Steve Carell Opens Up About Not Working


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Steve Carell had a good run as a funny man and he has starred in numerous comedies over the last few years. You may or may not have noticed, that Carell hasn't been working as much lately and he recently admitted to GQ magazine that he spent most of the last year at home with his family.

While many actors get nervous when they are out of work for more than a couple of months, Carell said that he doesn't mind not working and enjoys being home where he can spend time with his family and help out around the house.

“I’ve found I’m very good at doing nothing,” he told the magazine. “I don’t want to quit. I don’t feel like retiring. But it’s just easy for me to not work. It’s nice to be able to help out at home, with my wife and kids.”

Carell hasn't left Hollywood though, and his newest film Foxcatcher has been doing well in theaters and is even earning Carell some Oscar talk. Carell doesn't play his usual funny character in the film and actually has a darker role.

He said that the role was a nice change from what he is used to and something he needed to try.

"I think with anyone who seems to be content and well-adjusted, which I think I am, there’s a need to find a darkness or a wound,” Carell said. “Judd Apatow—I’m gonna misquote him—but he spoke to that in regards to me: that he could never seem to find my wound."

Carell also said that although he often plays the funny guy in movies, he isn't that guy in real life.

“I never thought of myself as funny. I don’t feel like I’m great at cocktail conversations. I don’t hold court," Carell said. "I don't take up a lot of space. I'm not the life of the party. I'm not the guy telling jokes. And I never was."

Do you like Carell in funny or more serious roles?