Suge Knight Stopped by Cops, Guns Drawn

    November 30, 2013
    Kimberly Ripley
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Embattled hip hop mogul Suge Knight was stopped by cops with their guns drawn on him in L.A. on Friday afternoon, in what wound up being a case of mistaken identity. The L.A.P.D. had received a report of an assault, with the assailant matching Suge Knight’s description.

Knight accompanied the cops back to the police station, where everyone verified he was not, in fact, the man they were looking for. The police now say the initial report may have been a bogus one. Knight isn’t happy about what happened, and is now considering filing a lawsuit against the L.A.P.D. over what they are calling a misunderstanding.

Suge Knight spoke recently about the 20-year anniversary of Snoop Dogg’s debut album, Doggystyle. In a rare interview with Rolling Stone magazine, he recalled some of the tensions that surrounded both Snoop Dogg and the record’s release.

“Snoop is an artist that is a great artist. So it’s good to give him his props about how great Doggystyle was. What made Doggystyle historic is the work on it,” he said. “If you look at the album cover, everybody sued us and said it was degrading women. But even the guys who did the artwork, who wrote songs, who participated in videos, they were guys who were either wearing red or wearing blue. . . and it was a situation where they all got along. We’d go places and you might see twenty blue rags and twenty red rags. And that was never before seen.”

Just three days ago, Suge was quoted in an interview for HipHop DX, discussing the influences of West Coast rap. He mentioned Kris Kross, Da Brat, 50 Cent, and the late Notorious B.I.G., and said how much their sounds were all influenced by it.

Suge Knight is popping up just about everywhere lately–in magazines and online interviews. He likely didn’t expect to pop up having his picture taken as he leaned on a car, being frisked by cops–all while many of those cops pointed guns at him, however. That’s one scenario he definitely doesn’t want replayed–and it sounds like he might even plan to do something about it.

It didn’t take long for Twitter followers to chime in.

Do you think Suge Knight was really stopped in a case of mistaken identity or was he stopped for his past arrests–or perhaps even his association with the people he has worked with since Death Row Records began?

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  • Yep

    I am white, upper middle class, with a stable career. I am very serious when I say this. In 2013, we have a lot to fear from our police. If people knew what went on behind the scenes in law enforcement, they would turn off all those bogus cop dramas on TV that glorify the police. I assure you that what is on TV and the real world is two different things. Rarely do cops make a situation better. Doubt what I say …. call the cops and see for yourself how messed up things become. People know this though subconciously — they see all the police abuse cases. They just refuse to believe it could happen to them. Until, they call the cops and see for themselves.

    • BlueGrass

      You are totaly correct on what you say about the cop,s of today!!!!!!

      • sidney

        Suge didn’t pay off the cops this time!

    • Leonard Mather

      Yep’s comments are a good example of what is called “cherry picking” in statistics. He selected a biased sample from data he found to support his hypothesis. A proper sample would be randomly selected from the total set (all data on police calls). Yep seems to prefer cursing the darkness instead of lighting a candle. Sometimes such biased reports reveal that the reporter has had an arrest record and/or run-ins with the police. Regarding Suge Knight, any one of his detractors could have called in his description after some negative event, causing the LEO’s to “do their job.” The resulting brouhaha would then make for a “pee and moan” report.

      • John

        This is true. I would never call the cops. I am also white upper middle class. Cops are just thugs with guns. 99% don’t care what happens to you.

        • Phil Rozzi

          I work with a lot of cops and most of them are young punks that got out of the military and have nothing else going for them. They figure why not spend a few weeks in cop school and then they can act like they did in Iraq.

        • Jahn Stiegler

          Put that galss pipe down John.

      • @Leonard

        What statistics are you referring to? I read Yep’s comment three times and he did not give one statistic. He wasn’t cherry picking anything. There aren’t even numbers in his or her comment – except for the year 2013.

        • Jahn Stiegler

          Yep is not required to collect and analyze the statistics, the idiot who reports them is.

      • Jahn Stiegler

        Leonard, not only are you apparently educated, your comments are richly constructed and permeate the truth. Well done sir, well done.

