Super Poke Pets Users Not Impressed with Google’s Halloween Costume Comparison

Users not happy with Google's approach to Slide shut-down

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Super Poke Pets Users Not Impressed with Google’s Halloween Costume Comparison
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As you may or may not know, Google recently announced that it would be shutting down Slide and various applications and games that it created, including the popular Super Poke Pets.

As reported earlier, users are less than thrilled with this decision. Some are upset as they have invested real money into the gameplay. One user sent me a huge list of transaction receipts. Some of the transactions were as much as $25 a piece, and I’m guessing there have been plenty that have been larger than that, judging from the amount of passion users have displayed since the news came out.

We looked at a response from Google’s Super Poke Pets team. In that response, the team said, “The closest real-life analog[y] to SPP items is probably a Halloween costume. You purchase it to dress up and enjoy the experience, but likely don’t wear that costume day in and day out, or for every Halloween thereafter. Unlike a costume, there are still months ahead for you to make the most of the items in your inventory and we are working on tools to help you export some of your SPP content/items to keep and access outside of SPP. We are still in the process of working out the details of what these tools might be and will update you as soon as we have more information to share.”

That was only part of the response (you can read the whole thing here), but as users have been commenting on that article, it’s clear that they’re not buying the halloween costume analogy. Here’s what some of our readers have had to say about it:

Tracey Sheets:….”The Halloween costume analogy is a SLAP IN THE FACE!!! I am deeply offended. I have been playing SPP since April 2009. I love my little bunny named Snowball and I don’t understand why they can’t offer SPP on Google+. Playing social games is the ONLY reason I was going to try out Google+. I am disabled and SPP is art therapy and social interaction for me.”

Bente Wisth:…And no, the halloween costume analogy is not a good one… I could still put my halloween costume on next year, can’t I?

Terri Kurburski: “How can you compare this game to a Halloween costume. Halloween comes once a year. This game is entertainment for those of us who are disabled and so many others. We have made so many friends and interact together and there is no other game like this. We have spent our money on Gold items and it is so wrong to make us lose all that we love. Find a way to use these things offline if not keeping our game. I will be so hurt to lose the one thing that I can do when I am hurting and can’t get around and do other things. But mostly I will miss so many friends.”

Jennifer: “I cannot believe you all are going to take away all of our pets and our extended family. I have been with them since they started out. what did you do with all the money you made off of us? I know you at least made millions and billions off of us. we should get a refund for all we spent and time we used. You see they are not taking the violent games away but the family ones they are. I was mad when you started charging us money but then I thought this is a fun clean game and its worth it, Look how many people of all ages you have on there. some of us you have kept out of trouble. And most of us have found a “new Family” The Halloween costume analogy is a joke and i am offended by it. You are making fun of each and every person who is or has used this. since you guys think its funny why not give all the money you have took from us and loan it to the government to get them out of debt. Or better yet return it to us since you sold things to us. You are unfair by doing this I know a lot of elderly people on here that this is their life line to the outside world and with out spp they would be lonely and sad.

Alicia B: “I would say the Halloween costume analogy is not a good one. To the players of SPP I think a nightgown would be a better analogy. You are not (hopefully) going to wear your nightgown all the time, but you will wear it for a while each day, a comfortable cozy part.”

“Google clearly does not get what this game means to the people who play it. It is a unique way to interact with friends and family, with the guilty pleasure of an escape from the stresses of daily life.”
“Clearly everyone who plays will survive without the game, we will just be sleeping in a burlap nightgown.”

Bobbie Weidner: “Is the Halloween costume a good analogy of the items people have purchased in this game? ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NO!!! The items in the game represent such a tiny fraction of the whole … a family oriented, somewhat educational, creative environment which has fostered kindness and generosity and subsequently developed into clubs & groups of friends where there are no social prejudices & none of the problems associated with games that are based on violence & competitiveness & greed. I don’t understand why a company as huge as Google does not see and take advantage of the chance they have at this time to enhance their reputation and listen to their customers and users of this game….”

Dacholiday Dach: “The Halloween analogy is so off base. If I buy a Halloween costume I can use it as many times and as long as I like.”

