Stephen King’s Band Plays One Last Show

By: Amanda Crum - August 7, 2012

Many people don’t know that master of horror Stephen King plays in a band full of his peers; it’s a group of writers that have been getting together for years now to live out their rock-n-roll fantasies, and they’ve played some bars and even a few bigger venues, but mostly it’s just for fun. They’re not trying to make a living doing it, because they’ve all already succeeded at making quite a nice one putting words together on paper.

But after the death of one of their members in June–Kathi Kamen Goldmark–The Rock Bottom Remainders decided to have one last hurrah before calling it quits. Fortunately for us, they did it on “The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson”. Watch the video here, and check out Steve wailing on guitar up in front.

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