Steve Jobs Funeral To Be Picketed By Westboro Church

Announced via tweet sent from iPhone...

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Steve Jobs Funeral To Be Picketed By Westboro Church
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UPDATE: Westboro continues their assault on Steve Jobs.

Fringe religious organization Westboro Baptist Church plans to picket former Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ funeral, according to a tweet by top member Margie J Phelps.

Westboro, known by most as the “God Hates Fags” people, travel around the country protesting high profile funerals of celebrities and fallen American soldiers. Their message is predominantly anti-gay and they claim that soldiers’ deaths are punishment from an angry God. They commonly sport signs that read “God hates you,” “America is doomed,” and “You’re going to hell.”

Consensus leans toward strong disapproval of the group, and they are commonly referred to as one of the most despised groups around. But the Supreme Court has upheld their right to protest at these events, saying that their free speech rights cannot be restricted simply because their speech is unpopular or even despicable.

Phelps tweeted this just a few hours ago. Note how the tweet was sent:

Yes, this tweet was sent via Twitter for iPhone. The irony here is almost unbelievable.

No matter what Westboro does at the funeral of Steve Jobs, it appears that Jobs will win in the end – his influence even stretches to an announcement like this.

Truly amazing.

Steve Jobs Funeral To Be Picketed By Westboro Church
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  • http://www.YourNewBlueprint.com/ Roland Byrd

    It’s sad that some people feel the need to use hate to further their religious platform. According to the Bible, God loves all.
    I personally think Steve Jobs was a good man doing the best he could to improve the world.

    • Amelia

      I totally agree plus I didn’t mean all Christians are the same.I know some really don’t have such a narrow mind set about God.

  • Ciacia Gi

    Westboro Baptist Church will quickly be forgotten by history–Steve Jobs will not.

    • Becky R.

      i hate to disagree, but Westbro will not be forgotten because of their terrible outlooks. Jobs will be remembered.

  • Chris Young

    Says the people using iPhones for e-versions of the bible. Seriously this who “church” should be wiped off the face of this planet.

    • Amelia

      I don’t why the police haven’t arrested them yet.They should all be carted away,

    • Amelia

      I don’t why the police haven’t arrested them yet.They should all be carted away,

  • Elisabeth

    As a Christian, I am deeply offended by this group. They do not speak for me or my beliefs. RIP Steve Jobs, no matter you faith or religion, everyone should be given respect.

  • Nick

    This isn’t right. This isn’t even Christianity! This is just a bunch of selfish people who have no respect for anyone. Is the world so bad that people are glad someone died because he didn’t believe what they did. The beauty is we have free choice. There is no laws saying we need to believe you.

    Shame on them.

    • Amelia

      Yeah buit most Christians are selfish people.They think it’s ok for Palestinians to suffer so their salvation will come.Then they believe the Jews in Israel go to Hell which they so called support.If that isn’t being selfish I don’t know what is.

      • http://www.stareclips.com/?steve-jobs StareClips.com

        What statistics are you reading that say “most Christians… think it’s OK for Palestinians to suffer”?

        I know very few Christians who want people to suffer.

        • Amelia

          There’s many Christian Zionists now.Definetly not all Christians want Palestinians walled in a bombed but some really don’t care.

  • John R

    1) Picket Steve Jobs’ funeral
    2) Announce it via Twitter on your iPhone


  • J

    It’s people like the members of westboro church that give christians a bad name. Of course God doesn’t send people to hell, He sent Jesus to SAVE, not judge.

    • Chris

      Of course God does send people to hell because God is good and must punish evil. But anyone that calls themselves a Christian can not judge unbelievers but Christians should warn unbelievers of the wrath which is to come on judgement day. Jesus didn’t come to save everyone. Only those who repent toward God and put their faith in Jesus Christ alone will be saved. The rest will spend eternity in Hell.

      • Amelia

        Christianity then makes life very frightening and sad.I am sick to death of Christianity.The narrowmindedness is craziness.

        Steve Jobs suffered for crying out loud!Let’s just let him alone and rest in peace.

      • http://www.stareclips.com/?steve-jobs StareClips.com

        True, but, it is for Christians to be witnesses, not lawyers trying to convince. It’s the Holy Spirit’s job to change people, not Christians. When Christians try to sway opinions, they screw things up. The witnesses shouldn’t try to become the lawyers.

        • Amelia

          But who is going to change the Christians? They don’t act like a Holy Spirit is in them,they act like the Devil.Some even emotionally abuse children at Bible studies.They get the kids so scared they can’t function at school the next day.

          It causes depression.A friend’s Aunt died and the Bible study teacher said her Aunt was in Hell because she wasn’t a born again.

      • Jesus

        wow, what a hateful, vile person your jesus is.

  • Scott Krienke-T

    If it can be said of any man (or woman) that they made the world a better place, Steve Jobs is one of only a few who will stand out in the front of the pack.