“I don’t really care so much about the money. I just want to keep all my stuff and my pets. I have several pets on SPP they are all named after my real pets, alive and no longer with me. Now Google is making me loose my deceased and beloved Hali again. Hali is a puppy pet on SPP(SuperPoke Pets)I love my SPP pets and I love all of my SPP pets “pets”. Dogs are my passion so now I will loose all of my dogs that I paid for, as well as my Pets too.”

Maryanne Terpstra: “Yes, I am a SPP user. I have been playing for nearly three years now. I have invested quite a bit of time and money into my pet, Katia! Plus, I have managed to make some wonderful friends from all over the world! I love my the club that I a member of, which is TDP (Total Daily Players). It’s great to know that you are the member of an organization in which you can always count on your friends and fellow club members to be there for you. When my younger sister died suddenly last October, all my friends rallied around me and they helped me through it!”

“No, the Halloween costume analogy is neither relevant nor effective. Besides, you are allowed to keep your Halloween costumes. Whereas, it looks as if I could lose my Katia forever.”

“By the way, in case you’re wondering, I have multiple degrees. One of the best things about SPP is that I have been able to find intelligent and loyal friends to play with!”

I’m sure there will be plenty more reactions as time goes on. What do you think of the analogy?

If nothing else, even if your’e not a player of the game (which I’m not), it shows how truly passionate users can be about the products you develop, and that simply pulling the plug on them can always create a massive backlash and damage one’s reputation. Google’s big enough where this will probably do little to tarnish its reparation and usage overall, but it’s clearly left a stain for some users in this particular group. For a smaller business, that stain could be much greater.

Super Poke Pets Users Not Impressed with Google’s Halloween Costume Comparison
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  • judith harris

    I guess it must be Halloween everyday in my house because I play with my SPP pets Lady Kitty and St George the dragon that often and where else can a born again Christian a Muslim and a Jew a lesbian a grandmother a soldier a college student a gay man black white Hispanic Asian and native Americans all get together with a common goal If the so called real world were anything like our little game it would be a so much better place please help us save our pets here with have true equality and unity it would be a shame to loose this

  • Lori Zwetz

    What is so insulting is Google’s analogy of our gold items that we spent $$$ real dollars to that of a Halloween costume. They took our money knowing that they were going to pull the plug on the SPP game. That is not only unethical but misrepresentation. Then to say they are devising a way that we can export our Gold Items that we can use for a later date. USE ON WHAT. They are of no use without the program or the pet. Exactly what idiots are they that they assume we would buy this garbage. We’ve been mislead from the get go when Slide told us that they took the game as far as it could go. That is rubbish. All this is nothing more than double talk when they could have been upfront and told us the truth instead of taking our monies all the way to the end. Of what use are these gold items to us without the software program? I am enraged at their misrepresentation all the way around.

  • http://www.halloweencostumedepot.com Chris Jenkins

    People are clearly upset over Google’s actions…i think Google needs to communicate with its users..after all, hasn’t Google gotten to place in this world because of regular people like us?

  • Pat Bartell

    I am writing you in regards to Google’s decision to retire Super Poke Pets. I am praying that I can find someone there who has a heart since SPP is much more than just a game. Please read my story so perhaps you can understand why Google’s decision has been so upsetting.

    I know we all have personal issues, but I have lost so much in the past 2 yrs. that I can’t lose SPP too. I had to close my music school in Oct. ’09 when black mold from repeated flooding was found. I lost my life’s work, my investment, & my future, At 51, I suffer from RSD, an extremely painful condition affecting my hands & feet, as well as severe Fibromyalgia & Depression. My work & my students were what kept me going. In Jan. ’10, my husband-a union electrician- was laid off & still hasn’t worked. The union says we are looking at anywhere from 6 months to a year before he will be called back In March of that year, I found out that the black mold had caused 5 tumors in my throat, twisting my esophogus like a pretzel. Because of all of this, I can barely walk or do anything but sit, am in unbearable pain 24/7, have trouble eating & speaking, am intentionally paralyzed for 24 hrs. each week to give me a break from the pain & to try to get my RSD back in remission, all the while trying to figure out how to pay my bills and save my home. Because of my husband not working, we just lost our insurance coverage & my husband’s unemployment will be running out in a few months. My medical bills were over $100,000.00 last year but most was covered by the insurance. The same amount is estimated for this year; I don’t know what we are going to do. I have another biopsy next week which means another $25,000 bill. Since stress aggravates both of my conditions, my pain has been non-stop.

