prejudices & none of the problems associated with games that are based on violence & competitiveness & greed. I don’t understand why a company as huge as Google does not see and take advantage of the chance they have at this time to enhance their reputation and listen to their customers and users of this game. If they were to announce that because of the response of the game’s loyal users that they will not end it and instead will support it and add back to it releases of new items they would instantly create the most loyal group of users any company could dream of ever having; and they would loudly sing their praises of Google. Google’s reputation could take on a descriptive phrase such as “We are the company who cares… We listen to our customers & respond to their wants… And We touch the lives of those who are handicapped and ill with our SPP game, enhancing the quality of life through computer games” and on and on. It seems like the market value of this kind of advertising alone (which they would get for free in this unique instance) would be worth at least as much as the cost of running the game for another year. To Google: Listen to your customers; you have a user group that is more loyal to this game than most companies could ever dream of acquiring, use this to your advantage.

  • vickie

    It is a shame that you guys are doing us this way, It keeps teenagers from getting in trouble and elderly company. I have spent a lot of money in gold. This I have used to teach my granddaughter how to share and to make friends. Take off the violent games and keep the fun and innocent games. You all should sit down and play the game before you judge it. I would even pay a small membership fee to keep it going. What is it costing you to take off the game?
    Must be more than making millions of people happy. Where is the money we all gave you in the first place. The gold stuff isnt like it cost anything to make. a very concerned grandma and senior citizen.

  • Cheril Kowbel

    This is ridiculous, I’ve invested money into this game too and now Google wants to end that :( Shame on you Google, really Shame on you.

    I look forward to turning on my pc and signing in to look after my pets, see what the gang is up to in my club, visit in the forums and check out and admire all the amazing habitats, play a game within the game that fellow spp’ers host. I too, have hosted contests for the community as well, not only that, i host contests within my club. I then– stop into the trading forum and peruse what everyone has for trade/sale–admiring some of the amazing items on someone’s have list(meanwhile, i’m enjoying my coffee) I might send a couple trade proposals out while i’m in there and then its off to the tech room forum to see if there are any issues that I should be aware of before I start my playdates. I check my inbox for notes from friends, I shop in the market and the spp shop, I playdate every single friend on my friend list and I make use of this Whole game!!! SPP is a community of wonderful/amazing/Caring/kind hearted people and now Google decides..oh well, get rid of it..it’s not on Google+ <–well it should be and that would save face for Google wouldn't it. People of all ages visit SPP everyday to interact, socialize, have fun and to enjoy the game. Google–you're pathetic, and disgusting in your greed. Again, Shame on you!!!!
    Cher K, Founder of KB/TV

  • dacholiday dach

    The Halloween analogy is so off base. If I buy a Halloween costume I can use it as many times and as long as I like.
    I don’t really care so much about the money. I just want to keep all my stuff and my pets. I have several pets on SPP they are all named after my real pets, alive and no longer with me. Now Google is making me loose my deceased and beloved Hali again. Hali is a puppy pet on SPP(SuperPoke Pets)I love my SPP pets and I love all of my SPP pets “pets”. Dogs are my pasion so now I will loose all of my dogs that I paid for, as well as my Pets too.
    We were assured by SPP that the game was going to be around for a long time, even after they announced no new releases. They did continue to release gold items for us to buy and encouraged us to buy them, saying that we could continue to use them for the years to come. They even went so far as to create 2 new “badges” to signify at least 2 more years of play.
    This in my opinion is fraud pure and simple. I would imagine it’s call bait and switch. Which I do believe is illegal.
    As I said all I want is to keep my pets and all the stuff I bought for my pets. Wish I could say it was only a couple of hundred dollars, sadly I cannot. The minimum a gold Item cost was $1.00 usd. Most well over that and I have over 1000 gold items. You do the math.

  • Maryanne Terpstra

    Yes, I am a SPP user. I have been playing for nearly three years now. I have invested quite a bit of time and money into my pet, Katia! Plus, I have managed to make some wonderful friends from all over the world! I love my the club that I a member of, which is TDP (Total Daily Players). It’s great to know that you are the member of an organization in which you can always count on your friends and fellow club members to be there for you. When my younger sister died suddenly last October, all my friends rallied around me and they helped me through it!