    The Westboro pack of picketers will also stand out in the front of the pack, however, instead of being remembered in a good light, they will be remembered for their insensitivity and arogance. It is truly a shame they are planning to disrupt Steve’s funeral.

    • Chris

      But no body dies and goes to heaven for being a good person.

      • Amelia

        I gave up Christianity years ago because of attitudes like yours.It’s got to be the most cruel religion on earth.Full of hypoctirs and not very good people that suck the life force out of others.

        • http://www.stareclips.com/?steve-jobs StareClips.com

          You’ll eventually recognize that hypocrisy and hatred exist inside *and* outside of the church. It’s a human condition. It’s sin. None are without it. One of the tenants of Christianity is recognizing this.

          It sounds like, instead of giving up on Christianity, you should have simply given up on the ways of the world.

          • Amelia

            All Christians these days know how to do is get inside other people’s business.There is no love,only this attitude.

            Steve Jobs was very ill,why can’t Christians just shut up! and have a heart.

            There is nothing left inside of a narrow minded hypocrite ready to make negative comments so they can be on their high horse and spew out orders to everyone else.

            I went to a Christian college for a summer.When my roommate found out I wasn’t a born again,she stopped talking to me and gossiped about and told others to not talk to me.She said I would go to Hell because I went to my friend’s Eastern Orthodox church.I remember their hateful looks.

            Also the airforce academy in Colorado harrassing other students.It’s replusive what Christians do to others.

    • Crystal Kolba

      They won’t get anywhere near the funeral, there asses will be down the street frying in the sun on the sidewalk. They waste there breath since mostly people associated technology are fairly intelligent. There ignorance and stupidity will not be addressed since they are not worth the time nor breath. Let them rot from there ignorance…I think thats justice in itself.

  • Julia

    They picketed my high school in the spring of 2010. Let Steve Jobs rest in peace for goodness sake =.=

  • Jon Juda

    I think these people need die. Hopefully someone murders them all in their sleep. These actions are about as senseless as me walking up to a random man and shooting him point blank in the head, for no reason…how in the hell are they even remotely capable of seeing any positive aspect of what their doing? I thought forgiveness was a main selling point of Christianity? The fuck.

    • Chris

      Westboro Church is not a Christian organization. They do not represent the Christian community. Just because someone calls themselves a Christian doesn’t mean they are one. Jesus said that many will say to Him on judgement day, “Lord, Lord” and Jesus will say to them, “I never knew you, depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness. (Matthew 7:21-23)

    • Amelia

      I did too.It’s sad how many churches now are so hard on people.Ibstead of helping others they gossip,back stab and judge everyone.Maybe not to this extemt yet some very close.

    • Crystal Kolba

      Im Catholic and I know better. These people are no Christians..they do not practice the truth faith and they make and change there own rules as they go along. They are filled with hate and ignorance and will be treated as such in return. Ignore them is the best policy because they grow in numbers based on attention they get positive or negative ( which in there case is mostly negative). The only reason why they picket these certain events is because its where they get the most attention…ignore them and and hopefully they will disappear straight off a cliff…..after all…they are nothing more then lemmings following there hopeless leader and I’m sure a lot of people will be not only picketing but dancing on his grave when he passes on 😉

  • CR

    Phelps is a twit. Ignore these idiots.

  • cameron

    i hope someone destroys these people

  • BRZ

    Someone punch the daylights out of these people…..

  • http://sandseraph.wordpress.com Josh Ingram

    I have utmost respect for Steve Jobs. I’m also a Christian who is appalled at the insensitivity (to put it politely) of these people who it doesnt sound like even know God at all. God forgive them.

  • John Manoah

    WBC should first read the Bible completely and understand the reaction of Jesus when the adulterous woman who was ‘caught in the act’ and was brought to him to be stoned. Thank God Jesus was not a member of WBC, otherwise he would’ve pelted the first stone.

    Forget being against godliness, picketing a funeral is first of all not humane. You got to be humane first and then a child of God. Feeling terribly sorry for them. RIP Steve.

  • JD

    Thease Westjerko people are truely sick (no one likes them). And I bet they just want publicity! they are useing this as a publicity stunt! This is sickining! we should stop them by not reporting this story!
    no one cares, they are no ones in this world.

    And they won’t be picketing anything Jobs will have a private funaral at a undisclosed location I bet.

    RIP Mr.Jobs You where a truely great man.

  • http://www.kjvbible.us/ KJV Bible

    God doesn’t hate people, he loves people. He only hates sin. This tiny group doesn’t really merit such attention, because they are radical freaks. I’m a Christian and believe practically nothing they do- they ignore the Bible, especially where it says not to judge others. Westboro will be accountable for their actions and could be in for a painful surprise in the afterlife.