    The friends I have made at SPP have held my hand through every procedure the past 2 years. They have laughed & cried with me. SPP was/is the one bright spot in my life. I can stay connected to people, feel good when I gift someone, or smile knowing someone cares enough to send me something. Most importantly, I manage to keep my mind off my pain & troubles when I play. Nothing else can do that for me & countless others. The habitats that people create are unbelieveable; some are true works of art. Whether they are simple or masterpieces, you can’t help but smile.

    People/Google/Slide don’t realize that this is not just a game for so, so many of us. There is nothing like SPP in the world. Honestly, I don’t know what I’m going to do if I lose this too. I spend hours each day playing; hours that would otherwise be filled with pain & worry. I love this game, my pets, my friends, & the enjoyment I feel. Sometimes, I actually laugh & smile. I have never prayed for anything “materialistic” in my life, until now. I pray that someone at Google will figure out a way for SPP to remain. I pray that Google will understand why & how this game is so important to so many people, like myself.

    Thank you for reading my story. I am begging for Google to have a heart and let SPP continue to exist; continue to bring happiness to the enormous number of people who play each day. People who literally need the pleasure SPP provides in a very unique way.


    Patricia Bartell

  • Catherine Maio

    The shutting down of SuperPoke! Pets is so tragic. There is really no other game comparable to it, none of the other dress up your pet games has the high quality graphics or the same “cuteness factor” when it comes to the pets. Not to mention there is an amazing community built around the game itself. Many of us have spent tons of money on the game, but that’s not really the point. I can take my friends with me to another social network or keep in contact by email, but if I lose my pet, I lose my lifeline. I have spent much money on the game, and I think reasonable accommodations should be made to either add SPP to Googles own gaming site or keep it running as a stand alone game. In the absence of the, a downloadable version of the game should be offered to the players who want it, many would even purchase such an item, adding even more money to Google’s coffers when most of us who have spent money on SPP gold have spent enough to buy a common game for the XboX or PLaystation at least 10 times over. It’s not a perfect solution, because you can not download the community, but you CAN build a community through FB or another social network, so in that way the spirit of the game and the friendships can be kept alive. A downloadable version of the game would allow users to at least keep the items they have bought and use them at any time- much like if I wanted to wear my Halloween costume every day or just when cleaning the house, it would be my decision as to how much and for how long I would like to use the items I purchased. There is also a sticky subject to be dealt with- if we do not own the items we purchase through SPP, why did Slide allow us to sell them to other players for real life cash with full knowledge players were doing so? If Slide is claiming the items were never ours, why was this allowed? I have to say on that point alone I believe the items I purchased from the pet shop with my real life money *are* mine, and because they were sold to me by Slide, they owe me a system where I am able to use them, whether it is online or on my computer at home as a solo experience.

  • Auttie Rogers

    I am extremely upset, that Google is doing this to people who love their Superpoke Pets. I have been playing for almost three years, myself. My family and I have 17 pets, between all of us. It has been “therapy” for me. My Mom battled cancer for 9 yrs. She lost that battle on August 12th, 2010. During her battle, and after she passed on, my friends on Superpoke Pets, showed me great support, and love. Being able to play with my pets, in the middle of the night, when I was losing sleep, was a (and still is) a blessing. I have lost not only my Mom, but many things that I have loved dearly. I do not think that I should have to lose one more thing, that I love, because of some big company’s stupid decision! As for the “Halloween costume” analogy, that is the dumbest thing that I have ever heard. In this time, when the country is barely able to afford entertainment, we do hold onto things, and reuse them. My 8 yr old daughter, has a “witch” costume, that a friend bought for her 3yrs ago, and she HAS worn it, MORE THAN ONCE, because we have been struggling financially, for years! Google needs to think about what they are doing, and reconsider their decision! A LOT of people spent real time, and real money, on this game. We are a loyal bunch, and we want our game to continue. Oh, and if you think that Superpoke Pets players are just a bunch of crazy fanatics…try shutting down World of Warcraft, and see what those players would do! I think that I have made my point! Also, if there is a class action lawsuit, I will add my name to the list, because I have kept every receipt, of every gold item, that I have EVER bought~! One last thing…with the “Halloween costume” analogy…when you buy a Halloween costume, you get to KEEP it!! No one, is going to come to your door, go to your closet, and take said costume away from you! I do NOT feel that Google has a right, to just “take” all of the items, that I have purchased from them, without my expressed permission!

