Steve Jobs Doll Is No Longer Being Sold


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Remember that creepy Steve Jobs figurine that In Icons, the Hong Kong company, was making. They’re stopping production of it.

PC World is reporting that In Icon has stopped production of the controversial Steve Jobs figurine and won’t be selling it anywhere.

"Though we still believe that we have not overstepped any legal boundaries, we have decided to completely stop the offer, production and sale of the Steve Jobs figurine out of our heartfelt sensitivity to the feelings of the Jobs family," Tandy Cheung, owner of In Icons, said in a statement.

Cheung said that he was careful not to violate any Apple copyright when making the figurine. He only stopped after he received “immense pressure from the lawyers of Apple and Steve Jobs’ family.”

He says that he’s a great admirer of Jobs and wanted to make something as a tribute to him. He says that Jobs’ passing left him feeling “emptiness, sadness and a feeling of great personal loss.”

He went on to say that he made the first doll four years ago that he placed on his desk next to his Mac. He wanted to share his memento with the rest of Jobs’ fans.

As we all know, once In Icons announced their plans to sell the figurine, Apple’s lawyers jumped right on it claiming that In Icon didn’t own the likeness to Jobs.

If In Icon did go ahead with the figurine, its legality would be questionable as we’ve already covered.

The figurines that did get out there are already up on Ebay going for $224.99 to $2500.