“Storage Wars” Drops 3 Main Cast Members

    May 3, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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“Storage Wars” has become a phenomenon in reality television, finding success among those who love a good find in dusty old antique stores and garage sales. The show is done on an even bigger scale, with people bidding on storage units full of stuff sight unseen, hoping one of them will yield a vast treasure. Sometimes, it’s amazing what can be found in those units. So amazing, according to one cast member, because the producers of the show plant those items in order to draw in ratings.

David Hester says he’s seen them plant a mini BMW, among other things, and filed a lawsuit last December against the show for wrongful termination after they fired him for going public with the story. Now, cast members Darrell Sheets and Dan and Laura Dotson are being dropped from several episodes in the upcoming season, reportedly because the show is trying to save money while they deal with the lawsuit.

“They lived up to Darrell’s contract, but then shot more episodes that weren’t covered by his contract and kept him out of those,” a source said. “He was not happy to say the least. It seems as if they are going after some of the higher paid cast members. And meanwhile they are expanding the franchise. “

Hester claims that all the cast members knew about the show planting items and is allegedly furious that he’s the only one to speak up and get the boot. As of now, Sheets has been cut out of six episodes, and the husband-and-wife couple are reportedly out of at least that many.

  • Tom

    bring them back

    • knucklehead

      I love this show and I go to a lot of auctions. I dont care about the real or not real part of it, Is’s just intertainmentfor god sakes! Please leave it alone.

  • http://yahoo Charlene Sullivan

    I think it’s wrong to plant things in the storage units and why cut three people who didn’t spill the beans. booooooooooooooo now its not so much fun to watch as it was thanks alot.My husband try to tell the fix was in but i wouldn’t listen.

    Charlene Sullivan

  • JT

    I love how when they pull a bag or box out of the locker that any logo is already covered up. Was that done by the old oweners? haha Great show tho

  • Steve

    The show IS pre recorded…not live.. so when they find something the logo has to be covered or they end up having to pay the advertiser..(adidas or whatever)so of course they blurr the name..

  • r dancel

    OK, so planting stuff proves that discovering riches is more of a fluke than the norm. That was a bad idea. However, the chemistry between the cast is nonetheless interesting and entertaining. If this cast goes away, the interest in the show will dry up- much like Charlie Sheen’s show-guaranteed!

    • DRL

      I LOVED Dan and Laura, the auctioneers of Storage wars. The show is ruined now wth them gone!! I can’t stand the new one!!!! Donna

  • http://frontier carroll g. gentry

    put the ones back on and keep dave hester off he was a trouble macker fron the start, keep darrell sheets and the man and wife team on they add to the show please keep the auctioneer and his staff

  • Donald Hildebrant

    I think that ALL reality TV shows have become the bane of entertainment, and intellect as a whole. Especially “Keeping Up With The Morons”. OH, sorry, I ment Kardashians!!!

  • http://yahoo Paul/Gina Middleman

    Bring them back,Love the show you never know whats coming up next also its never boring and its interesting in what they find and how they react.

  • Henry O

    This is reality television for entertainment, not a documentary. It is easy to do the math and realize these people are paid money for their performances. Other than an occasional “find” with real value (ie Dave Hester’s art work), making a few thousand on a good day from a locker, and losing several hundred on an average day does not add up to the new cars and trucks that have shown up. I enjoy the show for what it is, fun and entertaining. Hardly ever miss it.

  • paul b.

    I got into buying storage bins years ago before this show came out and I know for a fact that you don’t make the kind of money or find as much stuff as they portray in the movie. Most of the bins are filled with a lot of junk and are losers. All that they have done here is make money for the self storage owners and make it almost impossible to make a living at buying lockers anymore because everyone thinks the will get rich and bid the lockers up!! And I’m not supprized that they are planting items in these bins

  • http://yahoo phillip link

    Was so glad that Dave hester was booted off, what a asshole he is, now I dont care what they do but there is one member that is GOLD, ” Barry ” dont touch that guy he is Storagewars, mess with him , you might as well cancell the show!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dan

    Maybe I’m missing something, but the article said Dan and Laura are being dropped from several episodes. Are they going to replace them? It’s hard to have an auction without an auctioneer.