    No, the Halloween costume analogy is neither relevant nor effective. Besides, you are allowed to keep your Halloween costumes. Whereas, it looks as if I could lose my Katia forever.

    By the way, in case you’re wondering, I have multiple degrees. One of the best things about SPP is that I have been able to find intelligent and loyal friends to play with!

    Thank you for giving me this opportunity to send you a response!

    Maryanne Terpstra

  • Sherry Hari

    Google is nothing but a heartless, greedy company. Their sole purpose seems to be buying up smaller companies, chewing them up and then spitting them out. They paid $200,000,000 (yes, that’s million) to purchase Slide/SPP last year. Apparently the only thing Google really wanted from Slide was Max Levchin, the founder of Slide. And now Max has jumped off the titanic Google and set sails for other (better?) seas. Now that the Big Catch has deserted Google, apparently Google wants no reminders of “the one that got away”. In less than a year after paying an extraordinary amount of money for Slide, Google has made the decision to throw all of the Slide apps into the sea to presumably sink to the bottom, never to be heard from again. Oh wait! There is one app that Google is allowing to remain afloat – some app that is used predominately in China! How nice of Google to do this (NOT!!). However, there is one app that is NOT going to go down quietly – SuperPoke Pets (SPP). We will fight this to the very end (and maybe even longer!) to save this game. I have a vision of someday soon seeing a headline reading “Tech giant Google caves in under pressure from animated pets!”.

    Yes, SPP is a game, but it is also so much more than “a game”. The people who play this game are not referred to as “players” or “gamers”. We are referred to (by the game itself) as “friends”. And that is what we are – friends. We chat with each other, we send birthday wishes to each other, we commiserate when something bad or sad has happened in the real lives of each other. And some of us have actually become friends outside of the game. I have several people that I now have home phone numbers and e-mails addresses for. We are involved in each others lives outside of the game. I love and care about these people. If it hadn’t been for SPP, I never would have known these people ad would be missing out on some wonderful friendships. I am just one person that plays this game. I would bet my life that there are many, many more stories of “friends on the game” becoming friends in real life. And we owe it all to little animated pets that Google is now wanting to “kill off”. Rest assured Google, you HAVE NOT heard the end of us. In fact, we are growing stronger every day!

  • Mike

    I’m mostly appalled to hear that people are investing thousands of dollars into this. How can you people justify spending so much money on what is essentially just a web app? Anyone is free to do whatever they want with their own hard earned money, but my god.

    • Molly

      I am not one of the folks who spent alot of money in SPP, however, I do not need to be in order to educate you. Do you have a social life, Mike? Do you go out to movies? Drinks with friends? Dinner dates? Have any outdoor hobbies? Gardening? Do you collect anything? If you do, then I’m pretty sure that some people would be absolutely disgusted by how much you spend. Do you personally know any of the people that spend money on this game? I do. Many of the folks that spend a good deal of money are homebound (or even bedbound) due to illness or disease, age or other physical limitations. For some the game is the ONLY form of (non-violent) socialization available. How much do you spend on personal care products designed to make you more acceptable to the people you deal with day in and day out? You want to put your best foot forward and look good, do you not? For some, sprucing up their “habis” with real money items makes them feel like they have their best foot forward for the day. NOT everyone has spent thousands of dollars. Many have not spent a dime. So I ask you, Mike, (real or virtual) how do YOU justify spending what has likely been a thousand dollars (or more) over the last 3 yrs for entertainment that was merely fleeting moments that did not last more than a few hours or a night? Perhaps you have gone on vacation? Add that in there too as some of these folks cannot wander too far from their hospital long enough for a vacation. Please think before opening your mouth and judging those you have no knowledge of…

      • Seaspraycafe

        Good comment Molly. You hit the nail on the head.

