State Trooper Shot During Traffic Stop in Michigan

    September 10, 2013
    Erika Watts
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The state of Michigan is mourning a state trooper lost Monday night after he was shot in the head during a traffic stop in Mason county. Army Veteran and State Trooper Paul Butterfield, 43, died during surgery later that night after being airlifted to the hospital. Two people have been arrested in connection with the shooting.

Michigan governor Rick Snyder has ordered flags to be flown at half-staff until after Butterfield’s funeral. “This senseless incident is a grim reminder that our brave public safety officers put their lives on the line every day when they go to work protecting Michiganders,” Snyder said. “They are heroes.”

According to reports, Butterfield approached a vehicle during a “routine traffic stop,” and was shot after sending in the vehicle information to dispatchers. Someone passing by found Butterfield a few minutes later and called 911. While undergoing emergency surgery at Munson Medical Center, Butterfield passed away.

Police located the suspects involved in the shooting two hours later after finding a vehicle at a gas station that fit the description Butterfield provided. The suspects, a man and woman who haven’t yet been identified, fired shots at police after being approached. No officers were harmed during the exchange, and the male suspect was shot in the knee and treated at the hospital. Both suspects are in custody; charges will follow pending an investigation.

State police Lt. Chris McIntire said that Butterfield did everything by the book during the traffic stop. “What he did was perfect,” McIntire said. “You can’t prepare for something like this. He did the right thing.”

Many Twitter users have expressed their prayers and support for Butterfield’s family, fiancée and the Michigan State Troopers:


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  • bruce lambert

    the last time I got puled over in Louisiana for running a YEILD sign they called it a stop sign 8 cops cars puled me over they arrested me for having 0.015 of a gram of pot maybe the cops needed a wake up call

    • Jimmy L

      You call someone’s son and fiance getting killed a wake up call? That’s a jerk thing to say.

      • Maureen Holmes

        Shoudn’t have had anything on you! A death isn’t a wake up call

      • Maureen Holmes

        Agreed Jimmy!

    • chuck norris

      Bruce, you need a wake up call. Without those cops on the street you would not have pot, a car, or the ability to run an octogonal yield sign while high. Bigger thugs than you would keep you at your moms house nursing from her left.

    • Eric

      Yea an officer needed to die because you are butthurt about being arrested for breaking the law. Completely insensitive. A man lost his life and you make it about your personal problems. You are what is wrong with this world.

    • Mark Barnes


      I personally hate most cops. Think they’re power freak redheaded guys that never got over junior high and having a small dick.
      That being said, YOU’RE the asshole for having pot on you at all. You’re just being a little bitch because you got CAUGHT.

      • Bubba

        Most cops are just tired and fed up with disrespectful punks and A-Holes. Put yourself in their shoes – no one is ever happy to see them at their front door.

        If you’re respectful, do what you’re told and do not question them, you’ll be on your way in no time.

        Cop an attitude and you’ll go to jail for “contempt of cop.”

        • @Bubba

          Read what you just typed:

          … do what you are told and do not question them……

          That is very telling about a cops attitude. Just because something is a law it does not make it moral.

        • Shamus O’Malley

          Yes. Please read what you wrote.
          Do what you’re told? Do not question them?

          Cops are public servants paid with tax dollars. Most police have low IQ’s because those are the type of recruit the dept. seeks. Stupid people dont question authority – intelligent people do. Stupid people follow orders like sheep even if that means defiling the constitution. Furthermore, there is no obligation to follow unlawful orders & stupid cops give them. Just because they have a God complex doesnt mean you should obey everything they say….know your rights.

          If I was a betting man, & in Vegas – I’d say the pig faced cop puffed out his chest & decided to push his fat head around picking on a couple kids. When the kid asserted some rights (cuz his dad was a cop) – pigface went ballistic. In his pea brain, everyone should worship his jackboots. Pigface probably threw out threats of arrest & jail, forced an illegal 4th ammendment search & could barely balance his pighead with the inflated ego adreneline pumped into it. At which point, kid made a bad decision to teach pigface a lesson about bullying. SADLY, Lesson never learned, nor will the fellow pigfaces learn – remember they’re stupid. Shame that young couples life is ruined over this bully.
          Exactly who do they serve & protect again? Insurance companies? Government bureacracy? Politicians? Legislators? Judges? They certainly dont protect & serve the public. On this day he was raking in revenue for the pigfaces at the top. His greed killed him.