    • Jeff C

      Good Point!

  • Jeff C

    Just don’t take away Barry. That guy makes the show. Oh and leave Brandi. She is some nice eye candy!

  • Danni

    cut the cast lose the show!

  • keith

    Barry is the show!
    Get rid of the whole cast and make a show about Barry.
    Call it “Barry’s Hidden Treasurers” or “Barry Wars”
    The rest of the cast is horrible.

  • Patrick

    With the Dodson’s gone who are the auctioneers?

  • Anita

    Dave Hester is a Big D-Bag… YUUUUUP!!! Thanks A Lot Hester for messing up the screwing up the show for everyone.

    • Lou

      It was the collage puke who came up with the Idea to plant stuff. Low life producer and the members of the show. Hester was a dick but that was part of the mystic nature. Storage Wars Texas rocks.

  • David

    I really like this show but Barry and Brandi are the best, thank you for getting rid of Dave Hester what a pain in the butt he was. Sadly one of the members was killed and nobody is saying nothing about Mark Balelo the dude with the “man purse” and piss-off attitude.
    Bring back Darrel Sheet and Dan and Laura (she’s also an eye candy).

    • Lou

      Her new Boobs make the show even bigger

  • Peter

    Brandi makes the show!

  • Anthony

    Dave was the villian. The show needs him, Darryl, and Barry.

  • Mike

    You have to have that guy that makes it fun or hard on others. Dave made it interesting in his own way which helped make the show. A lot of features had them ganging up on each other or specifically Dave. So those hating must be illogical and not understand why the show was exciting. WTH do you think you stopped watching during the texas storage wars or the stupid NY one with the guidos!

    Sorry but the first storage wars, I rather watch over and over vs the following two sequels!

  • Al

    The show is/has been a good one to watch. Getting rid of Hester and Sheets was a plus as those two were motor mouths and idiots to boot. Too bad they can’t add the best two from Pawn Stars to the cast to replace them which of course are Chumley and the Old Man as Rick and his kid are loosers too.

  • http://yahoo richard alvin sr

    its a show and i like it but if they want to plant stuff then why have it i admit there is things out there you can find but make it a true find and not a set up

  • cdm

    I used to watch this show avidly until Hester said they planted stuff. Since I could not tell what was planted or not, I quit watching. If somebody finds a Rembrandt, is that planted? Also, why would somebody not pay a storage bill and leave behind valuables that would have quadrupled their earnings had they kept the storage bin? That means things are planted; and this show lost credibility to me because of it.

    • J

      You all really have no idea how the storage system works. If an owner gets behind on their payments they are locked out of the unit and cannot access their goods, so if they can’t pay the bill they cant get it back. Also, many people may move and not get the bill or someone could have died and their family doesn’t even know about the locker and all of the valuable items inside to go retrieve them.

      Hester is just upset that all of the publicity from storage wars (and shows like it) is increasing his competition and driving up the prices of units. He lost alot of money do to this, as well as his overpaying for units to “teach” the other bidders a lesson.

  • Bob

    It is amazing that a show with this kind of success would risk it’s
    ratings which risks it’s revenues. If the program needed special items planted all participants should have signed non-disclosure binding agreements.
    Now the law suits impacting revenue must be large money at stake.
    Good for Dave Hester. Now the other participants are getting squeezed. It is a mystery to me how you take something so good and break it.
    Pretty soon we will buy the equipment from the show in an abandonded locker in Burbank.

  • Jana Carter

    It’s still fun to watch! When they go have the items appraised it is good to see what that stuff is worth. I have had some of that stuff laying around and now I know (somewhat) of its value.

  • http://yohoo jon doe

    if they drop berry from the show i will never watch again

  • mike

    to make up for lost money brandi should pose nude for playboy. do you think jarrod would let her?

    • SMTS

      Brandi one hot Lady..Thats why I watch it!

