Stephen Hawking Upset with “God Particle” Discovery

    November 19, 2013
    Brian Powell
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At 71 years old, Stephen Hawking is the oldest survivor of ALS, a motor neuron disease. Despite being diagnosed with ALS at age 21, Hawking has defied the odds to continue living and become an extremely productive member of the scientific community. Hawking’s work in physics has led to advanced discoveries with the general relativity, black holes, and various areas of quantum mechanics – most of which has brought forth more questions than answers. Perhaps that is why one should not be surprised to hear Hawking lament the fact that the Higgs boson particle was discovered last July.

In speaking to an audience at London’s Science Museum, Hawking opined that “Physics would be far more interesting if it [the Higgs boson particle] had not been found.” By discovering the “God particle”, scientists have fixed the final a chink in the armor of the Standard Model of physics, a theory which attempts to integrate the four fundamental forces of nature – gravity, electromagnetic, strong and weak nuclear forces – into one unified theory explaining all of known physics in the universe.

What the discovery of the Higgs boson immediately means is that physicists now know what gives subatomic particles (things such as electrons and quarks) mass, the property which allows said particles to interact with other particles in the way they do to form atoms and more complex molecules. The idea of the Higgs boson particle was first put forth by scientists in the 1960’s, but no experimental evidence existed for the particle until the findings of the Large Hadron Collider last July.

While Hawking may believe that the discovery of the Higgs boson makes physics less interesting, he is still pursuing many interesting avenues of research. Hawking is one of the primary proponents of M-theory, a theory which integrates all the versions of string theory into one vision. One aspect of M-theory is that it allows for and encourages scientists to consider the fact that we exists in a multi-dimensional and multiverse world, all of which exist through the laws of physics and are not dependent upon a “creator”:

“These multiple universes can arise naturally from physical law. Each universe has many possible histories and many possible states at later times, that is, at times like the present, long after their creation. Most of these states will be quite unlike the universe we observe, and quite unsuitable for the existence of any form of life. Only a very few would allow creatures like us to exist.Thus, our presence selects out from the vast array only those universes that are compatible with our existence. Although we are puny and insignificant on the scale of the Cosmos, this makes us, in a sense, lords of creation,” states Hawking.

In order for further progress to be made with the M-theory, certain other discoveries must be made first, discoveries which Hawking hopes can be found using the LHC: “There is still hope that we see the first evidence for M-theory at the LHC particle accelerator in Geneva. From an M-theory perspective, the collider only probes low energies, but we might be lucky and see a weaker signal of fundamental theory, such as supersymmetry. I think the discovery of supersymmetric partners for the known particles would revolutionise our understanding of the universe,” voiced Hawking.

Supersymmetry is a theory which states that all particles have a superpartner particle with the exact opposite properties. If this LHC could help find proof of this theory, then progress would be made toward solidifying the M-theory as the prevalent universe model.

Until that point is reached, however, Hawking leaves us with some advice as to how to protect the existence of the human race: “So remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and hold on to that child-like wonder about what makes the universe exist.”

[Image via Stephen Hawking’s Website]
  • M.L.

    “By discovering the “God particle”, scientists have fixed the final chink in the armor of the Standard Model of physics, a theory which attempts to integrate the four fundamental forces of nature – gravity, electromagnetic, strong and weak nuclear forces – into one unified theory explaining all of known physics in the universe.”

    What an incredibly ignorant statement. The discovery of the Higgs boson hardly “fixes the final chink” in the Standard Model and does not represent a unified theory of the four fundamental forces. There are several huge chinks in the Standard Model, such as its inability to reconcile relativistic and quantum gravity, missing mass, dark energy, etc.

    Please stop hiring kids to report on science.

    • John_Logic

      Hawking did not say that it was “the final chink.” He said it was “a chink,” which is why they had to cross it out in the article. That was a miss-quote.