          • Rocco Antinelli

            Hey tough guy, why don’t you come tell that to the Chicago police officers? They all have college degrees by the way. You write like the moron you are. I would venture you are a bust out with no degree and little wiener syndrome. Obviously you have been arrested because you are a loser so you lash out at the authority who caught you because you were not good at being a criminal. And great advise not to follow police orders, all intelligent people do…Ha, great advise. Lets see how that works for you brainiac. Cops know law, its always the tough guys like you who question it, lose, then cry after your cuffed and back at the station behind closed doors. Seen it many times. So you must of been there at the crime scene huh? Knowing the couple were young and were bullied during the three minutes that transpired? Boy you are quite the detective. Get another life, you are no good at this one.

    • Bubba

      Maybe you ought to stay out of Louisiana where marijuana is still ILLEGAL.

      • Cleve


  • https://www.facebook.com/christinejr1 Christine Robinson

    Was pretty sure it was going to be Zimmerman who’d shot ‘im. Not this time, at least.

    • Bubba

      You’re an idiot. This HERO State Trooper was in no way related to a trespassing dope smoking juvenile delinquent who attacked a citizen protecting his neighborhood.

  • Maureen Holmes

    My prayers and thoughts go out to Butterfield Family. Michigan has lost yet another hero to a senseless act of violence.

    • Jimmy L

      This. It’s a tragic thing when someone who willingly put himself in harms was as both a soldier and a cop are gunned down. More people need to think about that when they tuck in their kids at night, you have the sense of protection you have because of cops.

  • patrick pilch

    i hope the gun was legally registered and the stop was ok too. however, when responsible gun owners become not responsible, we have killing. we may never learn. the second amendment has limitations as all amendments do. the dummies can’t see that and maybe they’ll have to pay a price soon. will the shooter? how’s george doing?

    • Mark Barnes

      Are you retarded, or do you have to try extra hard to sound like it?
      I’ll bet my paycheck against yours that was an illegal weapon. And, BTW, the 2nd Amendment has no restrictions. It was intended to do exactly what it does, keep free people free.

    • Jimmy L

      what does the gun being registered have to do with anything? vast majority of gun crimes are committed by people who either didn’t get them legally or aren’t allowed to have them by federal law. get a clue.

  • http://www.badcops.com bob

    I don’t think we are going to missp him when he is gone. Two whiskeys for the road. We take care of our own.

  • http://WebProNews DB

    “By the book” seems to always be the way our law enforcement heroes are MURDERED. Prayers will be said at this Sunday’s mass here in Wyoming for trooper and his family. ALL the murders committed by anybody should NEVER be just “accepted”. Prosecute them ASAP, and PUT THEM TO DEATH !! That is the REAL justice.

    • Reality

      We murder many people every day in the useless wars we fight. We have killed hundreds of thousands of people. Innocent people. Men, women, and children who have never harmed a soul.

      There are also lots of innocent people in our jails and prisons. The legal system is fundamentally broken. Don’t think for a moment that you cannot be arrested or find yourself in prison.

      Killing a person does not make a situation better. Why do people think that by doing more harm we will correct the wrongs in our society. It obviously isn’t working.

      Vengeance never works.

  • p.castalano

    I”m a firm believer of what goes around come back around , if u take a person life & its not self-Defense or nothing like that than u should be dealt with .. Oh well LOOK LIKE THOSE CLOWNS MIGHT BE HANGGING AROUND IN THERE SELLS LITERALLY..

  • http://yahoo larry woodall

    The bastard probably needed it.

    • p.castalano

      oh really , just because u got pulled over for driving Drunk , & a trooper found some meth & some other B,S. that got u on lifetime probation, u say some cruel stuff like that. That make me wish it would of been u that pulled them clowns over .

    • Jimmy L

      by bastard you better mean the one shot in the leg

  • Bubba

    The shooting should not have stopped until both suspects were DEAD.

  • Philip Callas

    RIP Brother. the scumbags have been apprehended.

  • Reality

    People rarely shoot people randomly. There is more to this story than meets the eye. I used to trust police but with age, I have come to realize that they do many dirty things behind closed doors and that many of the random acts of violence against police have their roots in something dirty going on.

    Most real criminals will do anything to avoid police contact and then when they do come in contact with a cop, they just want them to go away. They are not going to draw attention to themselves.

    The police in the country used to be great, but things have changed so much. If you need a refresher on how things have changed, go out to the net and research Tamara Gaglione. Look how the police treated a pregnant woman. Then look at how many other instances of violence by police there are.