  • Agnes B

    OMG! My pet Homer is NOT a Halloween costume! I’m elderly and I play this game everyday I can, it keeps my mind of things and makes me happy seeing how all my friends use their items to decorate with their pets. If its not broke don’t fix it, they should have never messed with our SPP it was just fine and they where making lots of money off us because we are such loyal players of SPP and love our pets. Now they are just killing off our pets altogether how virtually INHUMANE!!! R.I.P Homer and all you other cared for and truly loved SPP pets you will be greatly missed!

  • Melissa Bowman-Jones

    Google is a bully and what they are doing to the Super Poke Pet gaming community is like taking candy from babies and walkers from the elderly. Google purchased Slide and assured SPPers the game would continue on June 6, 2011. People were encouraged to use their monies to buy items that would no longer be available after June 30, 2011. Many people spent monies on the VIP application at the cost of $4.95 each account and rest assured true SPPers have many accounts. Many of us only bought these last minute animated items because we were told that the game would continue, it would be “self-sufficient”. On August 25, 2011 Google has announced it will end all but one game originally produced by Slide. After taking our monies they decide they got what they wanted and will move on. Our beloved SPP will end in 6 months unless someone can make Google come to their senses and keep the application. Many have played the game since it began in 2008. I myself have 3 years of time, energy, money and long lasting friendships that will be gone with the click of a Google button. There are children, Grandma’s, people with disabilities and military Veterans that play this game and find comfort in the SPP Community. We need a hero and one of the first persons I thought of was you. Can you help us save SPP and become our hero?

  • http://joleenenaylor.com Joleene Naylor

    Though many players complaints dwell on the money they spent buying virtual “goods” to decorate their habitats, the core of the problem is not a tangible one, but an emotional one. However, it is easier, and more socially acceptable, for players to express their dismay about something more tangible, like the money, than it is to declare that they feel as though a friend has been condemmened to death.

    To non players, that may seem like a bizarre, even ridiculous comparison, but to those who have been tickling, poking and decorating their pets for years, it’s pretty close to the truth. And why shouldn’t it be? Think of your friends on facebook and count how many of them you’ve never met in person. I know I have quite a few. We all tell ourselves “there’s a real person behind those pixels” but we never see them. We see a still photo or, if we’re lucky, maybe a voice over a phone or a chat. Yet, it is acceptable to be attached, even to “love”, these “pixelated” people, who are no more “real” than the pixelated pets on Superpoke Pets. Yet, it is not acceptable to be attached to a virtual pet. We live in a virtual world with virtual friends, virtual goods and virtual pets. The human condition requires emotional connection, and so we connect to these virtual things. THAT is what the real outrage is. It’s the same as if someone were to delete your facebook friends – and I don’t mean their accounts, I mean delete them completely so that they cease to exist in your world; in other words they were essentially dead. That’s what players are really upset about.

    Other gamers find Superpoke pets to be “borring”, “unchallenging’ and even “quaint”, but it is precisely these qualities that have given it it’s fanbase. Many of the Superpoke Pets players are disabled people who finally found a game, and a community, they could participate in. Put yourself in their shoes for a moment. When even sweeping your own floor is impossible because of a physical limitation, then decorating that pet’s habitat suddenly becomes a major accomplishment – no different than the hundreds of out of work people sitting at home playing playstation, x-box and Wii so that they can feel they’ve accomplished something, too.

    You can see some of the spp player’s protest habitats here – http://ramblingsfromthedarkness.wordpress.com/2011/08/31/a-message-to-google/

  • Samantha W

    As someone who has been playing for three years, I’ve seen SPP at its best and now at its worst. I’ve sunk thousands of dollars into this game and have the bank statements/receipts to prove it.