  • kat

    This is awful.I love my pet-piggy! I love playing SPP.I play this game with my kids and we have a great time!This is my way of relaxation.Shame on Google for what they are doing!Why dont they just leave us alone-leave SPP alone!The economy is bad enough why is Google making things worse,I cant afford to go out and do things at least with my Piggy I can have some fun with my kids and my friends.I signed the petition and do whatever else I can to help.I have 2 years invested in this game-lots of fun-and I was reassured the game will stay around after the last changes were made so Im very dissapointed.There has to be a way for Spp to be saved and the other sites also that Google wants to shut down.

  • Holly

    I have been a loyal SPP player for 3 years. I started playing this game with my son due to him being allergic to pet dander, so SPP became the closes to a real pet to him. While playing this game I have made new friends and a whole new set of family. This game has helped so many with their emotions, pain and becoming very creative. Google Stinks at what they are doing to us loyal SPP players.

  • Pauline Penn

    Why would Google be terminating SuperPoke! Pets? I have been playing this game for over two years and have a lot invested in my pet; time, money, sweat, tears. When SPP restricted my pet for a glitch they themselves created, I was devastated. This is a permanent kill off everyone’s pets. Can Google really live with the guilt of taking away the lives of thousands of pets? How about the guilt of leaving people in a state of depression for losing their pets? Some already in poor health to begin with who connect to others through their pets. If what they posted from SPP in the last few months is true and Google has made SPP to run with a skeleton crew, why make skeletons of all the pets? Would not it be easy for Google to transfer the game to Google Games? Why upset so many people and open themselves unnecessarily to class action lawsuits?

  • Christine Darrington

    SPP is the best most family friendly game on the web. No violence, no cruelty. Perfect. So what do Google do? They plan to destroy it.
    The excuses about it not being successful hold absolutely no water.
    It is obvious they only bought it to get the talented designers and technical staff for themselves.
    They sold Max Levchin down the river, what an insult to have the application he invented tossed aside.
    As for the Hallowe’en analogy, a Hallowe’n outfit can last for YEARS,
    I sincerely hope SPP can be saved.

  • Barbara Puder

    I began playing SPP in November of 2009, after much coaxing from a friend. To my surprise, it wasn’t like any of the other Facebook games I’d encountered. It was both relaxing and creative, and more directly interactive than any of the other games. But you could also step away for a few day and come back without feeling like you missed things. Once I joined a club, the interactions became even more personal, and I made many good friends. Together we celebrated birthdays and other milestones, and supported and consoled each other through difficult times. But the most telling benefit to me was the distraction from my chronic pain, and being able to interact socially despite the restrictions arthritis and fibromyalgia were placing on my body.

    Right now I feel lied to and cheated, not because of any monetary investment, but because of the loss of what I receive through playing SuperPoke Pets with my friends. I know nothing is forever, but after being given assurances that the game would continue, albeit with no new items, Google has pulled the rug out from under all of us. I will be keeping in touch via Facebook (you couldn’t pay me to join Google+), but SPP is a commonality that is being lost. Google is not just ending a game, it’s destroying an active community. So much for their touted philosophy of “doing no wrong.”

  • Kristen Rice

    I think the Halloween costume makes a terrible analogy. The store doesn’t come to my house to destroy my costume after I wear it for one Halloween. I can have it in my closet and use it whenever I like. Maybe I enjoy letting my daughter play dress up with it whenever she chooses. Yes, you can think it’s ridiculous that people spend their money on a virtual game, but for many who are ‘homebound’ this game has been a wonderful community to turn to. It’s a shame there isn’t a way to keep it running.

  • Barbara Puder

    No, the costume analogy is not a good one. My daughter still uses many of her costumes for dress-up play, and we’ve donated others so that other children can used them. I still have the gloves I modified for my son’s Mickey Mouse costume 23 years ago.

    I did not buy very much (two gold items total), so I’m not speaking from any personal desire for money back. The items bought were bought to play the game, and their value is dependent on the game being playable. Many people, especially in June and July, bought these items with the idea that they would still be able to have them be useable for a reasonable amount of time thereafter. Since bits last a long time, six months is not reasonable by any measure.