  • Alhadis

    I’m disgusted that these people should get away with tarnishing an event that honours the memory of a man who left an enormous legacy. His funeral is undoubtedly going to be a memorable event, and how can these cretins be allowed to tarnish the occasion?

    They contribute nothing to their own society, whereas Steve Jobs contributed more to the world than most men do in their lifetime. It sickens me.

  • Amelia

    It’s this sickening disgusting so called church which gives God no gloey.They are parasites interfering with a families most precious personal moment.These morons all belong in Hell for hating so much.There is no Godly love in them.

    Do they really think they are that important?? Normal people laugh at them and call them idiots.

    They are probably jealous because they have brought NOTHING to this world except their stupid ranting.

  • Amelia

    It’s time the police arrested each of every one of these idiots and locked up their church forever!They need to go NOW!

    Someone please get them arrested!

    • Andy

      Get them arrested? I hate this group as much as anyone but it is a free society.

      • Amelia

        There has to be more restrictions on behavior which might possibly endanger others.No one knows what this group is capable of.Free speech shouldn’t mean people can cause trouble for others and walk all over THEIR freedom.

        They could cause distractions,traffic jams,accidents no one knows what could ramdonly happen.

        • John

          I really want to curbstomp these assholes just on the principle of contributing good to the world.

        • Max Awesome

          Your post could inspire me to kill someone named Amelia. Therefore, you should no longer be allowed to post.

          See how that kind of logic works?

  • Lisa Del Marco

    Good heads up article, but the writer needs a serious lesson on grammar. Also “general consensus” isn’t valid since a consensus is general by definition.

    Regarding your subject matter, these people are just a fringe group of religious psychos and do tend to give people of faith a bad name. However, few take them seriously since they are just out to get attention. More than likely they are doomed more so than most.

    • Max Awesome

      You meant “heads-up”.

    • JGepp

      And you meant redundant, not “isn’t valid”.

  • Cullen Anderson

    Go somewhere Westboro wackjobns and complain to somebody who cares. Oh wait noone does. Get back on the crazy train and go back to wherever you came from. Steve Jobs is yes I said is a great influence on this nation as a whole. Look at how many jobs he created for people. He toaches every aspect of someone’s life. The fact that he no longer exists on this Earth physically doesn’t matter. People will learn from like they want to learn from Yoda, through mere inspiration. He is proof that you dont need a degree to be smarter than most people on this planet. Steve Jobs you rock. I guess Heaven nneded some IT help with there I-Angel. A great man gone much too soon from this world.

  • Peter

    I wish these scumbags would piss off and leave Steve’s family and friends to mourn his passing in peace.

  • Dave

    They will never get to his funeral. It will be over and done with before these future Darwin Award winners even knew it happened. Steve was intensely private, his funeral is not going to be a spectacle. If anyone were to have the ability to plan a private ceremony and keep it secret, it would be Steve Jobs.

  • JLO

    You excluded why they are protesting. #journalisttoajournalist :)The Tweet is vague. What do you think the tweet means? I love fringers…they make the world interesting.

  • Jerry Paul

    As a Christian, I’m being so much offended. Jesus taught us to love our enemies. These people are not following Christ. They are false prophets, misleading people.

    Steve Jobs as a technocrat, as a father, as a husband did a very good job.

    To be honest, using my iphone, I can carry bible where ever I am. So thanks to this great person.

  • http://newbizshop.com Derek

    wtf, I’d beat up those picketers and my family will bail me out of jail for doing what’s right. This is a time for family, close friends and co-workers to pay there respects to the main.

    If these people showup, beat them up. They are not american’s if they picket a funeral. This is just wrong if it really happens and i’m pissed off people would do this.

    • Ken

      if you beat them up, you just played into their hands…

      you want to hurt them, get a lot of people and just point and laugh hysterically at them…

      but if you really really want to hurt them, treat them as if they do not exist

      • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Richardson

        Even laughing at them gives them the attention they so desperately crave. Turning our collective backs — even in times like this — is the only way we’ll ever be rid of these abject attention whores.

  • kerin

    Please pay the westboro crazies as little attention as you can.

    I grew up right down the street from these sad lunatics. The guy in charge – a lawyer who basically started a “church” to get a tax-free home – is a rageaholic who cares nothing for any religion or creed. He simply likes to bring up controversial topics – the more heinous the better, because it guarantees him attention. The best thing you can do to foil him is to treat him as invisible. That is the one true thing that will make him suffer. To him – ANY attention is good attention. If the whole world decided to be gay and it was not a hot-button topic any more – he would start picketing “God hates Straights.” He truly does not care what the issue is – as evidenced by this jump to a secular topic – anything which will get him in the news is gold to him. Ignore him, avoid him, and all his sad little minions. It is not agreeing with him to do so – it is simply removing his incentive to show up and bask in the attention he craves.