      • laura

        Have you ever seen a cross out in any internet article?
        This is probably code for someone to see-don’t be stupid

        • mkh

          Hi Laura,
          The cross out (or more properly, “strike through”) is commonly used in editing when revising an article, to correct a previous mis-quote, for example, such as in this case. It is not a secret code. It is standard editing practice. Usually it is left out of subsequent revisions, but sometimes, in the interest of transparency, it is left in. In this case it could have been left in as an accidental oversight or to indicate a revision of a former mis-quote. Hope this clarifies the behind the scenes world of the editing elves! MKH, M.A., former editor McGraw-Hill (world’s largest publisher)

    • Buck Finster

      How right you are! The alleged ‘discovery’ of the so-called ‘Higgs Boson’ is a fraudulent con job perpetrated upon society in the same way that the alleged ‘discovery’ of quarks came about. The Truth is rejected because it exposes the ignorance and foolishness of mainstream academic physicists. When accused they attempt to conflate the genuine technological advances which is damn good ‘science’ work with the idle speculations of people who have never contributed anything of actual value to the world. All this nonsense began about about 103 years ago when Rutherford’s team discovered that multiple protons were residing in nuclei. This was totally embarrassing to physicists until they agreed upon the ‘just-so’ story of a ‘nuclear strong force’. That idea led to the concept of a carrier of that strong force which became the invented ‘gluons’ of the Standard Model (of particle physics). The gluon concept led to the invention of ‘quarks’ and the b.s. just continued to pile up higher and higher. No man of integrity can stay at the top level of academic physics because it would require that they abandon their moral and intellectual integrity to teach the b.s. that is now so thoroughly mixed in with the Truth. I’m at buckfinster at G… you know the mail from google. Cheers …

      • Nathan

        Check your punctuation smartypants.

    • cinderella

      It’s sad that Hawkins dismisses his interest in physics due to the fact that he doesn’t have a relationship with God and probably blames Him for his disability. That is the core of most athiests. They need to blame someone for their unhappiness. I’m not criticizing, I feel sad for them.

      • john

        Don’t you get tired carrying around that pile of stones, just so you can be the first one to throw one?

      • Seth

        Cinderella… Did you actually read the article? What are you talking about?

  • Barbie

    The God particle is The Bible. Don’t bother getting mad at me.

    • Bill Scott

      I’ve coined a term for this kind of thinking. I call it “determined ignorance”.

    • Bill Scott

      I’ve coined a term for this kind of thinking. I call it “determined ignorance”.

    • thejohnykat

      No, that’s the Fiction Equation.

    • Rhett

      Go drink your coolaid

      • Nathan

        You mean Koolaid

    • cinderella

      You’re right, but His creation speaks for itself.

  • Bill Scott

    I’ve coined a term for this sort of thinking. I call it “determined ignorance”.

  • Tommy

    You know i realize how well respected and knowledgeable Stephen Hawking is to the science community. But some of the things he says REALLY “rub my rhubarb” the wrong way at times. He has this “air” about him if you will of cockiness and “i know it all attitude”. When in reality he should be so thankful that gods grace has kept him alive this long. Perhaps people like Stephen won’t be able to fully comprehend that until they are judged by god himself…(g)

  • http://www.proart.com josh

    Hey Barbie, the bible is a combination of fairy tails and natural phenomenon. Science proves that. More and more people these days are dropping the bible because it’s ridiculous.

    • edwood

      as many as 6 billion copies of the bible have been sold with an estimated 100 million copies being sold each year.

      the next best selling book of all time, a tale of two cities at 250 million copies. it was written in 1859.

      • Rhett

        Just because a book has sold a trillion copies doesnt make it a fact..

        • al gray

          a trillion copies makes it relevant. By the way, he does not have true ALS.

          • http://N/A Hal Barbour

            Do you know the most reproduced logo or symbol is? the Swastika, does that fact make it revelent? and to whome? Your logic is flawed, see Argumenum ad populum.

      • http://N/A Hal Barbour

        I’m confused about your point, what does the printing or selling of a book have to do with it’s validity? This is what is called an Argumentum ad Populum, or a appeal to the people which is a logical fallacy. It states that because many people believe something therefore it is true. Millions of Americans smoke but that doesn’t make smoking a valid passtime or healthy, which it is not.