    I’m not even asking for gold to be available again or for anything to change. ALL I’m asking for is that you leave our pets alone! I, personally, have three pets. I log on and play with them almost every day.

    Why can’t Google see the benefit and value of keeping and/or adding to such a wonderful game? Obviously they’re seeing how much people love this game, which, for me, has turned into a sort of extended family/friends network. This is one of the very few games out there that doesn’t promote greed, violence, or competition. It’s a very nice, fun, creative, interactive, good-natured game with high moral standards. It’s a chance for anyone and everyone to interact with each other without worrying about being judged on age, race, ability level, education, etc. I’ve witnessed this game turn selfish, spoiled, greedy brats into people who know the value of sharing, gifting, trading equally, having manners, and being responsible for something. I don’t know about you, but I’d say that’s pretty darn good for a game!

  • Clarice’s TeeTee

    the whole thing is fishy to me, one if they were going to purchase a well established game to add it to google +1 as a way of bringing people over from myspace & facebook wouldnt they have researched first the possibility of the game functioning on their site before they purchased it? i think their intentions were to just buy out the popular app then shut it down from the beginning! in hopes of creating a similar product thinking we would all just go with the flow, except the shutting down of spp and start to use whatever new game they offered us, but we will not go so easily, the lawyer is now looking into our case. the hopes is for google to change their mind but i have not seen any comments from them either way. all I know is if they shut the sight down thousands and thousands of people are going to cancel their google +1 gmail, youtube and whatever accounts associated with google. including google addwords

  • Robyn

    I must admit that this did not come as much of a shock to me, I have been expecting this for a long time. I am sad that the site will be closing down, not only because I will lose all of the time I have invested in hunting down the most sought after items, and decorating with them, but also because of all of the money I have invested. I see that Google have been clever in the way that they have done this..meaning that no matter how much we protest, nobody can get their money back (see Slide – Terms of Use)
    If only there was a way for Google to show their appreciation for us spending our hard earned money..maybe a voucher? Goodness knows.. all I do know is that I have basically wasted 3 years of my life, over ÂŁ2000 of my hard earned wages and will not be compensated for that, I just wish that I had gotten out sooner!

  • http://saundra59.superpokepets.com/ sandy

    hahaha you think you can bribe us with a stupid halloween costume i don,t think so think again my pet means more to me then some stupid old custome i want my pet my friends and family i have made while playing spp my life was nothing till i made friends and family through playing spp that game is my life i can,t go out much i get panicky in stores and since being attacked more then once and being deaf i am scared to go any where out side the house alone and have to rely on the my room mates to help me takeing away sppp means almost like a death sentece to me i am on 200 milgrams of zoloft suffer from serve depression have adhd still in remission from haveing cancer that can still come back and now haveing my pet on spp terminated no way this is so not cool there are million of us that play every day its something to look forward to for all of us don,t slap us in the face with a stupid halloween outfit we would all much rather have our beloved pets and spp instead. why not sale spp to some one eles that can make it work don,t get rid of it cause its to much for you maybe some one eles can profit from it we want our pets and spp alive not termainated.

  • Sandra T

    Though the focus seems to be on the money SPPers have lost, it is the community and the friends I have been playing with online for almost three years that I would miss. At one time we were called a collection of “soccer moms” and we showed Slide that we were more than that. We have helped raise money for relief in Haiti and Japan, we have comforted friends and club members who face illness, natural disasters, foreclosure, and depression. My club has even been there to comfort families of members when two lost their battle with cancer. In the game itself we decorate a scene usually with our pet as the focus. Through these scenes we can express ourselves–our happiness, compassion, or recently our unhappiness with Google. We communicate with our friends through our decorated scenes. Surely this is more than a halloween costume.

    Google’s decision to put an end to SPP proves that they have no idea what SPP is.