      • @Leonard

        Let’s look at what YEP wrote together:

        “I am white, upper middle class, with a stable career. I am very serious when I say this. In 2013, we have a lot to fear from our police. If people knew what went on behind the scenes in law enforcement, they would turn off all those bogus cop dramas on TV that glorify the police. I assure you that what is on TV and the real world is two different things. Rarely do cops make a situation better. Doubt what I say …. call the cops and see for yourself how messed up things become. People know this though subconciously — they see all the police abuse cases. They just refuse to believe it could happen to them. Until, they call the cops and see for themselves.”

        Now point out one statistic he or she used. I am sorry I don’t see one. Maybe I am blind. Point out the statistic to me.

    • That Guy

      100% true, because I have also seen it, my WORST instances with the cops is when I did NOTHING wrong. It’s as if they are trying to make everyone into criminals. Police are slaves to the billionaire owners of Prisons. They do not help your cat, they do not facilitate a normal argument that got a little out of control, They are there to IMMEDIATELY, look for evidence to get an arrest and leave. They don’t care if the arrest itself leaves EVERYONE involved more torn up.

      Our “justice” system is actually now a Business. ran by billionaire prison owners to fill and pack them with non-violent people. Judges, police, can’t do much, they are most likely paid directly from these billionaires. Think about how it all works and connect the dots yourself.

      • jimbohica

        Billionaire prison owners? WTF? I don’t suppose you have any stats or references to justify yourself, do you? Or is that one of those “everybody knows” type of statements? Or is that a fact that the government is hiding, just like little green aliens kept frozen at Roswell NM next to Walt Disney’s head?

        • dc

          Simple reply look up Geo security company they are worth upwards of 1.6 billion dollars, Wackenhut worth over 500 million dollars and that is just two. There is Commercial Correctional and Blackwater that run private security and prisons all over the world. Just follow the money.

          • @dc

            You are exactly right and really only spoke about the tip of the iceberg. I am an auditor that specializes in corrections.

            Jim, has no idea what he is talking about. He just ridicules people to prove his point, but he doesn’t look at the numbers. Just follow the money back to the Bush family and the Florida prison system. It is staggering how much money is getting made by politicians alone. That doesn’t count wardens and private business men.

            You are absolutely right. Follow the money.

        • @jim

          He was exaggerating with the billionaire comment. They are only multi-millionaires.

          I am an auditor. My specialization is in the area of corrections. Many people are making a ton off of prison. Look to your politicians and find out what they really own.

          You make fun of people’s comments, but really it is you who is living in a dream world. Do some research before you open your own mouth.

        • @Jim

          What “that guy” wrote is true. Go to the prisons. See how many non-violent people are there. Looks at correctional industries.

          A good place to start is the 23 prison industrial plants in Georgia. It is called GCI industries. There — I gave you a starting point. Now you go do the research.

          You are remembering the world as it used to be. Not as it is now.

    • Rob B

      So cops don’t make the situation better. Never heard such ignorance spewed by a supposedly educated white man in my life. OK so we’ll just take all the cops away and let everyone fend for themselves. Your daughter gets raped, well tough break for you pal, someone kills your mom, well that’s too bad. And don’t even TRY to come back at me and say that’s not what you meant. That’s what you said, period. So some cops step over the line sometimes. It’s not NEARLY as prevalent as you claim. These days everyone has a cell phone, and I guarantee you send a clip of cops abusing their power to the media and it’ll make the news, send a clip of cops doing their job helping people, no one will ever see it. The media thrives on scandal so they’re only going to show those things that pump up ratings … like cops gone wild. As for good ol’ Suge Knight – well Karma sucks don’t it. Would have been better for all of us and the streets safer if the cops had put him out of our misery.

      • Johnny

        Suge is a dead man walking what with his bad karma. Cops are a necessary evil but they are a$$holes plain and simple. When I see a cop get the crap kicked out of him or thrown in jail I find myself applauding. They do very little to change their public image by treating everyone as a criminal and using deadly force when so many other options are available to them.

      • bob

        Why would anyone send a clip of someone doing their job? Sending a clip of them abusing their power is society’s warning that something is not right.

      • bob

        Besides, I would rather fend for myself than have to rely on the cops. Our society has just been conditioned to do that….you know….since i’ts the law and we really don’t have a choice but to call the police?