    • Graham jeacocke

      no – life is ridiculous. everybody gives out help and adivce and there is no advice in leading life. how ironice. wait. there is the bible. Try reading the bible in terms of human behaviour. Like darren brown does with behaviour to understand ppl. Take the story of jesus and the cross. Did ppl react the way ppl should of reacted or the way an author decides? Is that why soaps are noted for their realism? The bible is accurate in it’s portrayal of how ppl ACT. either a similar kind of event happened or the author was very knowledagable about ppl

    • Graham jeacocke

      It is is because they have lost FAITH. Not that it is ridiculous. A sportsman trains and knows that he is great. But he doubts but he still has the ability. He has to convince his mind he can win. the same with belief in god. ppl doubt that they are doing the right thing. But u doubt when u go to get a new job? u doubt if the married life will succeed? u doubt because it is an inherent part of life.

    • Alyce

      Josh,remember what you said here, while burning in hell! When Barbie dies, she no longer exist, but when you die believing the way you do … you have eternal damnation in hell. The Bible is still the number one book ever read and will continue to be.

      • http://N/A Hal Barbour

        For people out there who wonder why people such as myself and others who are free thinkers are insulted by those who profess faith this is a prime example. Because I choose to make evidence and logic at least part of my reality and voice my thinking and rejection of faith based beliefs I now have garnered the punishment from the faithful of being tortured for eternity. The upside of course is this “belief” is delusion, and none of it is real. But it sure hinders the course of human beings and their discourse with each other. What part of faith has ever led to truth?

    • cinderella

      Science proves not disproves the Scriptures.

    • jwreals@yahoo.com

      Science proves Gods handiwork from all sides. It’s only poor scientific tradecraft and pre-determined outcomes meet out in cynical “experimentation” that demonstrate irrational hatred.

  • bj

    This is some world we’re living in. We will never be satisfied with just life itself living and breathing and feeling will never be enough we constantly strive to “understand” and theorize how the nature of our existence is even possible. Millions of brilliant minds have spent their lives dedicated to add a piece to the puzzle. I know this will never cease to exist, the curiosity of wanting to know exactly how we exist, as it shouldn’t. But this will never be fully understood, ever. It would compromise our very existence. Think about every movie you’ve ever seen, the suspense, the drama, the excitement, the ups and downs, and imagine if before you watched it you clicked on the menu, and saw exactly how it was created, every scene, how much of a difference that would make as you were watching the movie. When the unknown becomes known, it becomes much more predictable, and considering nothing in this universe is entirely predictable, understand that this is for a reason.

  • CL

    Man’s wisdom has always been foolishness to God. Yeah, look up at the sky and some day you will see the truth.

  • GRN

    Higgs Boson, M-Theory, supersymetry? Why could GOD not have created them? The great scientists are always trying to prove that man is superior and GOD does not exist. When in fact believing in GOD is so great and believing in making heaven is so wonderful. It sure beats cremation or getting buried in a box in the ground!!!!

    • Dave-o

      Can God make a law he cannot break?

  • makusan

    The phrase “God particle” was coined by Nobel Prize-winning physicist Leon Lederman, but it’s disliked by most physicists because it connotes the supernatural. Lederman said later that the phrase – mostly used by laymen as an easier way of explaining the theory – was really meant to convey that he felt it was the “goddamn particle,” because it proved so elusive.

  • Dan

    If the Bible is a “fairy tale”…We’ll see who lives “Happily Ever After”…Hawking “is” a genius, but not believing in anything you can’t explain or put your finger on or devise a mathematical equation for just makes me sad…It’s called “faith”…Choose to live without it if you want…But don’t call people that believe in God “stupid” or ignorant”…I have all the answers I need…Having him try so desperately to disprove his existence, just cements my faith…Do what you want people…It’s your “choice”…Have a nice day.

    • Rhett

      And you have no real proof of a god or gods have ever existed…

      • Buck Finster

        Rhett … and you have no proof that God does not exist. Hawking has never contributed a single thing that has contributed to the development of any new technology nor to anything that can be proven to be a true advancement of human knowledge concerning the cosmos. He was an ALS poster boy that began to believe all the hot air that began to pump up his over inflated ego. He actually thinks he’s really an intellectually smart man. He’s nothing of the kind… He’s even allowed his keeper woman to physically abuse him multiple times. He is the penultimate pseudo-scientist of our age and only fools think him wise, gifted, or that he has contributed anything of value to actual ‘science’.

        • Nathan

          I could look at a stop sign and say it’s a pair of pants. But that would only be a theory.

        • http://yahoo.com Chris

          You can’t prove bigfoot or the tooth fairy does not exist. It doesn’t mean they do. The claim that they exist bears the burden of proof.