  • http://yahoo paul

    Who in there right mind is going to leave something expensive in a locker. Not to often luv to watch it but figure it was like any other tv fake. Better than the shows on local tv no more goodb actors.

    • U.S. Marine

      A few years back I fell into a terrible financial situation. I probably had over $50,000 worth of collectables in a locker. My family would not loan me $200.00 to save it and I lost it. So much for family and friends.

  • http://N/a Benny Valdez

    I am a big fan of the show,Barry Weis is my favorite on it,if the show ever dropped him i would stop watching it!!!
    p.s. Barry you are hilarious bro,especially when you pull up with those crazy outfits & cars…keep it up !!!

  • http://N/a Benny Valdez

    I am a big fan of the show,Barry Wies is my favorite,if they ever dropped him i would stop watching it!!!

    p.s.Barry you are hilarious,especially when you pull up with those crazy cars & outfits!!!

    • ROBIN

      I agree with Benny, as long as Barry is there I don’t care who comes and goes@

      • Herb

        Barry’s my man ,too. He’s very funny, and I love his gadgets and ideas.

        • Erin

          I love when he hangs out with his mom. You really get to know Barry, he’s so real. I love him and you can tell the producers do too!!!

  • peter osborne

    Some of Barry’s cars come from the Jay Leno collection, like that bus tricked out as a yacht.
    Even if it is not “fixed” the shows paycheck can cover some high bids…..the winner? The storage companies who collect the bid, and the auctioneer who gets a %. Always been that way, too.

  • Me!

    SERIOUSLY?? What are they thinking? Hester was an idiot, but his clashing with the others made the show. And Daryl had some pretty good comments about the “Teletubby” and “when Dave pops up his little turtle head”… Then they replaced Dave with “Ivy”, who is BORING!! The show is not that good anymore. If I have a choice of Storage Wars or Deadliest Catch, I’m watching Deadliest Catch now. And Dave is a great auctioneer! I predict the show will go downhill and end after next year… sadly.

  • Jan Thompson

    I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE this show!!! I don’t care where Barry gets the cars he drives…(nobody actually believes he owns them!)- it’s just fun
    to see what he is going to show up in.
    I really like Jarred and Brandy! Nobody likes Dave Hester! PLEASE keep
    Laura & Dan because they add a lot to the show!

    • http://internetexployer(google) doublevw

      The cars that barry drives are his, hes a mutimillionar. so do you homework before you put anyone down for his cars. Love you barry and all of your cars

      • Jeff Recob

        All of them are not his cars. They leased to the show for him to drive, do your homework butthead.

    • t

      please please keep Laura and Dan and also please keep brandy Jared they are awesome Barry is a riot we love love Barry as for Darrell well what can you say about him he’s not too intelligent but get rid of these new auctioneers they are a complete bore I’ve watch the reruns because I don’t like the new auctioneers and the German guy as he is as annoying as dave Hester was

    • U.S. Marine

      Dave Hester and Darrell Sheets are two of the biggest cry babies I ever seen in my life. Darrell Sheets is one sick-o and has said the most disgusting remarks I ever heard on the show. Glad they got rid of the garbage mouth. I tried watching the storage wars in New York and they are the most boring bunch I ever seen in my life and could never watch another show ever.

  • Hobojim

    I really like brandy an jarred the most cuz she is so good looking.

  • pat lavoy

    I love barry …he makes my day…if he was gone I wouldn’t even watch the show…..go barry..

  • sue

    I am fine with getting rid of Hester…he;s a punk…and Darrell is a close second……the husband and wife team, they are a sweet couple.. Jared has calmed down a little, in the begining he was vebally abusive to Brandy and no woman likes to see that…Barry is amusing and I love his car collection….the company is trying to save money and give it to who..????? probly Barry I guess Hester should have kept his mouth shut and he would still be in the show……..

  • Jonathan

    Dont bite the hand that feeds you!

  • Steve E.