    I can see two solutions that could work for both sides. One would be to sell the game outright to another company. The other would be to find a startup in the gaming business and donate it to them, with whatever tax write-off benefits that might bring. Or work out a pay-as-they-go deal. It doesn’t have to be shut down.

  • Tina Mix

    Again, I will say it is not the money a lot of us have spent !!! It’s the fact that we want to keep our game. We love those silly virtual pets. We have helped one another through so much. Our community is a loving one. As a community, we even donated to Japan !!!! Our game is SO much more to us than that. There are so many walks of life playing. There are no differences between someone that runs marathons and someone wheelchair bound. It lets EVERYONE play, be social and expressive. The news has devastated us only because we were told the game would stay. There is no other game out there that compares to Super Poke! Pets. All we truly want is to keep our “babies” and continue to play and have fun. And you know what? All ages play as well. I myself am 40, disabled, married with children. My kids LOVE to help me do playdates and decorate. They LOVE to see the habitats that some of the amazing players come up with. When they are sick, SPP helps them to smile. SPP helps ME to smile. Please, Google, reconsider……

  • Rosewyn

    Anyone who would grab and go with the “Halloween Analogy” is just plain silly! It was plucked from thin air and means nothing! If I had a bunny suit for Halloween I could wear it all day every day should I choose, and it would be tangible, fuzzy pink, warm in winter and once purchased, no one could make a corporate decision to shut it down or take it away from me. It would be my property to use and dispose of as I so choose! No, the Halloween analogy is OUT!
    Now, regarding my feelings about SPP. Life is hard…The real world is increasingly unstable and we are at best fragile creatures, we humans. SPP was attractive as a diversion to the sometimes unbearable harshness of our separate personal realities. Cancer, loss of loved ones, births, deaths and scandal, we shared them all thru the connection of our cute little pets. We laughed, we cried, and many times did both at the same time. And we had an added element absent from the real world. We were able to indefinitely keep our little pets safe,warm,fed, and yes HAPPY! Life, Liberty, and the GUARANTY of Happiness! This is the great human quest and never something we can give to those we love much less ourselves. Therein lies the true sting! I love my sweet little sheep (McTavish) and am suddenly unable to give him not only everything his little sheepie heart desired, but his very cyber life is being taken! I have suddenly lost control over the one and only thing I had control over. The complete indulgence and even the existence of another being. It’s strangely like watching an invading army swoop up and murder your child. Am I being melodramatic? Perhaps a bit, but when something you love such as being part of the SPP family, and giving birth to the personality of a wee lad of a sheep is harshly ripped from you, the wound IS REAL. For Love of family, our SPP Family is a living thing, a tangible thing, and much warmer in winter than the bunny suit..

    • wanda dove

      AMEN you said this perfectly honey.. SPP is more than a COSTUME so stupid that analogy.. really admins? come on you can do better than that.. WE LOVE OUR COMMUNITY and WILL NEVER let it DIE WITHOUT a serious FIGHT…
      I love my PETs have 16 OF THEM.. this so called game has KEPT ME FROM some serious DEPRESSION and DESPAIR.. I CAN express my feeling through MY PET without fear of ridicule.. THIS is MORE THAN A GAME TO THOSE OF US THAT PLAY.. ITS a community of people coming together to support one another..
      WE also support and live real life issues through our pets/habitats.. hurricanes, victims of crimes.. this is far more than a game its a platform for CURRENT EVENTS personally and in the world…
      WE “soccer moms” as MAX called us LOVE our game and are willing to pay to play..
      GOOGLE why would you PUT SPP in the list of KILLED APPS when you didnt even look at the millions of us who play this “game” world wide.. IT MADE MAX HUGE PROFITS.. why would you not want to make some money back on your 200MILLION plus purchase..
      PLEASE reconsider your decision to scrap SPP and KILL OUR PETS?

      • http://SPP barbara

        they stole from us lied to us i want my money back or spp saved ..i hate google now

  • Teri

    I think the more appropriate analogy would be that I thought I had a verbal lease of 5 years and it turns out that it was shortened to 3 years…all you have to do is look at the new badges and awards you folks made to make that assumption! I am sure some of you were caught by surprise by this development but I highly doubt all of you were. It is impossible to believe that everyone at Slide was ignorant of what was coming. Please do NOT treat us like we are stupid that would be an insult to our injuries! Google has broken our hearts and to have you defend the indefensible is hard to take….please respect our mourning as is our due!