      • @Rob

        You are living in a dream world. A world that maybe existed 40 years ago. Not, in the year 2013.

        Some cops? Try the majority of cops.

        Your cellphone comment is not accurate. You have to report the incident to the authorities and give them your clip. Good luck with that. You are literally reporting the police to the police.

        Also, the major media outlets refuse to televise many incidents of police abuse. The only televise the one or two extremely shocking cases that no one can cover up. They never report on the hundreds of complaints that are filed daily.

        Many people come forward about a lot of things, but really it is difficult to get on TV. Harder than you think.

    • KMan

      Couldn’t agree more! They treat everyone like a criminal. They are mustaches with an attitude and the worst kind of anti-social creeps you could ever want to equip with a gun and a ticket pad. The “Bad guys” are worse BUT cops are just another breed of bad guy. I love how the Feds want to teach these maladjusted megalomaniacs military tactics now. This country is circling the drain at supersonic speed. I too am amazed how TV glamorizes these wankers.

    • ralph Ellison

      I am an African American that graduated from college with a BS and working on a MBA. I have been in my profession over twenty years. I had officers cut me off with guns drawn. Their bogus reason is that I was driving in a stolen vehicle. The owner of the vehicle was driving with insurance and registration. Five police cars with at least 8-10 officers had their guns drawn. They could have run the plates to see if it was stolen. Then the assholes did not apologize. America is *uckin ridiculous.

    • guy

      yea.. we’re talking about a guy who kidnapped eazy e and hung him off a balcony. I hear you though. it’s sad when you have to identify yourself as a white person with a stable career to have a solid argument on this subject. it’s like calling out the racist types by starting with “i’m white and have some black friends”.

    • Jahn Stiegler

      White? Does color matter? Based on that statement alone, I know you are not white. I would love to see the COPS nationwide go on strike, ALLLLLLL of them at one. Someone could then go to your home, beat your ass and you would have no one to call for help. You don’t know sheet about the COPS, you know the very little the skank azz media tells you. You did not spell “subconsciously” correctly either Ms. Intelligent.

      • @Jahn

        I won’t put much credence in a person who says “Skank azz and sheet” then proceeds to give spelling lessons.

        I worked in a courtroom for years. I interfaced with cops daily. I then went on to audit correctional facilities and handled many cases of corruption there. After that, I became an advocate for reform because the abuses are very wide spread. Many innocent people are in our prisons.

        Of course, if there were no police things would get out of control. That is obvious. However, that does not negate the vast amount of corruption within the system. One does not negate the other. There are good cops, but they are fewer in number than you can imagine.

        By the way. I assure you. I am white. I am educated. I have experience. I know what I am talking about. Try doing some research, talking to people, visiting prisons, and researching the volumes of court documents. Go through the process and see the tons of evidence that is ignored and omitted. Research the hundreds of judges removed from their positions due to corruption. Reserch the backgrounds of DAs, prosecutors, and sheriffs. Especially in small towns. Research the wealth of these people even though they are public servants that make average wages. Go look. You won’t like what you find.

        But you will just continue to use words like “skank azz” and “sheet” and just talk about generalities.

    • http://Eekpro WT

      What do u know , have I been out there ?

  • Gary J Minter

    “Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative
    altruism, or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.”

    Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    • Fabio

      But this trash couldn’t make money on the former but only the latter!

  • Star42

    I am so tired of this convict already! He should have been serving a life sentence, he don’t deserve no freedom!

    • ProbablyDeadFirst

      So wait are saying he should be Free? double negative dude.

  • MB

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.

  • Bill

    I doubt that Knight was stopped because of past business. They can hassle him any time they want… Why now?

    I don’t doubt for a second that he will sue the LAPD. This guy knows his way around the law, and I would guess might be a bit strapped for cash. Any settlement is found money.

    He may be a lowlife, but he’s not stupid.

  • lindy

    Until the story becomes clearer, will keep my opinions just this, with his past history of violence and involvement in crime, including attempted murder, there is most likely something else to this arrest. If the story comes through that there was not, then he should file suit.

  • Oso

    99% of all Cuban cigars brought into the US are fake Suge.. So is that one.

    • Jahn Stiegler

      Cohiba anyone? LOL!