    I feel bad for Barry, Jarrod/Brandi . Those are the only ones I really like. I think Sheets can go along with Hester. As far as the Autioneers, I think their ok. Their not as boring as some I’ve seen. What I always suspected was that a lot of the people were stand-in’s . I later got suspicious at some of the expensive lockers because who’s going to store hundreds of thousands of dollars in a locker and not have enough to pay the rent. Don’t you think they would be smart enough to sell something to pay the rent ? It is possible for people to be rich in assets but not have a lot of cash. In this show though it happens too much . If I had $300,000 in paintings, they wouldn’t be in a locker that will destroy them from the temperature alone. As far as Coins/Jewelry , they have banks to store them in that cost less than a locker.

  • chavella kessler

    Im Glad Hester is off the show !!!! What an Ass !! Always running up lockers on other people ….. And he didn’t just Decide to jump out of the show because of people doing improper things….. He actually wanted a HUGE Wage increase !!!!!!! And the show refused to Pay him as Much as he wanted !! He felt He was the BIG STAR of the show as usual his elephant Mouth overroad his hummingbird ass !!! So good riddance and goodby Hester

  • http://yahoo Pat T.

    So happy Dave was cut, he was a real loud mouth jerk. Jarrod and Brandi are real nice down to earth people. Barry, well what can I say…you better kept him. The acutioneers are what keeps things moving along and happy. As for the sheets?

  • Rod

    Oh no they cut the “the WOW factor”!! What a shame,he was a big mouth just like Hester!! Hey A&E,lets cut the whole show that would be awesome!!!

  • John

    Dave may be loud be he is right. They do plant items in lockers for ratings. This year the “actors” in Storage Wars are not going to buy the units. On the day of the auction a member of the productions crew are going to buy the units. The following day the “actors” show up and the show is filmed. It takes up to six hours to film the show. Many storage facilities will not allow the storage show to film on their property. Each “actor” on Storage Wars were paid $12K a show. FYI I buy storage units and do not find the high dollar items portrayed on the show. Most people who get into buying storage units are loosing money because they believe in “Reality Shows”.

    • t

      well if you know so much about it bring on the proof I’ve been to brandy and Jarrod storeand I have seen some of the things they have bought to bring on your proof as for Hester he’s a jerk he’s an ass and he needed to be off the show that’s why he’s broke now

  • http://aol c

    i just want to say storage wars sucks,get a life people.

    • Jeff Recob

      The only thing real on that show are brandi’s huge tits

  • http://aol c

    ever since it was brought up that there planting merchandise,the show lost its appeal.nobody in there right mind would leave such valubles behind,get it.

  • mia245

    I am glad to see YUP go! He was a jerk but he is right. I am glad that he opened up about it. But it is a show. It’s all fake. It is for entertainment. This reminds me of the show “House Hunters” on HGTV. The house they pick is already signed and they “look” at other 2 houses. They need to keep Barry and maybe Brandi/Jarred. Barry is the show without him it would be a snooze fest! Brandi has no personality. I guess you wouldn’t have one when Jarred talks down to you. He is disrepectful to her. Barry needs his own show.

  • Michelle

    Dave Hester is an asshole and now he’s proven that it’s not just an act. If they DID plant items and he not only knew it, but played along all this time, it means he was complicit in the act of committing fraud. So he’s an idiot as well.

  • http://yahoo.com hope thompson

    i just don’t want the cherecters on storage wars to leave the show there the best

  • http://none Melissa

    I knew something was amidst with these “reality shows”.
    Everyone knows if u want real drama go to your family reunion, or holiday gathering!
    I’ve watched a lot of taped TV shows that I pickup every little detail, like networks doing their there little stints, that I can tell u i’ve seen some of the exact same items on Texas storage wars and that show with the “unopened” shipping crates…..
    Remember the little puppet showcase item in one show then another. Shame on these networks for trying to fool their audience’s.
    Maybe this is why people sue the networks, can I sue for them showing, unwanted items for sale on one show and then use it in the sequel’s. I’d be a friggin millionaire

    Lost interest in Vermont.

  • http://none Melissa

    Oh please tell me how u feel?