Steve Perry May Be Rejoining Journey

    February 6, 2014
    Daryl Nelson
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The 80s band Journey have always told their fans,”Don’t Stop Believing,” so it’s possible that people kept their hopes up that front man Steve Perry would rejoin the group one day.

Well, there’s a good chance that may happen, because Perry said that he and some band mates have been talking about bringing the original lineup back together.

So far the lead singer has been speaking to Neal Schon, who co-founded the band, but he says it’s still difficult to get everyone on the same page professionally and creatively.

“It was challenging, because Neal Schon is a goldmine of potential ideas and he doesn’t know really, which are the best or not, cause they’re all interesting to him.” said Perry. “But in come my set of ears and he’d play stuff and I’d hear melodies, I’d say ‘Wait, what was that?,’ and [his response would be] ‘Oh, I don’t know, it’s just a diddle-a doh over this with a fifth.'”

“I’d say ‘I don’t care what you call it, what was that?’ ‘I don’t know, it’s just an idea I came up with last night.’ I’d say, ‘Well, why don’t you keep playing that for a second while I come up with a melody?'”

And that folks is what’s been keeping Perry from rejoining the band since he left for a second time in 1998. The first time was in 1987.

Typically when a band breaks up or somebody leaves, creative differences are just one of the reasons, and there’s usually a bunch of other problems to deal with, like the members not liking each other, or one of the people in the band develops a drug problem or something–so it may surprise some to hear the only issue for Journey is not being able to agree on a song concept or a particular melody.

Hopefully Perry and Schon will be able to creatively coexist, at least for the sake of Journey’s fans, because there’s tons of people who still want to see the original lineup back together.

Plus, there’s no one who hits the same notes as Perry, so his absence in the group has always been heavily felt, and that’s certainly no disrespect to his replacements Steve Augeri or Arnel Pindea.

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  • ThereelPatriot

    Do it

  • Vanessa Rainey Sellers

    There is no Journey without Perry…case closed

  • Journeyone

    We still can hope

  • Sarasjeep

    Want to see Journey in concert again but not without Steve Perry!!!

  • Ben Rogers

    Forget Hell Freezing Over for the Eagles…….Joe Walsh and Don Henley put that feud to bed for the better of their fans years ago…….What we have here is the Rock and Roll equivalent of Robert Plant returning to Led Zeppelin with no hard feelings…..Or better yet…….David Gilmore and Roger Waters burying the hatchet to form Pink floyd one last time. In a year when it’s rumored that surviving members of The Allman Brothers Band will be wrapping up and Hair Metal band Motley Crue as well, it sure would be cool to have a story break that he would at least be willing to do some limited engagements with Schon, Cain, Valory, Castronovo while retaining Arnel as front man.

  • Cecil

    Did you hear Perry sing a few months back with a band that played a few of the Journey songs? First time he had sang publicly for years. I feel so sorry for him; he could no longer hit the notes like he used to. On a scale of 1-10, I used to consider Steve a 11! He might be a 6 now, and that’s being generous! You are really missing out if you don’t see Journey with Arnel.