    • Teri

      This was my reply to the stupid Halloween costume analogy! I still feel a little abused by Google…as was used before it only takes David to take down Goliath, we may just have enough Davids to do the job! May be wishful thinking though!

  • Sue Piland

    I have 4 Superpoke pets. Have played for over three years. I have Multiple Scleroses and this game is one I can play that eases my nerves anxiousness. We were guaranteed that this game wasn’t closing down and were coaxed to buy things with real money. This has nothing to do with a Halloween costume. What rubbish. I am so upset with google that I have changed my search engine and closed my gmail account. They are getting rich off us and I can’t believe they treat their customers in this fashion.

  • Carli Breneker

    The analogy comparing SPP to a halloween costume is not accurate. My granddaughter still has every costume she ever wore on Halloween. Although the outfits she used as a 1 yr old, 2 yr old, etc no longer fit, some of the accessories still do. She still plays with them. They are all kept in a box ready to be put on and played with and often with mixed results such as the Pirate Kitten.

    In the eyes of a company like Google, 460,000 users is small time stuff. So they leave 460,000 users disgruntled, upset and angry and they walk away.

    However, most of my friends have gone beyond the game of SPP with their reactions. Those who had started to use the newly launched Google+ have deleted it. Those who had been using Google Chrome have deleted it. Most who were using Google Search no longer use it. There are so many products out there that they do not need to depend on Google for any part of their online experience.

    Google purchased SLIDE INC in a sleek business deal for almost $200,000,000 and less than a year later they have given the components of SLIDE INC an axe… It leaves me wondering… why did they waste so much money to purchase the games just to delete them? Where is their investment now? It seems to me a better analogy would be a young child who wasted his money on candy and then once he ate it, where was his money then? Gone… for good… and what did he have to show for his money? Nothing but a sour stomach…

    I have played SPP for about 28 months. I do not have a large cash investment in this game, nor am I concerned about recovering my lost funds… However, I am saddened and upset by the unexpected developments. I feel cheated by Google who lied to every player in the game. I feel like they deliberately misled the SPP community just to reap in more money for themselves over the last few months. They told us that the game would be continuing, then a little over a month later, they abruptly changed their mind… That is poor business practice and reflects on Google in a negative vein.

    What next? Google owns a substantial percentage of ZYNGA – another large gaming corporation that provides well known and popular games on Facebook like Farmville, Cityville, Frontierville, Mafia Wars and Yoville –
    and the fate of these games?

  • http://superpokepets kittywithroses@aol.com

    I love this site. Yes they had alot of problems but, they have come so far. I find it relaxing. Why would you close it down. It’s our choice to go on and be members. I don’t this site to be closed.Just let us have our friends.

  • http://mysweettatsu,spp.com lee

    I have played superpokepets for nearly three years now. I have hundreds of friends, several that I have grown very close to..We talk on the phone on a regular basis. Many like me, I’m on Widows Benefits, are retired and on limited incomes. But because of the false promises have felt secure in investing money on our pets.
    Over the years I have spent 1000’s of dollars. And I feel Google depended on this..they had a plan. They took hundreds of thousands of peoples money, then just feel like they can take what we paid for away.
    Not one of my family members or friends will ever use google after this..in everyone’s eyes they are a scam!

  • Molly

    No, I do NOT think the Costume Analogy was a good one. I think the ‘skeleton crew’ that is left manning SPP until it is shut down are back-peddling for all they’re worth trying to do damage control in what has become an unfriendly environment for them. Unfortunately, they are not doing a very good job. Not their fault entirely, Google really should have deigned to answer your inquiry themselves rather than pawn you off onto people who claim to have had no knowledge of what was happening until the announcement came out. Seriously, if Todd and Nicole had no previous knowledge of what was happening, then why is Google referring all media questions to postings made by self proclaimed ignorant employees? I think Google should at least have the decency to answer questions put to them. Perhaps THEY can come up with a better analogy??? If sending you (WebProNews) to a poorly thought out attempt at a bandaid posting is the best they can do, then I think CNN might just have a field day. I look forward to it!