    • http://www.adherents.com/people/pp/Fred_Phelps.html kerin

      Also, i’d like to point out that as a (disbarred) lawyer with a large family, many of whom are also lawyers, what little funding they don’t get from whackjobs as bad as they are, comes from suing people they goad into attacking them.

      DON’T play into their hands. As i said – the ONE thing that you can do to TRULY make them unhappy is to shun them, avoid them, treat them as the invisible wastes of volume that they are.

      It is a mistake to try to engage them on ANY logical basis. They do not do this out of a religious belief. They do it because the crazy in charge thrives on contention, hate and glories in the negative attention. The more he is vilified, the closer it draws the sad dependents that populate his church (mostly relatives). Engaging him in any kind of discussion only dignifies his rantings with the illusion of a position, of a dialog. There is no dialog – as fast as you come up with a logical answer to his “arguments,” even faster will he shift positions. Because the point is not any real belief or philosophy – it is all aimed at being loud enough and sensational enough to stay in the news and add a veneer of reality to their claim to be a “religion.” Which lives in a large house for free – with a pool – because they call it a church.

      Ignore them, ignore them, ignore them. Any attempt to reason with them only gives them attention and the illusion of substance. I can not state it more clearly. If you would like more info, read “Addicted to Hate” http://www.adherents.com/people/pp/Fred_Phelps.html

      • WoodNYC

        Well said

      • Thomas

        I used to work at KSNT and WIBW and knew about Phelps and the WBC long before they hit the national scene. You are right. The media in Topeka basically decided not to cover anymore of their antics locally unless it was a actual news item, which was rarely.

        As a result the crazies at the WBC moved out into the state and nation and world where they can get the attention they desire.

        The fact of the matter is that Phelps would do anything to give himself attention, if he is even still alive.

  • Michael

    The bible contains 6 admonishments to homosexuals and 362 admonishments to heterosexuals. That doesn’t mean god doesn’t love heterosexuals, it just means they need more supervision……………………..And they wont stand a snowballs chance in hell on getting that close for anyone to care if they are there…….Good luck Westboro Communists;-)

  • Dan Barnett

    I didn’t even read this article, but whoever organized and those who participated in this photo should be ashamed of themselves! The God of Abraham that I know and love with all my heart would never condone anything like this. No wonder people have a negative view of Christians. Those of us that know Christ would never do this to anyone!!!!!!!

    • Andrea

      They are not Christian. Westboro pretends to be after the will of Christ when in fact they are after the complete opposite.

      • Thomas

        MMAybe they are right and you are wrong. It is amazing that each indivduals perception of God is always right. even when it conflicts with someone else. How do you know who is right then?

        I will tell you the WBC wackos are basing their doctrine soundly upon the Bible. And I would bet their theology is more sound than most churches.

        The deal is. whenever you base your morality upon a bronzed aged, desert people, your perception of reality are bound to get things screwed up.

        Try giving up on religion and use simple human morals to guide you life and behavior with others.

        • Ben

          What “simple human morals” are you referring to?

          Without a standard to base it on, morality is completely relative. You act as if there’s some unwritten ethical human code that’s imprinted in our DNA.

          If there’s no God, then there are no morals.

    • Mom

      Ah, yes.. the “No True Scottsman” fallacy again. Every denomination thinks the other guys are not “true Christians.” How funny!

  • armywife

    I know freedom riders are only to protect military funerals from these crazy haters but something like that could be set up. Steve jobs wasn’t an American Soldier but his products did more for morale and keeping them in touch with their families than the Government EVER did.

    • JP

      i, for one, would be happy to form a protective ring around the funeral.

  • NotIrony

    Hypocrisy maybe but defiantly not irony

  • Todd C.

    The important thing is that no one use violence, vandalism, or anything illegal against these… and I use the term loosely… humans. That is what they want, so they can get even more attention, and possibly sue.

    Some city, I forget where, came up with a perfect template for dealing with them. They passed a temporary ordinance forbidding all out-of-state vehicles from parking on public streets. Reason they came up with was traffic safety related. Not just against WBC, so it couldn’t be considered religious discrimination. Then they towed them, then all the tow companies suddenly got very busy and the WBC had terrible difficulty getting their cars out of impound.

    That is how you handle this group. Make their experience so unpleasant that it’s not worth the trouble, but without doing anything that will only bring them more attention.

    • Taylor

      Man, not a bad idea

  • Len

    They are about exposure, nothing else. By attaching their names to something as world spanning as Steve Jobs and his funeral, they are guaranteed to get coverage of some kind.

    Technically speaking, they are not breaking the law. It was the intention of our founding fathers to allow free speech to be exactly that. we can say whatever we want about whomever we want, libel and defamation issues notwithstanding. If we crap on their right to be a**holes, the repercussions for people speaking out about honest issues becomes endangered, and will spiral out of control in a short amount of time.

