Super Bowl XLVI Gets Full-Body Scanners

    February 2, 2012
    Shaylin Clark
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Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVI at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis looks to be the most secure yet. Security preparations have been underway for some time now, and look to be nearly ready. Some of the measure in place include a text message number provided by the NFL so game-goers can report suspicious or inappropriate activity, a network of security cameras throughout the stadium, and a much more intense screening process for people trying to get into the game.

That last detail is causing a bit of controversy, it seems. In addition to heavily restricting what people can bring into the stadium with them, security personnel have also installed full-body scanners at entrances to the stadium. Matt Touchette, a reporter for WPRI in Indianapolis, wrote a brief blog post about his experience of some of the preparations being made in the city and the stadium for Sunday’s big game. Tucked away in that post is the fact that getting into the stadium required going “through intense security which included full body scanners.”

These scanners have created considerable controversy over their use at airports. In addition to constitutional and privacy concerns, there have also been a concerns about the health risks posed by the devices. The scanners use backscatter x-ray technology to look through the clothes of people they scan. While potentially useful for discovering certain kinds of contraband material, x-rays are ionizing (i.e., cancer-causing) radiation. Unlike x-ray machines in medical facilities, though, those used by the TSA are not under the supervision of the FDA.

What do you think? Would full body scanners keep you from going to the Super Bowl if you had tickets? Sound off in the comments.

  • chuck

    cancer is worth seeing the SB live, unless u have nosebleeds seats. Then it is not worth it

  • Nibor Eroom

    I’ll not be watch boycotting the NFL, there no different then the prestitute media they could care less about there fans health.

  • http://yahoo Paul Brazinskas

    TSA is a cancer.

  • Stewart Rosenkrantz

    So people are supposed to risk cancer and other health problems just to go to the Super Bowl? I think the people should boycott the game.

  • nathan

    I would only go if i knew that these scanners were 100% safe and without the fda’s supervision i dont feel secure.

  • Monika

    Yes, id boycott the game because of it. What about pregnant women or the average persons health? Its just confitioning us to accept this more places and people accept the behavior hook line and sinker without questioning all of our privacy violations and freedom being stripped. Sad. Only worse because of the illuminatti laced halftime show and the average 10,000 young boys and girls that were prostituted/abducted and brought to the city because the superbowl was there. I cannot celebrate the Superbowl.

  • Nik

    Sounds all a little sick to me. Cameras everywhere, scans, etc. What sci-fi movie was this horror show based off?