Suge Knight Thinks Tupac Is Still Alive

    April 20, 2012
    Chris Richardson
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Maybe Marion “Suge” Knight is enjoying 420 day a little too much, or maybe he mistook the Tupac hologram for the real thing, but whatever the case, the once-CEO of Death Row Records thinks the return-to-trend-status rapper is still alive. Knight also poses some interesting theories on the subject.

TMZ (who else?) snagged a recording of a radio interview Knight gave to 93.5 KDay in Los Angeles. During the interview, the suggestion that Shakur faked his death, saying no one has “seen Tupac dead.” The audio is embedded below:


It’s clear the hologram-that-wasn’t-a-hologram performance of Tupac at Coachella has put the rapper on the front burner again, which brings up the fun conspiracy theories as well.

Many would cite the autopsy photo (NSFW) as evidence, but there are those who think that’s fake, too. As an aside, whatever your position on Tupac’s mortality, I would recommend reading that thread. It’s life-affirming. An example:

…As you can see, the Autopsy Photo, has originally came from the video of california love at 06:42, where 2pac wakes up from his dream. which explains why half the other side of pacs face and body is missing. Because there isn’t alot of colour or light in that part of the video. So the author used to lack of colour and light to add in the cut in the skull and the open bloody chest.

Which is followed by:

you are phuckin genius

Now, whether that is in jest or not is up to you. Whatever the case, thanks to the KDay interview, we now know what side of the fence Suge Knight stands on. Are you going to tell him he’s wrong? And just because it’s that kind of day, here’s perhaps the most overlooked Tupac song ever:

  • http://www.webpronews.com/suge-knigh Dcr

    The hologrgram was nothing less than amazing, i read a lot of the reviews, positive and negative in nature, the ones that said they were frightened, my mind said for what? its innovation, right up there with your 3d television sets, your playstations, your i phones,lets not forget about x-box’s kinects which if you read on in the next few articles of this well informed website you’ll soon find out, what i mean i applaud dr dre and his crew for being so innovative, i hope he continues to surprise us, and snoop you’re a trooper, your as loyal a friend as they come you know what dre touches turns to gold no matter what, but the biggest money maker is when you to become one with the ideas, the thinking pool, thanks so much, i enjoyed every minute every time.

  • Michael

    yeah okay he was born in 1971 which if you add it up 2012-1971=41 yeah right no way that hologram looked 41. so he is dead give it rest.

    • Jay

      Um, how can you tell someone is 41? I swear if u seen a picture of me, u wouldn’t believe I’m out of high-school, though I graduated in 2000, ijs..

  • http://MurderRap.com Greg kading

    The only urban legend in Hip Hop is “How the hell is Suge STILL alive?. Goes to show Suge never truly respected Tupac. Exploited him then, exploiting him now. By the way, it was a .40 cal bullet Suge, not a .45 you idiot. MurderRap.com answers all the questions.

  • Angel

    Suge Knight Is Evil And 1day He Will Get What He Deserves.R.i.p.

  • james c iezzi

    tupac is not dead hes alive and well hes our homie hes underground because of the haterz that want to kill him 4 real

  • Kalvin Abraham

    I dont know if Suga is seriously out of his mind or if he’s a clown.. If Pac was alive, the world wouldn’t be as F***ed up as it is.. it’d still be F***ed up but not as F***ed up.. Besides he should know more bout’ Pac than basically every1.. that’s supposedly his maine Dog and yet all he’s got to show for it is a couple jokes in that matter.. the truth shall prosper if not in this life the next..

  • Brandon

    Anybody else notice that there is no key in the ignition in that first picture?

  • Danny

    Man tupac aint dead………He sittin back laughing at this fools.Suge play yo roll….

  • Carlos Gomez

    Tupac wasn’t scared of nobody and he didn’t run from nobody. And if he had to die to keep it that way then SO BE IT.. R I P

  • Mufy

    Only god knows where the golden boy is. If he is dead then you (suga) good luck to you and if he is not wacth your back he is coming after you…..

  • Ashley McCann

    maybe it will be another life… but i think one day me and pac are gonna meet and get a long so well….. he should have been my husband