    • http://www.thelibertyzone.com Nicki

      Let’s hope the media just ignores them. That will make them more than angry.

      • Defunct

        Media ignore something that will garner more ratings?? Not likely.

  • http://hollywooddigital.tumblr.com/ _mark

    these people are still doing the same old, same old. BORING. at least do something different silly wankers.

  • annoyomous

    i literally think these people, ALL of these people need to be shot. god may not like that and he may disapprove but god would not approve of all the crap that they do. sorry for the bluntness but someone needs to say it.

    • God

      god may not like he may disapprove but god would not approve

      May I just wonder how you know that much about what god (which one btw?) likes or approve?

      Just curious.

      • Defunct

        FSM does not approve.

      • Anonymous

        Thou shalt not kill. We should love our enemies even in the face of their hatred.

  • Dave glenn

    You know if enough people helped out and showed up they could lock arms and create a anti haters line and force the pickets back out of site. Peacefully stand between the funeral and the picketers. With a permit of course.

  • homemaker

    Thease people are completely ridiculous and out of line! If they are true believers of god then what happens to judge not? They are not god and have no rights to judge anyone based on anything they think they know about them. Did they know Mr.jobs personally or just what the media told them? And as far as protesting funerals of fallen soldiers go they have forgotten if it wasn’t for those soldiers they would no longer have the right to free speech. They have taking on the right of judging people by the sexual orientation or what ever other Bs reason they’ve conjoured up and that right is not thiers it is gods! But its ok because they will all one day face the father and have to answer to the things they have done,and something tells me they won’t like where they end up. My sympathy visa out to the family of this brilliant man who has been taken from them. And to the protesters you all need help and I pray u beg for forgivness of ur sins and ask god to truly come to you.

  • http://labashguitar.com ted labash

    This is why I am an atheist. The stupid ignorant and pathetic belief system of hate and disrespect that exists in the religious right.They collectively will never measure up on the evolutionary scale. Arrogant viscous people determined to harm others with there idiot beliefs. I am so done with this absolute and puritan discrimination, someone has to stand up in the government and the community and call these people out for what they are fools and haters.

    • Mavent

      …you’re an atheist because you let nine people in the world’s smallest “Church” troll you? Wow, there’s some genius-level thinking right there, pal.

      • Defunct

        Yes, because those nine people are the only hate spewing religious types in the world.

      • Droog

        Well said Mavent.
        Err.. 1.6 Billion Christians, 20-30 Westboro Wankers.

        Too many like him, looking for excuses so they don’t feel guilty trashing Christians in general.

        They are just as extreme as the whackjobs they spew hatred at.

        • twaska

          Westboro. David Koresh/Jim Jones. Ted Haggard (just one of many hypocrites). Pat Roberston claiming 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina was caused by homosexuals, feminism, liberals, etc. Jimmy Swaggart and his hookers. George Bush says atheists should not be considered citizens. Pastor Terry Jones burning Korans just to piss off muslims. Rick Perry praying for rain and economy, then being a front-runner for GOP nomination. Take your pick. The public face of Christianity is not very inspiring.

    • Kghoti

      So you honestly believe atheists can’t be stupid, ignorant and pathetic? They can be as hateful, nasty and damaging as a misguided religious person, they just use a different platform. For example, a nasty atheist will paint the entire religious community as being ignorant, stupid and pathetic just because they’re religious.

      • jeff

        The more educated you are, the more likely you are to be an atheist. The less educated you are, the more likely you are to be religious. That’s not an opinion, it’s what’s supported by scientific research. I still hold the opinion that religious people are generally more ignorant than atheists. If anything, most religious people are _weak_ for falling into religion.

        • JP

          and as a religious person i do not believe in science, making your comment moot.

          • MB

            You don’t BELIEVE in science? Do you believe in math? Do me a favor if you or a loved one has to go to the hospital and need a CAT scan. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell the doctor “No thanks, I don’t believe in science.” You stupid, ignorant toad.

          • SP

            Trolled! lolz

          • Sam

            Nice troll.

        • LA

          The reason so many “educated” people are atheists has nothing to do the supremacy of science or the weakness of falling into religion. Certain scientific “facts” are crammed down people’s throats repeatedly until they either choose not to investigate the truth or simply let others do the thinking for them. What some call science is no longer science, but another belief system that starts with the premise that there can not be a God, then how do we figure things out. Yes, some religious fanatics do exactly the same thing and do not think for themselves either. I constantly challenge myself to discover the truth of all matters. Without “religious” people, we would not have had the desire to learn and discover (i.e science) God’s creation. I want to see the scientific proofs. I want to see the stats behind the studies to see if they really did start off with a reasonable population and really use the appropriate methodology; otherwise, the data is flawed and the conclusions are merely reinforecements of their beliefs.