    There is nothing better than a good, compassionate, and moral cop. One that does the right thing. One that is level headed. If this cop was one of those type of cops, then it was a great loss. However, in this day and age, those types of cops are few and far between.

    • http://att mjj

      Really Reality, YOU are exactly what is wrong with this country… NO RESPECT!!! One year ago on the same day we lost another officer responding to a domestic violence, he did NOTHING to be shot.. It is ignorant people like you that is turning this country into what we have now…

      • @mjj

        I give respect to people who deserve respect. In my last paragraph, I said that if this was a good cop, then it was a great loss.

        However, I am not naive at all. There are many many bad cops out there. The media just never covers those stories often. Also, many cases are not reported because there is no one to report them too — the police investigate themselves.

        You can live in a dream world if you want, but I assure you that there is a lot going on behind the scenes that you are not even aware of. This is not the 1950s anymore.

      • Hmm

        You respect this guy yet, you really have no idea how this guy lived his life. You have no idea of how he lived his life. All you know is that he is a cop and he got shot.

        Unless you were personal friends with him, you really have no idea how good of man he was or wasn’t.

        I don’t think you read that guys full comment before you went on your rant.

    • Stan

      It was a routine traffic stop, bonehead. The state trooper didn’t ask to be shot. People are stupid, they don’t need a reason to shoot somebody, especially if they are losers and are hiding something from the cops. How about having a little compassion instead of suggesting the fallen trooper somehow had it coming.

      • @Stan

        Things are often not what they seem.

    • Rocco Antinelli

      Mr “Reality” Where is YOUR reality?? People rarely shoot people randomly??? Where the hell have you been? Why is there more to the story than meets the eye there detective? What are you basing your facts on? Hmmm lets see, the officer makes a traffic stop and calls in the location and the vehicle info. So I don’t think if he was going to do something “behind closed doors” he would have provided that info. Then three mins later he is found shot in the head by a motorist. So Columbo in that short of time would tell me is that he approached the vehicle, leaned down to the window and was shot. Thats why it was a head shot.

      Now seeing you have all this law enforcement training…..or do you? “REAL criminals will do anything to avoid contact with the police and just want to get away”. Well you just shot your own theory to hell as YES they will do anything INCLUDING shooting an officer so they don’t go to jail because most criminals are sissies and don’t want to be locked up. Maybe they had warrants and THATS what was “more then meets the eye” To even suggest that the officer did something to cause this shooting is not only moronic but beyond disrespectful. As WHAT could someone possibly do to warrant a gunshot to the head??

      You pick out a story to what?? Throw doubt that this officer somehow is responsible for his own death while conducting a routine traffic stop? That he could have been violent?? Police investigate themselves?? This is another uniformed statement. You have NO idea what the hell you are talking about. By the way police do way more time then the most harden criminals.

      If you were around in the 50’s then you should think about retiring and put the foil back on your head. Then you actually think your pathetic attempt of your last paragraph will justify your disrespectful comments. Think you need real “reality”

      • @Rocco

        Yes, very few things in life are random. Killing a person is a major thing in life. Most people are killed because of some reason.

        Yes, every once in a while, a mentally disturbed person will randomly go nuts and shoot someone, but make no mistake about it, most murders are personal. It simply takes a lot to kill a person. Taking a life is not easy and something has to push a person to do it.

  • http://att mjj

    We lost another Officer on the 1yr. anniversay of Officer Patrick O’Rouke who was shot at 11:00pm 9/9/2012. It is truly unbelievable to lose two of the finest. State Trooper Paul Butterfield was an awesome Man who was looked up to by many, he still holds records in his High School for track/cross country, he made it through serving his country only to have this happen. RIP

  • http://N/A Robert Bishop

    My thought’s go out to the family of this man. I’m in Ohio and I shall lower my flag for this man.

    • Hmm

      You are just assuming he was a good man. Essentially, he must be a good man because he was a cop. Not all cops are good or moral man.

      You are basing your actions on faulty assumptions. It is interesting. When you break down domestic violence statistics, the profession with the highest rates of domestic violence are police. They have much higher rates than even combat troops. Many cops were found to have beaten their wives mercilessly for years before they were caught. Yet, every day people like you would just assume that they were “good” cops.

      You don’t know anything about this man. One way or the other, you are just choosing to believe what is already in your head.