  • Agnes Gray

    Someone said the Halloween costume analogy was a slap in the face…it’s at least that. I’ve been playing SSP since very nearly the beginning. I’ve made life-long friends that are family to me. They have been there for me through several health problems. Even now whenever I start a new endeavor they are so supportive of me. And some Google idiot says SSP is like a costume that you wear and put away. Only if you got the BEST costume made and someone STOLE it! You had a chance to try it on and found it fit perfectly. You paid a minor fortune for it…much more than you could afford but after all you can wear it every year. And some idiot took it away from you! You not only lost the money you invested in a long-term possession but all of the pleasure you would have had wearing it on every occasion possible. You lost all of the comments about that costume from friends and potential friends also.

    I will not use another Google product. And have removed all Google programs from my computer already. There are OTHER programs and search engines. Goodbye Google…I’m dropping you just like you dropped ME!

  • http://SPPslide Garcia’s Mom

    “Goo-Goo-Google Goodbye” “Goo-Goo-Google won’t cry” and why would they?
    SPP/slide made so much money from pet owners. In one month I spent over $1,500 and my husband has the bank statement to prove it! Would it really kill you to keep the game? If you are thinking “well we won’t make any money,” so start selling gold again. Look what Steve Jobs did! C’mon Google keep us going because if not Google Chrome and all your other apps are “Goo-Goo-Googling Gone!!!”

  • Patricia A. Burke-Grubbs

    We are still laughing about the Halloween analogy. Please respect our intelligence.

  • Alana

    spp has been my life for 4 yrs and im 12. so taking this away would be like killing meh and who would want to kill a 12 year old? i just dont understand ppl these days?

  • Gina

    How about the people, mainly EVERYONE that use this game as a way to express their artistic abilities. Would you take someone’s paintbrush away? and about the halloween costumes, last year I bought 12 of them when they were on clearance and my daughter wears them all the time. Google is being ridiculous and should work out a way to give spp to someone else if they want it. Would you kill a puppy because you couldn’t take care of it anymore, or would you give the puppy to someone that wants to give it a home??

    • Necromancer EXE

      I choose the second option, but more people that we think chooses the first option.

  • Shirley

    can’t believe the 2 years i’v had my spp pet and all the people i have met and that are now friends the they would take it all away
    this halloween thing is bogus our spp friends are great friend and they do’t ask for candy like spp asked to spend for gold i spent over 1,000 each year and now what when they quit my hard earned money get thrown away can’t log in can’t play why do that to so many people all over the world spp is everywhere even in china save spp save it

  • Amber

    I have been on SPP for a while, and only recently got into buying gold items and trading. I have shared a load of comments on SPP forums. SPP is an international game, there are players from Russia, Philippines, Germany, etc. SPP has MILLIONS of players per month on it’s site, I am one of them. There is a HUGE social following among players, there are thousands of social groups on SPP. Currently at this time of posting, there are approximately 900 pages of comments regarding this issue. A lot of these players are beyond angry, I myself am seriously agitated. The gold shop had released items about three-four times per week, and this was a huge event at every release. 10 cents per 1 gold at items that could cost upwards to 150 per item is a big deal to us. Some players are people on fixed incomes who are home bound and SPP is their friendly social connectivity rolled up in a game. Players become heavily attached to the game functions, the social community, and the pet they raise. People have invested HEAVILY into SPP to decorate their habitats which can be voted on, and to say that they are merely upset or angry is like saying cheap can whip cream is as filling as a 5 course meal served by Chef Ramsey. SPP players are talking about dissolving all ties to Google, as well as creating a class action lawsuit which. People have sold their stocks in Google, switched service to no longer have to use Android phones, use Mapquest, cancelled their Gmail accounts, removed Google Chrome, and any other means to disengage any consumer activity with the company. There are millions of people worldwide that interact with SPP, and a lot of these people are on other social communities spreading the word to friends, co-workers, and family about this situation. Google should really consider what the outcome is of their actions regarding SPP and “smaller sites”. People are really affected by what is going on with SPP, and their consumer choices are now reflecting that. Personally my household just bought a LED flat panel widescreen tv, originally we were going with GoogleTV; that ship has sailed onto their competitor. I am a Level 18 and been on since 2009.

    • Amber

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      To join the CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT

      By the way, Slide is responsible for this as much as Google. Slide knowingly led us on to believe that this would keep going and let us buy into what they knew was going to be closed down and/or sold off. Slide knowingly sold SPP off without guarantee from Google that they would be transitioning us to a new owner.