          Aside from my diatribe, yes, WBC are being the hatemongers and do not live at all to what they claim to be. God does not hate the homosexual. He loves them, but he is sadden by their choices as he is about the rest of us with our choices against him, but in the end, God will honor your choice as to whether to you will accept God on His terms. Yelling and degrading others will accomplish nothing, but more hate and possibly violence and death.

    • http://www.spyimplants.webs.com don muntean

      Hi Ted!

      It’s natural for people to cynical about faith/God with so many cheaters around – such as the creeps at Westboro and their ilk.

      The fact is lots of ‘people of faith’ are well educated – even by their faith pursuits and – to insinuate that people who beleive in God are somehow narrow minded and chronically bereft of scientific thinking – is unfair.

      We should consider that it’s possible to judge a thing on it’s own merits and not be inclined to narrow minded thinking so as to never explore ‘truth’ and – the universal expression of truth.

      All faith traditions can offer great truths for those with eyes to see them…

      Ancient India’s scriptural tradition [for instance] offers a tremendous wealth of information about God, the soul, material nature, everything we can imagine – it’s there.

      Here is an example of primitive and ‘unscientific’ religious thinking, LOL:

      “The material manifestation’s ultimate particle, which is indivisible and not formed into a body, is called the atom. It exists always as an invisible identity, even after the dissolution of all forms. The material body is but a combination of such atoms, but it is misunderstood by the common man.” [Srimad Bhagavatam 3.11.1]

      “One can estimate time by measuring the movement of the atomic combination of bodies. Time is the potency of the almighty Personality of Godhead, Hari, who controls all physical movement although He is not visible in the physical world.” [Srimad Bhagavatam 3.11.3]

      “In Life Comes From Life (page 43), Srila Prabhupada has stated, “Living beings move from one bodily form to another. The forms already exist. The living entity simply transfers himself, just as a man transfers himself from one apartment to another. One apartment is first class, another is second class, and another is third class. Suppose a person comes from a lower-class apartment to a first-class apartment. The person is the same. But now, according to his capacity for payment, or karma, he is able to occupy a higher-class apartment. Real evolution does not mean physical development, but development of consciousness.” Within every species of life there is consciousness, and that consciousness is the symptom of the living entity, who is the superior energy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Without understanding this essential point of the transmigration of the conscious living entity throughout 8,400,000 species of life, one cannot possibly understand the words […] “the human body is very rarely achieved.” People are now being cheated of this essential understanding. They are completely unaware of the danger of slipping back into the eight million species that lie below the human species. It is natural that a human being think in terms of progress. We want to feel that our life is progressing and that we are advancing and improving the quality of our life.”

      The part that is noteworthy here is how the ancient Vedic texts speak of 8,400,000 species of life and modern science has fixed a recent number of “8,700,000” species of life. [http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/08/110823180459.htm]

      There are ‘stories’ in the Vedic texts that speak of ‘relativity of time’ as well:

      “Even thousands of years ago, India’s scientific understanding of the universe was highly advanced. It was common knowledge that the world isn’t flat but round, that our planet isn’t the center of the universe but a mere speck within it, and that the earth wasn’t suddenly created on May 23, 5478 B.C., but had existed for billions of years. This is remarkable when we consider that in the West, these facts have been accepted for only the last few hundred years.

      Fortunately, modern science has been catching up and continues to make further progress every day. One of the greatest achievements of this century is Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity, which, among its postulates, describes the behavior and measurement of time under factors such as gravity and velocity. Surprisingly, even such advanced concepts of physics are also found in the Vedic literature, India’s ancient books of wisdom.

      In the Ninth Canto of the Srimad-Bhagavatam there is a revealing story on the workings of the theory of relativity. It is about a king named Kakudmi and his daughter Revanti. When the king was planning for his daughter’s marriage, he decided to go see Lord Brahma, by whose influence, he was sure, an ideal husband could be found. Lord Brahma is the chief demigod and occupies the post of the engineer-creator of this universe. His life span encompasses the duration of the entire universe. His abode, the planet Brahmaloka, is the highest in the universe. The inhabitants there are endowed with mystic powers; evil, pain, and anxiety are practically unknown; the potential for enjoyment is thousands of times greater than on earth; and spiritual advancement is easily attainable.

      King Kakudmi took Revati with him and traveled to Brahmaloka, where he found that Lord Brahma was hearing a musical performance and for the moment could not talk to him. Therefore Kakudmi waited, and at the end of the show he approached Brahma, offered obeisances, and presented his request. After listening to Kakudmi, Brahma laughed loudly and said. “O king, all those whom you might have thought of as candidates for your daughter’s hand died already a long time ago. Millions of years have passed since you left your kingdom. They are all dead and forgotten, and so are their sons, grandsons, and other descendants.”

