“Storage Wars” Star Dies Of Apparent Suicide

    February 12, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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“Storage Wars” star Mark Balelo was found dead in his home on Monday morning of an apparent suicide, and some think he was depressed over a recent arrest.

Balelo was picked up for a drug-related offense on Saturday and expressed fear to his fiancee that he might hurt himself. After his release, he went home to rest and seemed to be doing better. However, the 40-year old was found dead in his garage this week of apparent carbon-monoxide poisoning. An autopsy will be completed today.

Balelo had issues with the law before, after an earlier arrest on a felony drug offense and complications with the custody of his children. Nicknamed “Rico Suave” because of his flamboyant style, Balelo was a popular contributor on “Storage Wars”, often bringing thousands in cash with him to bid at auctions. His Facebook profile hinted at new reality projects in the works.

“I fly private planes, race cars and love going to Las Vegas and put on a show. I own several businesses and participate in many TV shows including Storage Wars. I am currently working on a new reality show of my own,” he wrote.

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    The drug war wins again. And we lose.

  • Grandmaw

    What a shame for someone so young to be taken away from his children and family, fame, money, drugs, drama you name it but if you are part of it be it in Hollywood or New Orleans or Pensacola it will get you everytime I am so grateful to have two wonderful children who never experieced my type of life drug addict with speed and weed by age 9 and shooting coke by age 13 then clean and sober by age 15 now at age 47 with a beautiful new grandson who is severally disabled but a pure gift from God and made through a severe act of violence on our young daughter so we know you can lead a life and then BAM a stranger comes along and changes your young daughters life forever then for the baby to be born severelly disabled throws flames on the fire but she said if he ever came forward she would look him straight in the face and say thank you for my son without forgiving the person a total stranger she could not have moved forward to raise a baby at age 2 who can’t sit up yet, is deaf and just had major surgery but we wouldn’t trade him for the world then for my son to marry his girlfriend of 9 years and by sliding that band on her finger made our family grow larger she is as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside they waited until they both graduated College to marry thank god they never fell into the world of drugs and drinking in College being clean and sober now for 32 years makes me wonder where my life would have been would I have been another Mark??? I’m in a wheelchair for life not from the drugs I am just disabled and I don’t get SSI and don’t want anyone feeling sorry for me my husband gave his country 20 years and a lung and we ask noone to feel sorry for him but if the people with money would think about what military families go through to allow them go have freedom to get rich maybe just maybe they would rethink the next time they do a line of coke or talk down to someone walking next to them that their whole outfit didn’t cost as much as the shoes the rich person is wearing, May Marks children and family beable to get through this time without the press breathing down their necks please let them mourn……. May God watch over his Children and Family…..

  • nancy sandoval

    Why would this guy kill himself? He had had run ins with the law before. One more was not going to ruin him. He must have known that. I know that. It most likely would have made his reality show more popular. He had to much stuff going on. He did not kill himself. I’m sure if I’m thinking this someone else is to.

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      It was one of the cartels!