Steve Irwin’s Son: 8-Year Old Croc Handler

By: Amanda Crum - September 27, 2012

Steve Irwin’s son Robert shows no fear when it comes to handling dangerous animals. In fact, he’s a natural at it.

If the 8-year old seems right at home with crocodiles and snakes, it’s because he and his family literally live in the middle of a zoo: the Australia Zoo, to be exact. His older sister Bindi has also had a knack for handling wildlife and says they couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

“It’s fantastic. Every day’s a new adventure,” she said.

Both children were very close with their father and were involved in just about every aspect of taking care of the animals they were always surrounded by, even though Robert was just a toddler when Irwin was fatally stung in the chest by a stingray. Irwin was filming a documentary at the time with Bindi in the Great Barrier Reef; his death impacted the little girl profoundly, but she has followed in her father’s footsteps with her own kids’ television show featuring exotic animals, and has her own line of books called the “Wildlife Adventure Series”.

Now it looks like Robert will do the same; after hanging out with Oprah during one of her specials, he handled toothy baby crocs with ease and rattled off the latin name of a snake he was holding like it was second nature.

Lead Image: MatrixPictueres.Co.UK

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  • sunshine

    Totally irrelevant to the story, but he looks like the kid who played on Eight is Enough.

  • http://yahoo teresa thomas

    Gosh he looks the image of his father.Lovely children,mams done a good job and dad would be proud.Steve Irwin still sadly missed.

  • anne barber

    Looks like child abuse to me: since when does making your son into a clone of his dead father count as good parenting? What if he wants to be a Mathematician or Ballet dancer? Putting children into dangerous expectations is heinous, at best. These children need a more intelligent parent. Shame their dad died: he would have protected them from his stupid errors, I’m sure.

    • Pam

      You are a total idiot. Kids grow up to follow in their fathers footsteps from doct.ors, lawyers, soldiers, presidents and I guess that in your family their was not a role model to take after so wake up and smell the coffee the Irwin kids are greatly loved and admired for the values they have learned from their mother and father to love and cherish the earth and its creatures.

    • http://yahoo Paul

      Seriously??? Child abuse? You don’t even know these kids, and how they were raised, and you have the audacity to claim they are abused? Shame on you for jumping to conclusions without any facts.

    • LINDA


  • Judy


  • Noname

    Oh great! I always though Steve was a bit reckless when it came to handling or being around dangerous animals. It almost seemed like he was harassing them and I always thought that he didn’t respect animals boundaries. I hope nothing happens to his kids if they follow in his footsteps, they are cute and they look a lot like him.

  • Jean

    I always watched Steve Irwin when he had his show. I thought he was amazing! Good for those kids to follow in their father’s footsteps. At least they aren’t doing drugs and hanging on the streets. You GO Bindi and Robert. They have a great role model and they have a super good MOM!

  • Linda

    Steve Irwin was one of my biggest heros! Our world suffered a terrible loss when he died. I miss him & I’m happy that his children are carrying on in his footsteps!! I’m sure he is in Heaven beaming with pride for them!


    they truly are remarkable Kids there daddy would be proud.