      When the king heard this, he returned to what had been his domain and found it vacant. Just as modern archeologists discover the sites of ancient civilizations and determine the cause of their demise, such as famines, invasions, and natural disasters, Kakudmi returned to find that his descendants had long ago abandoned the kingdom because of the threat posed by their enemies.

      While King Kakudmi was still in Brahmaloka, Lord Brahma advised him to offer his daughter in marriage to Lord Balarama. According to Vedic theology. Lord Balarama is an expansion of the Supreme Lord, Krsna, and assists Him in His mission to purify the entire world. After returning to his former kingdom, Kakudmi gave his beautiful daughter in marriage to Lord Balarama. Then he renounced worldly life and retired to Badarikashram in the Himalayas, where many ascetics go to achieve spiritual perfection.

      King Kakudmi experienced the influence of time in a way that agrees with Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Normally we tend to regard time as absolute and constant throughout the universe. But the theory of relativity states that there is no absolute time: rather, each one of us is influenced uniquely, depending on our location and the speed with which we are moving in the universe.

      To illustrate this point, there is the classic example of the twins. One twin goes off in a rocket to the nearest star outside our planetary system. Traveling at speeds near that of light (186.000 miles per second), the traveler will make the round trip in twenty-two earth years, but because of his high speed, time will affect him only partially, and upon his return he will find himself twelve and a half years younger than his brother!

      Even on earth the same principle applies. A twin living at sea level will be after sixty years, six seconds younger than his brother living high in the mountains, because of the way the earth’s gravity affects his own measure of time. But this variation is so negligible that it goes unnoticed.

      King Kakudmi experienced the principles stated in the theory of relativity. On his journey to Brahmaloka, time influenced the king in a different way than it did his subjects and acquaintances back on earth, to the extent that he outlived generations of his descendants.

      Histories like this. as found in works like the Srimad-Bhagavatam, aren’t simply for supplying us with facts for a trivia game, nor are they armchair scientific statements. The overall purpose of these scriptures is to promote an existential understanding of life and to teach one how to act accordingly.

      If we could make a trip in time similar to King Kakudmi’s, disappearing from home and suddenly reappearing in the same place a few thousand years later, we would see everything so changed that we would be forced to see our lives in a completely different light.

      During such a journey, many nations would have been created and destroyed; whole dynasties and clans would have lived and died; life styles and popular notions would have come and gone; geological and ecological upheavals would have taken place repeatedly.

      Witnessing these changes, we would naturally ask, “What is there in life that is worth pursuing because it doesn’t fade away with time?” [BTG magazine article published in 1988]

      So religion and science aren’t incompatible…

      Westboro claims that “God hates” – but that isn’t true:

      “The Lord neither hates nor likes anyone, though He appears to.” [Vedānta-sūtra 2.1.34]

      “I envy no one, nor am I partial to anyone. I am equal to all. But whoever renders service unto Me in devotion is a friend, is in Me, and I am also a friend to him.” [Bhagavad Gita 9.29]

      What about God’s relationship to our ‘collective’? Here are two more nice quotes about God:

      “God is God. Just like gold is gold. If gold is handled by Hindu, it does not become Hindu gold. Or the gold is handled by Christian, it does not become Christian gold. Gold is gold. Similarly, dharma is one. Religion is one. There cannot be Hindu religion, Muslim religion, Christian religion. That is artificial. Just like “Hindu gold,” “Muslim gold.” That is not possible. Gold is gold. Similarly religion. Religion means the law given by God. That is religion. So God is one; therefore dharma, or religious system, should be one. There cannot be two.” [A.C. Bhaktivedanta]

      “One who has got real conception of God, they have no quarrel with each other. All the history of religious fight, Hindu-Muslim or Christian-non-Christian, they are all ignorant. They are all ignorant. One who is in the knowledge, he knows that God is one. God cannot be Hindu. God cannot be Muslim. God cannot be Christian. God is God. He has no material qualification. It is our conception that “God is such and such. God is such and such.” That is imagination. That is called iconographer. They are not man in knowledge. Man in knowledge is different. He knows that God is transcendental.” [A.C. Bhaktivedanta]

      God says:

      “A person is said to be still further advanced when he regards all—the honest well-wisher, friends and enemies, the envious, the pious, the sinner and those who are indifferent and impartial-with an equal mind.” [Bhagavad Gita 6.9]

      How could we find a more inclusive understanding?

      So in any case – faith in God isn’t necessarily compelling one to be narrow minded nor ignorant.

      This and more at:


      Oh and it was Steve Jobs’ who contributed to the technology that bring discussions of truth to everyone’s fingertips!!!