  • jess

    sure it’s like a Halloween costume… a $1,0000 costume you wore for an hour Halloween night and the store you bought it at (we’ll choose some random, soulless, cold hearted store… say, WalMart) came in the middle of the party with your friends, took the costume, and said sorry, you’re out the money you spent, but the costume didn’t do as well as we wanted so we’re taking it. 😛

  • Katharine

    A costume?!? Are you kidding me?! It is NOT a costume! That is the most pathetic analogy I’ve ever heard. In fact, I think it’s down right insulting. This is much more than a ‘costume’. This is a unique site that caters to all ages. It creates friendships, encourages creativity, and gives people with disabilities a freedom they don’t have in their everyday lives. And you have the audacity of calling it a costume! If I was angry before it’s nothing compared to what I am now. Not only did you lie to us by putting us under the impression that the site would go on, not only did you encourage us to spend money when you knew better, you actually have the audacity of insulting us now. Well done, Google, you’ve officially made me an enemy for life.

  • Crystal Davies

    I have been playing spp since 2009. In June Slide lied to us, flat out. They can try to dance around the bullshit all they want, but it does not change the TRUTH. Slide told us that there were CHANGES coming to spp. Google CLEARLY doesnt want competition. Unfortunately for Google, they didnt realize that the spp community isnt going to just say it OK, walk all over us. The spp community is made of mostly women & anyone with any sense, business or otherwise, should know its unwise to anger a group of women. We will try any means available to us to save this game. Google you have no idea what this game means to a lot of people!!! To compare our community to a Halloween costume is ABSURD! I can spent $59 dollars on a Halloween costume & I can have it FOREVER! The remainder of the Slide team is left scrambling to try to smooth this over, as if they just say the RIGHT thing, we will say “Oh, its OK, we will let you do this.” GOOD LUCK WITH THAT GOOGLE! I will NEVER use other Google product again if they take away my pet. NEVER is a very long time. & Evidently nobody the execs at Google that word of mouth is the best form of advertising. What do you think the spp players will be saying about Google if the game is abolished? I can assure you, it wont be nice. SHAME ON YOU GOOGLE. BAD BUSINESS IS A BAD CHOICE FOR A BUSINESS.

  • clarice miller

    Im so tired of these analogys. The costume? Are you kidding us! Someone also said a movie ticket on the forum. This is all they can come up with???? Why did they not comment on the “last chance to purchase gold items before the changes?” When they promised us all spp was staying and encouraged us all to make one final purchase! That right there was deceitful! I would like to know why no one at google feels that selling items that can only be used on the spp app and then taking the app away is something that is fair. Not to meantion. The emotional trama caused to so many disabled people who use this app as their only connection to others! They dont see what they are doing to our community! So many bonds they are messing with. We have tryed to tug @ googles heartstrings with our pleas but now its time to tug @ their pocketbooks! Millions of real dollars spent in the last 3yrs but all of us put together. Our goal is to keep our app but if they wont leave it up we are going to join together and sue for our money back. These items were not purchased just to use for a little while then just look at photos! These items were purchased to use in the app! Take away the app why? Makes no sence to any of us!

  • Em Wycedee

    Slide was selling “deluxe” memberships for $5 two months ago and promising that the game would remain for years even after they stopped selling new items (also two months ago). Google owned the company at that point. It is simply not credible that they did not already have plans to shut it down when they announced that they would “slow down” new releases (while still selling items for money). We have been robbed.

  • http://littlereview.livejournal.com Michelle Erica Green

    I just want to add my voice to those of people who feel that Google (which owned Slide when Slide announced that they were slowing down new releases while still selling gold items for money) has dealt with us unfairly and used SPP players to gain quick cash all while intending not to deliver on the product beyond the end of the year.

