State Trooper, Wife Killed in Pennsylvania Murder-Suicide

    March 29, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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A former state trooper murdered his wife before committing suicide near Philipsburg, Pennsylvania on Thursday.

Local news station WTAJ is reporting that 51-year-old Mark Miscavish shot and killed his wife, Traci Miscavish at the Country Market store where she worked. Mark had retired from the Pennsylvania State Police in recent years.

Mark was reported to have entered the front doors of the store, walked upstairs to where Traci worked, and shot her twice with a shotgun. He then shot himself. Both were found dead when first responders arrived.

The two had reportedly been separated since January. According to a Reuters report, Traci had filed for divorce in the past week. Mark had reportedly been arrested in January for attempting to capture his wife with duct tape and threatening to kill her with a handgun. Traci was awarded a protection-from-abuse order following the incident.

Police are still investigating the murder, making sure that Mark acted alone in the murder-suicide.

  • manny reyes

    a piece of paper was the only thing protecting her what a joke

    • http://yahoo kathy

      So sad that her soon to be ex husband could walk right up to where she was working, she should have told the employees at the store she is not willing/ has order for him to stay away from her. He WAS a trooper now he made himself look like a party phooper wrecking someone ele’s life cause he wasn’t happy with his own. if he didn’t kill himself he knew someone would do it for him no jail cell space wasted for him. She must have trusted the system for security but these days you really can’t with illegals getting in and a bunch of crimes/drugs people have to fight their own battles they don’t always come when you call prob not enough help or good/honest help. We know she’s up in heaven but for the rotten guy he’s not with her she’s had enough of him. So sorry for her family members try and have a happy easter.

  • Dan Lawrence

    investigating to see if he acted alone? No he asked someone at the customer service desk to help him.

    • http://yahoo kathy

      The store workers should have been told of rules he can’t see her wondering if all knew of situation?

  • bob

    funny how the local news missed this!

    • Charles

      locally it wasn’t sensational enough – murder/suicide. Yahoo needed to use the words “killed” and “state trooper” to make it sound as though somebody else killed them both.

      • http://yahoo kathy

        Maybe it will come down to metal detectors in stores too hard to believe he could get a gun in there

    • http://yahoo kathy

      Alot of times the news puts stories out there and you see others try and copy them Colorado and other school shootings they kind of put bad ideas in sick heads

  • http://Yahoo Mary

    Just think. She probably paid the court agency in charge of issuing Restraining Orders, Protection From Abuse Orders, and other types for keeping people away between $150 to $200. For all the good these types of Orders do, a person is better off just keeping a person away from them the old fashion way — Shoot first and explain later to law enforcement why you shot them. Men,(and some women) who have an agenda with a spouse or girlfriend could care less how many Orders are issued to keep them at bay — Just a waste of paper and money to obtain this type of Order from the Court.

    • Charles

      of course – shoot first – only in Amerika, but that is the mentality

      • http://yahoo kathy

        We sometimes can’t wait till the help arrives there was a case where a garage was broken into and police were called not knowing if any one in there 30 minutes later the person called as they didn’t show up and claimed he didn’t need them as he took care of all of them theifes then at least 4 cops showed up is that what it takes for good service? I guess lieing can do some good they sure try it alot the ones we have dealt with any way.

      • http://yahoo kathy

        I think defend yourself and If you are told you did wrong and when you call for help and they take their time bad things can happen just tell them you did what they get paid to do. She prob didn’t know he was ther till too late and that is a shame. Ther’s a place for rotten people we all know what that’s called.It’s a sad world when people go bonkers like that but if your unhappy with your life deal with it killing others won’t get you any where but dead/jail cell ick.

  • Charles

    typical sensationalized fake story. He’s not a trooper so the headline is crap and should read “man kills wife and commits suicide”. The state trooper bit is to make it sound more serious to the readers’ imagination. Americans kill each other with guns and that’s how they settle problems. accept it and get over it. no news.