  • Angie

    Westboro is apparently filled with closed minded idiots. Just because one did not publicly say every “praise god, god is awesome!!!” doesn’t mean that they didn’t believe. And even if Mr. Jobs wasn’t a believer, what right do they have to impose themselves on a private funeral?! I feel so much pity for these poor fools whom probably use an iPad in their worship services or listen to their iPods on the way home. Hypocrites always need to make themselves feel better. Steve was a visionary and a legend. Let these idiots picket. I believe God laughs at them from above. :)

  • bill

    withtheir signs, and them yelling if i was driving that would break my concentration and i might “accidentaly” end up losing control of my car and run them over…

    • Skipdallas

      Well that was an incredible thing to say! Now you can’t do it for any reason, as your post shows prior intent and planning. You just should have kept quiet and seen how many you could have taken out on your initial run!

  • Droog

    God hates – them.

  • j

    not that i’m all for westboro, but they’re protesting what he didn’t do for God while he had power and not his company or product… i fail to see the irony.

    • twaska

      What was he supposed to do? Use his position and influence to preach?

      “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.” Matthew 6:5-6

      • http://www.spyimplants.webs.com don muntean

        Great quote!

    • SP

      God is dead.

  • Rob

    I don’t belive in any God. So probably my status is not the right one to post a note.
    IF God exist and if he is the creator of all life forms, did he fail creating gays?
    Because if he failed, it’s so hard to call him GOD……..

    • http://www.quote-4.me.uk Matt

      No, if he made you gay, then you can’t be held to blame for that. Just live your life as well as you can. I think that’s the most sound thing we can take from Steve’s death.
      Best Wishes

    • rick

      gays is not creation of God, they chose be or not be, change or not change, as eat or not eat, is chose of each one… the error is human, they chose error beacuse of money, materialism,exes of pleasure but is chose

      • Alex

        Well said, and might I add that you hold an impressive command over the English language.

      • JP

        rick, when you insult someone (especially me), please get the grammar and syntax down. otherwise it just confirms our suspicions that you are, in fact, just an ignorant fcuk.

      • Cindy Sacks

        If you believe in God, then you must believe that he made gay people. He made everyone and everything. Homosexuality is NOT a choice, and it is not unique to humans – it has been observed in other species in the animal kingdom as well. They’re queer, they’re here, get used to it!

        • patrice pulica

          This makes me sad. Can’t we all just get along??? If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything. Don’t be rude to others to make yourself feel bigger. Deal with your own business and don’t worry about other people’s sex lives.

  • William

    Sigh…ignorance must be bliss. How can you be so full of yourselves and disrespectful as to ruin peoples funerals. These are loved ones and important to somebody and you just go an prance around like vermin to preach lies. I think the ‘right to peacefully protest’ ends at spewing hate messages during funerals. Actually I don’t think protested should be allowed to put hate messages on their pickets considering it could incite a riot. Or distract drivers and cause mass casualties for anyone who veers off the road trying to read the signs. God does not hate any of his ‘creations’ saying so contradicts god, contradicting god puts you in hell. So mister full of yourself Christians I ask you this. Would you risk contradicting god just to prove illegitimate point or would you rather be more discreet about yourselves and look past all the hate an misunderstandings. – Sincerely
    One of the fags you hate.

  • http://www.dividedheart.co.uk Matt

    It’s a sad day all round. Sad that we’ve lost Steve, although you have to marvel at how much he did give us.
    And now even more sad because of these crazies.

    Originally, I put his Stanford address on my blog and just left it at that, but after this article, I had to actually write something.


    Whether you are allegedly Christian OR Atheist, God loves you either way. It’s just a shame that 2,000 yrs later, we STILL can’t get along…

  • Jim

    Y’know, I’m usually in favour of free speech and the right to protest and all that…….but i really think these assholes need to be kicked out of the country or put into a dark sealed-off cave

    • carole

      Usually in favor of free speech, unless you disagree with it?
      I hate their message; they are not Christians, but they do have the Constitutional right to do what they are doing no matter how much we hate it.

  • Scotty

    Lulz, sent from an iPhone, that is absolutely poetry. Stupid is as stupid does!

  • Sadpcd

    these assholes should be hang they are going to hell not steve he’s a great guy comparing to this mo***r f***er

  • matt

    What’s truly amazing is what passes for journalism these days. If you had done 10 seconds of investigation on your own, you would realize that this was a simple hoax, that she did not in fact tweet from an iPhone. The “send from iPhone” tag was added to the picture which you posted, the only evidence available that she used an iPhone. Her actual twitter page does not indicate the use of an iPhone anywhere.

    Shirley Phelps is a wretch, but the state of news reporting in 2011 is even worse.

    • Alexis Lodsun

      … it says RIGHT on under the her tweet (on it’s permalink page) “via Twitter for iPhone”. She has even acknowledged that fact in recent tweets. Calm down dude.

    • derp


    • Bob

      Sorry you are a follower of Westboro, Matt. Enjoy your afterlife…

    • SP


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