  • Wallywoo

    That fuggin’ ni99er has so many rolls of fat, HE COULD ABSORB ALL THE BULLETS PUMPED INTO HIM BY THE STINKIN’ COPPERS!! Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Danangme

    Hey,Karma is a biotch.Had they shot him like the dog he is,it would have been for the people he had killed in the past.He’s a friggin criminal

  • Demo D

    Take this fool off the street. He was locked up at Tracy and Folsom sucking “cock” when I worked there as a CO. He knows me.. Demo “D” that’s what he use to call me. I kept him from getting taken out many times to allow him to suck cock and not be taken out, I set it up for him. I was paid from “Money ‘G” from Compton he also set up Tupaks death along with the Cop , his time is coming, Suge remember”Spooky” he siad the last time the east gate your lips were warm….haha

  • http://YAHOO V-E-R-A-C-I-T-Y

    The man was pulled over and taken in to allow his vehicle to be rigged with a tracking device!

  • sidney

    I guess Suge forgot to pay off the cops this time!

  • sidney

    I guess Suge forgot to pay off the cops this time!

  • sidney

    Suge didn’t pay off the cops this time!!

  • http://facebook V-E-R-A-C-I-T-Y

    The man was pulled over and taken in to allow his vehicle to be rigged with a tracking device!

  • http://facebook V-E-R-A-C-I-T-Y

    The man was pulled over and taken in to allow his vehicle to be rigged with a tracking device

  • http://facebook V-E-R-A-C-I-T-Y

    The man was pulled over and taken in to allow his vehicle to be rigged with a tracking device

  • UScaryMiddleClassPuppets

    It’s always the middle class making excesses for thugs to run wild. They are always scared to press charges if they are found victim to a crime. If the legal system actually worked and this cowards would press charges. Perhaps, Police officers would take a more caring approach to the line of work they do. The funny thing is the ones that talk the most crap about cops. Are they ones calling them right away when they pee themselves because of a noise.

  • audibleangel

    PEOPLE please listen. NO other country has as much power to abuse as the police in the US. We have got to start speaking up about what the police are doing to the civilian population. We MUST document everything they do in order to take the power away from them to abuse us. It’s not right that we fear them, it’s not right that they kill kids and get away with it (Santa Rosa) it’s not that they beat us and get away with it, it’s not right that they file ridiculous unsubstantiated charges in order to make sure something sticks, the list goes on. SPEAK, POST, RECORD, do what you can to fight them!

    • Fabio

      Problem is you’ve never been anywhere else! By the way all those credit cards you’ve defaulted on would put you into debtors prison just about anywhere else in the world!!! Foo!!!!

      • @Fabio

        Go to a parole and probation office Monday thru Friday and you will see hundreds of people paying “debts”.

        You have no idea what you are talking about. Forget the debt collector. The government is the biggest debt collector there is.

        What is the word you used ….. oh yes ……. fool!

    • Scott

      “No other country”? Really? Not China? Russia? Brazil? Mexico? I’m no fan of cops or the feds but there are worse out there.

      • @Scott

        Been to all those countries huh? I doubt it.

        Don’t believe the hype. It is like Columbia for example. People have this crazy notion that Columbia is the land of drug lords and corruption. That it is unsafe. That is nonsense. I lived there. It is just as safe as the US. The only difference is the country is dirt poor. That is it.

        The reality is that we arrest and incarcerate more people than all those countries combined. Also, those that think the US doesn’t arrest people to profit have never been to a Parole or Probation office and seen the hundreds of people every day that go to pay money.

        That fool Fabio talks about debtors prison but doesn’t realize that money is be taken from people in this country every day

  • Frankie

    Cops should have opened fire. This guy contributes nothing to society.

  • Fabio

    Suge Knight is a dirt bag loser! He’s the scum of the world, he’s trash, and all those that follow him don’t know their father but he is the devil!

  • Fabio

    Somebody needs to up a round in his spine so the only thing on wheels he could role around in is a wheel chair with a drool cup at his chin! Or better yet someone needs to give his mother a hanger and a time machine so she could go back in time and do the right thing!!! Roaf Roaf Roaf!!!!!