      • Dan

        Yet, I don’t “need” to “disprove” another’s point of view to anyone to validate my own in my heart and mind. I choose to believe what I “want” to…he’s free to do the same…that’s the beauty part. Science is wonderful and has been used in what some would view as “modern day miracles”…Free will has been given to mankind to do with what they will. He’s made his decision (as ironic as it is, given his “own” medical miracle). I was merely stating the facts as “I” see and feel them…No more, no less…but with no marked animosity towards the “opposing view”…I simply said it “saddens” me.

  • Will rockell

    Just live in the moment and stop trying to understand everything. What a waste of NOW!! Afterall, that is really all there is. Oh, and look in the if you want to see GOD!!

  • Buck Finster

    I wish the same thing to Hawking as did King Leonidas to Ephilalties when he said to him: ‘May you live forever’. Hawking has allowed his ego to become so over inflated so that he now thinks that what he eructs out of his mechanized voice or what he can write through electromechanical devices contains any wisdom whatsoever. I should pity the man but I cannot …. and instead I hope he lives forever just as he is because he has misled so many people.

  • Grady Loy

    Einstein thought there was a creator. Hawking thinks there is not. Bertrand Russell doubted it and Ludwig Wittgenstein said it was a topic about which rational debate was not possible. Wittgenstein wins the prize. Believe in God or don’t believe but do not mix it with science. It is a question science, and, indeed, logic is not designed to answer. Though Einstein and Hawking were and are exceptionally brilliant individuals, this sort of opinion evidences a petulant lack of intellectual discipline (I do not mind if they go to church or synagogue on the one hand or atheist meetings on the other but it would be lovely if they would leave this discussion out of it. The most noticeable effect to date has been to convince a great many people with a religious faith that science is adversarial to them which most certainly is not the truth. Now I will draw the line with the existence or non existence of an omniscient creative intelligence. Certain biblical accounts have been shown to be scientifically inaccurate. But then the concept of scriptural inerrancy is not itself, strictly speaking, biblical (or as far as I know a tenet of the other major faiths in their purist forms)

  • al gray

    God is simply undiscovered science

  • gabriel

    I love my GOD very much!!! Get to know HIM he loves you too!!

  • NSanity

    I have an idea……stop this incessant arguing about whether or not there is a God, or Science. If you believe God Created Everything, then he also created science, physics, math, Geology and all the rest. So Christians….nothing can exist in the Universe without God’s permission because he created it. He also created ways to figure the secrets of the Universe out…this is science (and math and all the rest). Both Science and God can coexist without all this bickering. and for Scientists out there the more you search the more apt you are to find every secret of our Universe whether God is behind it or it was a freak accident of atoms and molecules. No matter what you believe, our Universe and our Earth is a magical place full of wonder and joy and that’s good enough for me. The bickering is just getting old!

  • guestofroom2002


    • Valentine

      That one deserves a ‘Thumbs up”

  • Valentine

    No need to be condescending, oh wait, that is what people do when they view them selves as smarter than you. When you tell me that your research has lead to a finding that contradicts the existences of God I just have to laugh as I say; You little Devil worker! So it has long been believed a sub-atomic particle existed, a particle responsible for mass but could not be proven, you knew it was their because of the missing piece of the equation. Mr. Hawking, You try to burst the good peoples bubble, now you just had yours POPPED!
    In my little world the only physics i need to know is what goes up, must come down – Yes that is a metaphor for you S.H

  • http://www.onehardroad.com Tye

    When you guys/gals are appointed to the post that Stephen Hawkins has or anything equivalent to it, then maybe your opinions will be backed up with some science. Lets face it, ALS or no ALS, he’s probably smarter than everyone who posted on this thread, COMBINED!

    • Ralf

      Being smart in one thing does not mean you are smart in another.

      Faith: The unquestioning belief in something; which requires no proof, and no evidence.

  • David

    From Hawking’s own “advice”, he’s essentially quoting Scripture, even if only unwittingly so .. “So remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. [“…then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption [Jesus Christ] draweth nigh.” Luke 21:28] Try to make sense of what you see and hold on to that child-like wonder [“[Jesus] called a little child to him, and placed the child among them. And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children [i.e. have child-like faith], you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:2-4] about what makes the universe exist.” Yeah, I’d say the marionette moved as the Master tugged :))

  • James D’Amore,Jr.