    • Nathan

      Wrong I grew up in this town and it is a very true story.

      • http://yahoo kathy

        you live in that town i bet that was a hard upseting day there. They had every right to use was trooper and he did do the killing what the heck is wrong with that person? a story tells it how it is he has issues he needs to get over them and deal with thesadness that the people left behind are feeling now not stuck on himself. a friend of ours passed away and these comments like that make me mad

  • Derrick

    If a victim doesn’t have a criminal record and is void of a history of mental illness, an emergency CHL (concealed handgun license)should be issued right along with the emergency restraining order. The reason being is, when the restraining order is violated, the authorities expect the victim to call the guys with badges and guns. However, what good is that if the predator is already there with a weapon? The courts need to start allowing law abiding citizens the luxury of making the playing field even, allow the victim to meet force with force.

    • http://yahoo Leon

      a lot of times people will use protection orders to ruin a person rather than to protect themselves …I am a criminal defense attorney and you would not believe the amount of times that it has been found out that the so called victim has mis used this law to get back at a person that they are angry with.The judge cannot take the chance so essentially if a person claims it the judge will issue the order. But giving a person a gun will not protect them as even a protection order does not …if a person is going to kill another a piece of paper will not stop him and in a sneak attack a gun wont’t help either.

      • John

        That doesn’t make sense Leon…if the victim needing an order of protection has a gun, then he or she can shoot back. If the so-called victim is lying about needing the order of protection, then noone is probably going to attack the victime anyway, but if they do, he or she can shoot back. A gun can protect, but a peice of paper can’t protect.

      • John

        If the first shot doesn’t kill me, then I might be able to get behind something and shoot back if I have a sidearm…People can and do survive sneak attacks. You are quick to throw in the towel and die.

  • Jessica

    Why do people bother with protection orders? Like the crazies they are getting them against care. What are they gonna do, hold that protection order up like a shield when the person comes around in hopes that it will magically protect them. By the time the police show up in an hour or two ur already dead. Buy a gun instead, now THAT will give you some protection….blow the fker away!!!

  • Randy

    Mark Miscavish shot and killed his wife, Traci Miscavish at the Country Market store where she worked.Mark was reported to have entered the front doors of the store, walked upstairs to where Traci worked, and shot her twice with a shotgun…….How did he manage to walk into this Country Market Sore thru the front doors and make it upstairs with a shotgun in the first place……and next…………..

    “Mark had reportedly been arrested in January for attempting to capture his wife with duct tape and threatening to kill her with a handgun”. ……What was done to him when this happened in January…..this wasn’t a warning sign…..to get therpy for him at the time…….someone needs to be held accountable for not acting on this at the time…….but typical nothing is done…..as far as we know……he would still be in therpy….and not able to get to her …..if still locked up with therpy sessions….she might still be alive…..unbelievable

    • John

      Randy, What do you mean when you say, “How did he manage to walk into this Country Market Store thru the front doors and make it upstairs with a shotgun in the first place?”

      Who do you think was going to stop him?

      • nubwaxer

        the the NRA would have you believe that a law abiding citizen armed with a firearm would have had training and reflexes to step in prevent the violent crimes. happens everyday, right? sorry, it only happens so rarely that it makes the news, but it is still an NRA favorite fantasy and anecdote to promote the gun cult.

  • John

    Bottom line…take out an order of protection, then wear a sidearm. Keep the doors locked and take extraordinary precautions so noone can just walk in on you. If the door to her upstairs office had been locked, then he would need to identify himself to get in. Or, she could have installed a peep hole. Get down low behind something and when he breaks the door down and is in close…fill him full of holes. The only person that can protect you is YOU.

  • D. Brown

    Very scary that someone like that passed all the psychological testing that I *assume* the Pa. State Police use. But then again I’ve read that domestic abuse is very high among law enforcement and prison guards.

    Kind of makes you wonder doesn’t it?