Steam Summer Sale Will Probably Start Tomorrow


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The Steam Summer sale is an annual event that's about as exciting as Christmas. For two glorious weeks, pretty much every single game on Valve's digital games portal is heavily discounted. For the price of one $60 game, gamers end up buying 10 games that they'll never play. It's a tragic kind of beauty.

Well, it seems that all you PC gamers will be able to start spending copious amounts on super cheap games starting tomorrow if recent additions to the Steam database are any indication. Softpedia reports that bundles for Borderlands, Dawn of War, Trine, FEAR and a bunch of other games have started to pop up on the database.

Some skeptics may feel that the sudden appearance of bundles doesn't mean anything. Well, they would be right if this was any other service. But thanks to the Steam database, we know that Valve is reusing the Valve Complete Pack that was offered during the Winter sale in this year's Summer sale. That's as good of an indication as any that we'll see the Summer sale begin soon, if not tomorrow.

If you can't wait one more day for the start of the Steam Summer sale, there are now plenty of other Summer sales for you to throw money at. Amazon and Green Man Gaming have both started their massive Summer sales that will see numerous games, many of which can be activated on Steam, going on sale over the next two weeks.

Console gamers finally get to know what a massive Summer sale feels like as well with Sony and Microsoft both launching huge sales on their digital storefronts for the next two weeks. Microsoft is putting more recent games, including BioShock Infinite, on sale so you might want to hit that up for deep discounts on some of this year's biggest hits. As for Sony, it's offering older games, but they're much cheaper, especially if you have PlayStation Plus.

In short, you're going to be saving a lot of money on games over the next two weeks regardless of your platform of choice. Even so, the Steam Summer sale will remain the king as it was the first and is still the best.

UPDATE: Looks like nothing came of the recent update to the Steam registry. Nothing to see here for now, but the Summer sale will happen.