    What gives Higgs it’s mass?

    • Dan

      I don’t know Mr. Higg’s personally, but if I had to venture a guess, I’d say the expanded selection on the “Dollar Menu”.

  • valkure

    Well people. It only proves that man is far from understanding everything. Even Hawkens knows he has allot to learn about the”THEORY OF EVERYTHING”. Will mankind ever know everything?I doubt it. As to the bible no one knows if the miracles written in there are true.Many current historians at the time of the miracles attested to the truthfulness of these miracles. Many of them were not believers of the faith and writings of the bible which were incomplete at that time.There is no doubt in my mind that these miracles can be explained scientifically. A science that is beyond our knowledge to this day. Did god and/or Jesus use this knowledge? A question I have been asking myself since I was a kid.Perhaps if we meet another alien race we will get some of the answers that have been asked since the beginning of mans existents.

  • jwreals@yahoo.com

    The life of Stephen Hawking is fascinating and a bit encouraging given that I have a father with ALS and Mr. Hawking’s living to 71 is nothing short of impressive. On the other hand despite his obvious brilliance it is frustrating and tragic to see such an effort on his behalf to try and disprove the existence of God. The more he works at providing evidence; the more he demonstrates not only God’s existence but evidence of remarkable love and mercy. I admire the great scientist that is Stephen Hawking but I admire much more the Creator who made us all. As far as the ALS, an unfortunate part of the human condition.

  • Gerard Kent

    The term ‘God Particle’ was coined in a popular mechanix article in the late 90’s on the study of neutrinos with what was then, a new 5 mile radius particle accelerator. In the study they identified 8 different kinds of neutrinos and noticed a sub atomic particle making a brief appearance upon smashings. Where it came from and where it went was unknown and they referred to it as “The God Particle”
    Here’s a recent post I made on my FB page. If anyone cares to resolve this mystery for me, I’m all ears. Thx
    …..Thinking Outside The Pyramid……
    How many peeps can recall being told by someone during your school years, that when you measure ( for example ) 2 or 3 feet, you are also measuring -2 or -3 feet in some negative world of I don’t know what?!
    A four sided pyramid would make a great mill house or drying/dehydrating place for herbs & fruits as the energy properties within that space do not allow any mold or mildew to grow. Zip, nada, nothing.
    The unique energy properties in the middle section (divide internal space into thirds from top to bottom) have the highest concentration of some vortex energy from I don’t know where?!
    The ‘Inverse Pyramid’ (C-pic) also has the highest concentration of energy in its mid section also.
    This is the part that needs the most scientific exploration so I can be rid of these nagging question marks before I’m pushing up daisies.
    I’m sure someone like Stephen Hawking could take this one for a ride. Take it away Stevie! 

  • http://www.specializedvideos.com Scott

    The Higgs Boson particle has nothing to do with god, but glad you conditioned puppets keep reinforcing superstitious behavior over science so we all can suffer. KUDOS!

    • Dave-o

      They’ve had 1,600 years of practice:-P

  • Andy

    We really know very little about anything, damn good science or not. Faith and belief are just that, proof therefore is irrelevant.
    In my personal opinion science should be about the facts whether it proves or disproves a creator. As humans I feel we are still very, very far from knowing all truth about everything, much less the universe or multiverse or whateververse.

  • Dr. Sheldon Cooper

    I love Hawking. Bazinga!

    • Andy

      LOL, Despite my response, me too!

  • Andy

    The show “Big bang theory”. Is “oh my God” hilarious. Case in point Mother and S

  • Wd40

    Stephen Hawking chanced to meet God one day and said” We don’t need you anymore. We can create life now, we can explain how the universe works, we can cure disease, in short we can get along without you.”
    God said “Ok, fair enough. If you can create a house without my help I’ll trouble you humans no more”.
    Stephen said “OK” and proceeds to scoop up some dirt and leave.
    God says “Wait a minute Stephen, get you own dirt. I created that”

  • Emmanuel

    It took decades to explain the cause of mass, how long would it take to explain the cause of the cause of mass (What gives Higgs it’s mass?)? I don’t have that time to waste rather spend it believing in God.