      • Rocco Antinelli

        And what many of us believe is that you don’t have anything in YOUR head. What does domestic violence stats have to do with this officer being murdered by some low life? And where Mr. I know all the stats, did you get this information from?? Your empty head I take it. The mere fact the officer goes to work to protect idiots like you that make them “good people”. And YOU don’t know anything about this man to say he WASN’T a good man. There is NO sane reason to even doubt his integrity or his personal life. People are respecting a man who lost his life protecting others. So why was that person basing their “actions” on faulty assumptions??? What is faulty?? Something you think you know?? Give facts pal not your disrespectful uninformed crap.

        • Cleve


        • @Rocco

          The whole point of the comment was to show that sometimes we think people are so good but in reality, behind closed doors, they are doing terrible things.

          Face it Rocco. You have no idea if this man was a good guy or not. You are just assuming he was good because he was a cop. No one knows a thing about this man. He could have been a great guy or a bad guy. Who knows?

          Everything you wrote in your response applies to you as well. Remember this. Nothing you are saying is grounded in fact. It is wishful thinking.

          • Rocco Antinelli

            Mr Hmm, Again your comments which were unwarranted have NOTHING to do with the fact the officer was murdered by fleeing offenders (which is an indication of guilt and that is fact I can prove) is a FACT. His personal life HAS NOTHING to do with it. Plus you are speculating on uniformed info. Its the same as if someone murdered a love one of yours and I made a comment that well she or he could have been a bad person. Implying that it was OK for him or her to be murdered. You are implying that we should not respect this man for giving up his life to protect others as MAYBE he is not a good person. You are insane. So how would YOU feel of people said that about YOUR family member? And sorry pal, FACT is he IS a good person for putting his life on the line protecting disrespect able unappreciated idiots. Thats a fact.

  • David

    Just look at one of them the wrong way or don’t have a pleasant face when he stops you and you don’t have to say anything and see how fast you end up in jail when he start talking down to you as if you are a punk and they are Einsteins. Yes, it happens all the time in the land of the free and the home of of the brave.

    • @David

      Most people have no clue what cops do behind closed doors. They also have no idea how many get fired or reprimanded or how many do thing that would land a normal person in jail for year but of course, they never are held accountable.

    • @David

      Do as I say and not as I do.

      — the motto of the average cop

  • bilbo bagings

    These guys get WELL compensated for a dangerous job. They are NOT hero’s they take jobs with implied risks. Those 18-19yo kids in Afghanistan … they are hero’s.

    • @Bilbo

      I have seen more cops INSTIGATE or ESCALATE confrontations. Many cases of violence on police are started by the police. Yet, who makes out the incident reports and who talks to the press —- the police.

      The only cases where I have not seen this is with the gangs. Gangs will kill someone for absolute no reason.

      I guess it is possible someone shot a cop over a traffic stop — but it is not likely. There is more to this story than meets the eye.

      • coplover

        You people who are saying the guy deserved it are complete idiots. Who are you gonna call when you need help? How about you dumb@$$es call your THUG friends. Do you want to get shot because you are doing your job? Yes, there are bad cops out there who piss the good ones off and tarnish the badge but not all cops are bad. They do a dangerous job as no traffic stop is “routine”. The majority of the “cop haters” are the ones who call all the time to get help for things that they inflicted upon themselves. Imagine that! Keep bitching, next time you need help, DON’T call the police… maybe your fellow THUG and you will take each other out and help out the law abiding citizens. IDIOTS!

        • @coplover

          Why do you assume everyone who speaks out against police are thugs?

          I am nowhere close to being a thug, but I have personally witnessed many cops doing terrible things to people. You just never hear about it. The news rarely covers it and if they do, it is a 20 second spot buried somewhere between weather and sports.

          However, most things never get reported because ultimately cops investigate themselves and they wont convict themselves.

          • Rocco Antinelli

            Again another uneducated statement. Police DO NOT investigate themselves. You really made that statement?? Thats like saying judges preside over their own cases. You really witnessed cops doing terrible things but yet you are not a “thug”? Wow what a coincidence that you just happened to be near many police situations!

    • Karl

      If you read the article you would know this guy was one of those hero’s. Yes, plenty of guys wearing badges are not what they need to be but this is news because he was. I am speaking from experience Paul graduated from the high school where my father taught in Bridgeport MI. He visited the school and sent Christmas cards to my dad and even called when he was going to be back in town. I can make assumptions too. You can’t read!!!

    • Cleve


  • Scott

    Must be distraction…cause Detroit was already saved.