  • Christine Darrington

    Google execs seem to have taken leave of their senses. They are behaving as if their customers don’t matter at all.
    Many SPP players are in fact well off business people and have it for relaxation and entertainment.
    I have a company myself and would never treat my customers with such disrespect.
    Google execs should take a closer look at SPP and see if they are capable of running it, with or without selling gold. It is working fine just as it is. People can buy gold with coins now or from other players.
    Google would be well advised to keep it running, otherwise they are going find themselves receiving a ton of bad publicity.
    Many players sit quietly in the background but there a great many of them.
    so many customers are going to cut off their association with Google. I bet MSN are already rubbing their hands with glee!

  • Melody Wilson

    This is all just BS. They don’t have to shut down SPP they just don’t want to be bothered since they are not taking our hard earn Money anymore. It’s probably costing them too much to keep it alive. Not to mention they are a bunch of cold hearted SNAKES that just don’t care if they KILL our pets. You know there is a thing call Karma and I hope all the pets that they KILL come back to haunt each and everyone involved in this shut down. Those PETS meant a lot to a lot of people. And each of these people have there own story and what these pets met to them. So much for Googles I’ll never use you again and I hope all the thousands of Player don’t use them either. They are Liars they knew last month where this was all going. And they are STEALING MY GOLD that I bought, just like a thieve in the night with out a care. What go around comes back around.

  • Melissa Bowman-Jones

    Awesome article. I am a SPPer who has been with the game since it began in 2008. Sure I have invested time and monies, but it is the friendships that I will miss the most. I am a daily player that visits over 3,000 people/pets per day. The only time I missed was when I was in the hospital for 3 days his past April. All of my SPP friends knew something was wrong. So, when I got home from the hospital I had so many messages in my message box it took days to sort out. It is these types of friendships that you simply cannot replace but, will vanish with the click of a GOOGLE button.

    • Pat VanMarter

      so very very true…the friendships have been awesome..I have met people from all over the world!! literally!!!! have spoken to some on the phone…we are NOW FRIENDS!! wonderfull supportive friends……….they will be destoying alot of good things..because most that play..are home bound or ill..or for other reasons Play this game because they are “unable” to do “normal” things in the “outside world” alot are handicapped..the list goes on…but they dont care…they are laughing all the way to the damn bank!!!

  • http://superpokepets Annette Packer

    When i first signed on facebook the very 1st gamed and most popular is SPP so I of course I was very interested.The pets are amazingly cute and so much fun to decorate.I coundn’t and still can’t wait to play with my pet everyday.Then meeting the most amazing people and everyone supporting everything from cancer to our troops ect…People play ,counting me to just get our daily stress off our minds and pain from illnesses and of course our amazing club friends n friends from all over the world to talk to.We decorate for therapy. We spend alot of money to keep our pets happy.They are apart of each and everyone of us .We have a better reason to keep our pets alive than you do to take them away from us. Please if you have any heart at all you won’t let us down .Thank you!

  • Amanda Crosier

    The Halloween analogy sucks! Yea, we all buy costumes that hang in our closets and may never be used again but, they are in our closets. They are there to use any ole time we want! No one swooped into our closet and took back what we had bought!!!

    • Pat VanMarter

      exactly!! we will have NOTHING to show for all the $$spent over the years…not even a closet!!! this is soooo wrong & should be illegal. I KNEW they would shut down….no reason to keep it going..they made their million..billions..who knows how much..they DO NOT NEED US ANYMORE…I feel like I was robbed.
      I am certainly not alone..millions play this game!! just imagine the $$$ they ripped off of us !!! LIARS & THIEVES!~!!

  • Ibraim

    I definitely do not think the analogy is the Halloween costume is appropriate,
    I have been player of the SPP for 2 years, is a game that promotes healthy living among users, especially business should not be removed either ……..

  • http://superpoke!pets laura williams

    I agree with everything in your article which was very eye-opening.But most people don’t know that this is not a very big app that could run with very little maintenance and make millions across all countries happy and google would be loved forever instead they decided to dump us because
    they can.This is a family game It’s like playing dress-up only for grown ups ,kids play too.How can that be bad or expensive to operate.Thank you

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