  • Fabio

    Suge Knight needs to take a dirt nap and say good Night!!! His daddy is Mickey Rourke and is mamma is Lisa Bonet!!! And his daddy needs to do what he has to do!!! I don’t hate many people, but he is a seller of sickness! He’s the lowest piece of trash there is, he is a bastard, a pimp, a pusher, a maker of bastards, a dictator, a killer, and a wimp all rolled into one! But you won’t find him one on one!

  • Fabio

    I wish happened in Mexico, all someone had to say is the word fire and that fat ass would be splattered all over the place! And the world would be a much better place!!!!!

  • Nick

    “Who is Suge Knight?”

    -Everyone under 30 years old

  • joe mama

    He dint do nuffins! Sheeeeeeit! Gnomesayin?

  • TheTruth

    My uncle is a 20 year NYPD veteran. He confirmed the cops don’t really care about you, the concerned citizen. their first priority is THEIR safety. He also said the younger cops are the ones to worry about, as they are trigger happy, gun toting thugs.

  • Maybe

    Here is the reality. The cops in the nation USED to be good. Yes, there were some bad apples but the majority were good guys. Pretty much up until the 90s.

    However, it is 2013. Two decades have passed and cops are nothing like the past. They set people up, sell drugs, rape people, extort people, and kill people. I literally know people who are serving crimes against people who do not even exist and they were set up by the cops and people who made money off of the whole sting operation. Anyone can get set up in this nation. Anyone is a target.

    People need to know the difference between the past and present. The old guard is retiring. The new police coming up are not your friends. They are thugs with badges. Doubt what I say? Just wait. Someone you know is likely to get arrested in this country. We arrest more than Stalin did under the Gulag system. When they do get arrested, listen to their stories. Cops are awful and the system is fundamentally broken.

    Many innocent people are going to prison. You only hear about the blatantly guilty and worst cases on your news at night. Not the hundreds of bullshit cases in America.

  • Illusion

    What people see at night on the news is not the reality of police in America. You only see the worst cases and people that are blatantly guilty. You never see the hundreds of bullshit cases that happen every day in this nation. Believe me, the media does not want to televise all the police corruption cases in this nation. You will never see it on NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox, or ABC. The ONLY time you see it is when the case is too big to ignore and even then, the media always defends the cops.

  • John

    Also an upper-middle class white guy w/ a good paying job… I also agree that “most” cops are to be avoided at all costs. They all seem to have a chip on their shoulder and are for the most part, extremely confrontational and have ego-related issues to some degree or another. As posted above, most are college-dropouts or ex-military. I have no criminal record or no real run-ins besides traffic issues, just don’t have a lot of respect for people that apparently have nothing better to do than sit and run speed traps. I’m ex-military as well, so I don’t have much sympathy for anyone on the ex-military and now I’m a cop power-trip…

  • Most People

    Most people don’t see the full damage arresting someone does and the surely don’t see the full damage done to people sent to prison. All they see is the arrest. The illusion of getting the “bad” guy.

    If people actually looked deeper, they would realize more harm is caused by the arrests and prison than happens in the crime in the first place.

    For example, a person steals a $2000 piece of equipment and may get 5 – 10 years in prison. (Don’t tell me it doesnt happen — I have a friend in prison for this.) I assure you the harm done to my friend is so much greater than the harm caused by losing $2,000. In fact, the person he stole from said to me that he would have never even called the cops if he knew it was going to turn out the way it did.

    Half the people in prison don’t belong there. Those people that have been in prison, worked at prison, visited prisons or have done charity work in prisons knows this. All the other people speak from ignorance.

    Cops rarely help a situation. Yeah if they are literally stopping a rape or something serious — they help. However, there are thousands of cases that aren’t remotely like that.

  • Justthinkin’

    I think it was orchestrated. The article itself alluded to the fact that Suge Knight is everywhere these days being interviewed. It doesn’t seem beyond belief that he and his ‘producers’ would take a calculated risk, at a traffic stop, in L.A., with multiple officers pointing their service weapons in his direction, for publicity. It’s LA right?

  • http://Hh WT

    To hell with sugar ****** , he’s nothing but a thug with a credit card !!!!

  • http://Hh WT

    Screw him he a thug anyway !!!

  • http://Eekpro WT