States Drop GED as Test Price Rises

    April 15, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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The GED, or General Educational Development tests, were created in 1942 to measure the academic skills of U.S. soldiers who had left high school to join the military. Though the test has undergone revisions, the American Council on Education has maintained the tests as a way for those who did not graduate high school to gain an equivalent certification. Now, it seems that the move to modernize the test has resulted in higher costs, leading some states to abandon the GED.

According to an Associated Press report, 40 states are now looking into alternatives for the GED. This comes as the GED Testing Service, which runs the tests, has announced a new version of the GED set to launch in 2014. The new version of the test will be available only on computer and will cost $120 – double the cost of the current test. The new GED will also reportedly have tougher math and reading standards.

States, such as New York and New Hampshire, have already announced they will be switching to a new high school equivalency test, and others, such as Tennessee, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, Indiana, and Missouri are exploring other solutions to the rising test price. Competing equivalency tests are now making bids and educating states on their tests, some of which have paper versions and offer much lower prices.

  • http://webpronnews.com Cleo E. Brown

    I worked from February of 2006 until February of 2012 in a GED Program in New York City, New York. I worked with ages 18 thru 69 years of age. All of the students I worked with (they were from low-income households with most of the students also being HIV-Positive and either gay or transgender) were extremely driven in the pursuit of taking their GED Exams as well as receiving the high school diploma which our program bestowed upon graduating Seniors each June. Our Program gave our students hope. Many will now wither and die on the vine without the salvation and the second chance on life which The GED Program gave to them. I understand that The GED Test needs to be remodeled so that the students’ success rate increases. To dispense with the Exam, however, especially in the State of New York where only about 56% of students graduate from High School, is a mistake. By the way, not only did I teach a number of subjects (English, Writing, Reading, U.S. Government, Western Civilization, and U.S. and Black History)but I also chaired The Black History Program from 2008 thru 2011; The Social Sciences Department from 2008 thru 2011; served as The Dean of Student Affairs from 2008 to 2010 and served as an assistant to The Vice President of Academic Affairs from 2011 to 2012. What I advocate here is born of my experience in The Dr. Eugene A. Lawson Jr. Learning Institute which was The GED component to a job readiness program called M.A.T.C.H. (Moving Ahead Towards Career Horizons). Thank you.

  • Rob

    I’m sure it has to do more with the test being more difficult. We’re required to lower our standards just like everything else in this country.

    • hickey

      seems you did not finish high school…how do you not know when to use too instead of to…stop critique if you don’t know your prepositions

  • james

    Right now they are trying to allow you to be a New York City Firefighter without passing the entrance civil service test all you have to be is African American with a failing mark on the test with a need for a great career, they don’t care if you put everybody that works with you and yourself in jeopardy, they need you too bring up the quota in the almost all white job, that’s the liberals way of thinking.

    • john

      White jobs? Jesus Christ man, get over it already. I hope a black man takes your job tomorrow and every job you ever have. (and I am white) You are the reason the world is so messed up james! YOU!

    • nicole

      James, seriously keep making yourself believe there are no talented educated people of color if that’s what helps you sleep at night. Coming from a diverse high school and attending a diverse university I can tell you there are just as many intelligent self sufficient, hardworking members of this society from every background, including African Americans. Its very hurtful for people like you to put everyone in one box instead of giving “others” a fair chance to prove that they give just as much to this society as you. I actually feel sorry for you because this country is moving forward, you can choose to move with this country or be dragged kicking and screaming toward progress its your choice.

  • Jeff

    The test began as a tool to test those who risked their lives to fight for the country. I don’t think irresponsible people today even deserve it. High school is not hard. As much as underprivileged members of society make it seem hard, many of them can make it through high school by just showing up because the quality of their public school is so low. I do not see why we should continue wasting money on something like this.

  • http://hmm_u_think@hotmail.com Reality

    $120 is effing crazy! too much. There should be just a test offered to pass and get diploma simple as that. High school graduates did not have to pay to graduate. If you make the test harder how the hell is that supposed to help out a person who did not finish high school??????

  • imconvinced

    These comments prove that you do not need to be a high school dropout to be an idiot. Reality, you are absolutely right if they make the test harder even less people will take it simply because they will fear it that much more. and what about the people who have already graduated, could they pass the “new and improved” test, I think not. I work with ALOT of people who cannot spell simple words some of them would get nervous if you asked them to read their own address back to you. What I am trying to say is that you should not need a piece of paper to prove that you are capable of doing the job for which you are applying I can do my bosses job better than her and she went to college for it. There is a name for these kind of people; it is “EDUCATED IDIOTS”!!

  • http://www.rht.com Witness PP

    GED = High School Equivalency test. I can tell you in my life of which I have spent 38 years working various jobs before pursuing a career. Not once did I ever get asked for my high school diploma or transcripts an incredible waste of time. Now days with most states having some kind of criteria for testing to place the schools and districts in a light of success in my state it is called the WASL test. Washington Assessment of Student Learning. My son’s district put in a new high school his Junior year of high school and made him move to the new school. He all but dropped out, not going to as much as maybe 10% of the required school days and there are laws regarding attendance. However his WASL test scores were in the 95 percentile and he was allowed to only show up for school during the WASL testing which directly reflected on the School District itself. High School is a joke as is a work force where I believe that a full 90% of all employees don’t have a clue as to what they are doing and of this work force, at least from my perspective as a computer consultant, the higher you look at a company from upper management to mid level managers they have no clue on what it takes to run a company. If it were not for a well perceived home grown computer installation written especially for a/any company the worker bee’s with their University degrees would not be able to function. It is my very diversified opinion that common sense in the work force is simply non existent at the management levels. It is the lower paying jobs and the employee’s that fill these positions that make the world go around. Maybe it is plain common sense or street smarts but I would guess life skills that keep most companies in business it surely is not the mid level managers and their spending 4 wasted years at a University that make a business of any sort tick. It has always been and always will be the common sense and dedication of the worker bee, that is honest, hard working and devoted to their perspective jobs. This in my humble opinion is what keeps the world as we know it ticking. Give me any company or government agency of which I have worked for both and I will show you a revolving door of upper and mid level management that rape and pillage the coffers of the company!