  • http://Facebook Prissi

    I really have nothing good to say about Google and have stopped using ANYTHING associated with them other than my beloved SPP!! In my opinion, Google is garbage! GOOGLE = TOTAL FAIL!!! >:(

  • Tanner

    SPP is no longer the way it once was. players within the community cheat each other there, the drama there is crazy! many people re sell their items to capitalize on other players want for said item, the selling players after paying only 5.00 for a item they bought the right to play with in their virtual game, turn around and sell that same item for 20.00/30.00/50.00 or more dollars through paypal to other players. The money being generated through these sales by the playing sellers reaches in to the thousands if not millions. one very popular item on SPP is has is a item called There Screami which is a virtual in game painting associated with The Scream painting, that item was sold by a player to another player at a cost of 2,500.00 dollars. that is just one example of how the players have also made SPP a business of their own, which is still being practiced by players at SPP currently while the game continues. these sellers are selling what they can in an effort to make what they can off of other players, this while knowing the game is shutting down does make one wonder just how much the SPP community really cares at SPP. being that the case I wonder did/does the seller pay taxes on that income? did/does the seller even report it in their tax return? people want to talk about how they were cheated and yet those same people are cheating their own community players by selling at crazy mark ups and continuing to do so knowing the game is closing…. these players are doing the same thing to their self and each other has they claim Google is doing it to them… Some of those sellers are the very players that were quoted in this article up date, and they know who they are! SHAME ON YOU!

    SuperPoke Pets when first it began yes I agree was a wonderful place to play a game that was relaxing and enjoyable, a community did form and friendships were created. it was a great place to spend some time doing something fun. SPP was a free game when first launched by Slide Corp, Slide Corp later decided to add items that were for a cost avail for the players to have the rights to use within the game while the game was available to use. the items/virtual animated images were never being sold in exchange for ownership of said items. Slide Corp sold out to Google, Google decided to use Slide Corp in a way that did not include SPP the game along with other games that came with the purchase of Slide Corp. That is not a crime! if it were then every single game that has ever been started then shut down should also be included in such claims..

  • Jodi

    I think this is a perfect example of what superpoke pets means to so many of us:
    “I’m sticking with my camcorder…that way I can get all my habby’s and all my friend’s habbys and not have to worry about WHERE it’s actually downloaded or being kept on my computer…camcorder is much easier..I think I’ve made about 12 tapes so far…might be a lot of tapes, but for the hundreds..probably thousands of dollars I spent on SPP, it’s totally worth it…I just hope my camcorder doesns’t die on me, lol. I think the the SPP Lite thing was a just a way to try and “shut us up”. There’s no real genuine empathic gesture that Google or SPP/SLide is offering or will offer…so it’s just another insult to our money spent and our intelligence…Thanks for letting me vent:)”

  • Jessica

    We have been fooled, they kept selling golds till the end making us believe site wouldn’t shoot down that fast. It’s just like if I buy a book and after some time I wouldn’t be able to read it anymore, not that stupid halloween costume comparison. The fact it that they made enough money off us and then they decided to disappear. I don’t blame Google for this, they certainly didn’t ask Slide to sell them SPP with a gun on their hand and I’m not even angry because they shutting it down because as any other thing, all starts and ends, world works that way. The thing that really makes me ANGRY is that they tried to make money until the end, acting like they really wanted to keep SPP alive even without daily games, new items and stuff, when they already knew they wouldn’t.

    I’m just glad they decided to stop all this s***t now, because this way they won’t have the chance to fool more people. Two words? SPP SUCKS.

    • Necromancer EXE

      Is a curious P.O.V.!! If this the case then the solution is don´t longer buy things with real cash, simple and difficult as this (considering all possible replies before they come to me).

  • Necromancer EXE

    It´s a clear sample of what happens when something becomes a real experience of awesomeness; lways appears the claws of greed and envy to stab the happiness to death, i seen in my life how many like SPP have got the same final destination, and it will still in this world while some people keeps thinking of the same way of past centuries. Think about it!!!

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