  • http://yahoo Arcie Huntsman

    The problem we have in this country today is,that we don,t take sonsabithces like that an stand them up out back of the courthouse and execute them on the day they are arrested.I hate to sound a little excessive,but law breakers in our country today thumb their knose at the judisual system today.

    • @Arcie

      Yep Arcie …. killing is always the answer. Never mind that statistics and studies show consistently that over 30% of people in prison are innocent or forced to plead guilty to crimes.

      You are just trying to play the internet tough guy. Old school guy. Yet, you know nothing of how the judicial system works.

      But hey. Killing is always the answer. Mercy is never a good idea. I assure you that if you cannot give mercy — none will be provided to you.

  • http://yahoo Arcie Huntsman

    I rest my case,many of the comments that I read in here side with the purpetaters of this crime,what can you exspect from a society with this kind of an attitude toward justice.

    • Jojo44

      No wonder things are the way they are in USA with citizens like this.

    • @Arcie

      That is because most people are unaware of what cops do behind closed doors. You think cops are your friends. The reality is that they can turn on you in a heart beat —- yes even you Archie.

      Justice is also bought in the US. If you are poor, you will not get justice. Try going into a courtroom and proving your innocence if you are poor.

      Just try it.

  • coplover


  • coplover


  • Rocco Antinelli

    It sickens me to see how many illiterate people out there that actually are making negative comments. Even suggesting the officer did something wrong to provoke this senseless cowardly act. Really?? Are you this much a moron? And those of you who are bashing police are the real bust outs who have been in trouble with the law and are not mature enough to take responsibility for your own actions. Seen it a million times, you open your little mouth to complain but when you are in trouble you call them for help. Police officers put their life on the line for people they don’t even know. No one can pass judgement until you YOU put your little chicken ass out there do the job. This is about an officer who gave up his life for others, like many other fallen officers and soldiers. NO REASON he should have been shot. The offenders that shot him are criminals, thats why they ran and thats why they shot him. Show some respect for his family. All you whinny babies get a life.

    • Troy

      I’ve been in trouble with the law but it was usually because I put myself in the situation. Most cops are decent just doing a job when called and dont deserve to get killed…some are pure shit but thats the same with everyone in the world. Condolences to that man family. R.I.P Officer

  • Cleve


  • Markman

    Do you ever wonder WHY this never ever happens in your border province Ontario or in the rest of Canada
    for that matter?
    I was on a Fulbright Teacher exchange to Harford County in Maryland one year. I was living on the edge of
    Baltimore/Towsand. There were 365 murders that year in Baltimore. THE WHOLE COUNTRY OF CANADA had one less than that.
    Just making a point as Teachers like to do.

    Now if I had my way the 2 that shot that officer would be hanging from a Gallows in Kingston Ontario where we used to hang muderers (oh ya a whip rapists).

    • @Markman

      You are wasting your breath. This is America … it is messed up. Few people here really know what is going on in the rest of the world… they just listen to the news every night and believe what that tells them. Heck, 90% of the people here don’t travel out of their own state.

      We have 5% of the world’s population and 25% of the world’s prisoners. We have the highest rates of violence in the world. Our police force attracts control freaks and soldier wannabees. We send people to prison for decades for minor crimes and profit greatly off of incarceration. Heck, in Georgia alone, 1 in every 13 people are in jail, on parole, and probation. Georgia has 23 industrial plants manned by unpaid prison labor and forces every state agency to buy from them. It is all about money.

      On the flip side, we don’t hold teenagers accountable for anything. We always say that they do not know what they are doing. We have teenagers stabbing elderly people because they are bored, teenagers using drugs like crazy, teenagers having sex like rabbits, young girls purposely going after sex with older men, young boys purposely plotting to kill people, teenagers stealing cars for kicks, teenagers fighting over race, now we have teenagers stabbing over race and heck, I just saw a story on how steroid is rampant at high schools. This sends a clear message that anything is acceptable and that message is carried forward into adulthood.

      So in a nutshell, we have lots of innocent people in prison and guilty people running around free. If you are poor, you will go to prison for minor things. If you are rich, you can get away with anything. We never hold anyone responsible and make excuses for a lot of people.

      The whole situation is messed up. Our justice system is fundamentally broken.

  • Interesting

    Every violent situation that I have ever seen ….. both people were at fault in some capacity. Few situations are just indiscriminate acts of violence. Typically egos get involved and things escalate, but still, it takes a heck of a lot to shot someone.

    I find it odd that both suspects fired shots. I also find it odd that one of them was a woman. It is highly unlikely that both were fleeing suspects. So few women are sent to prison in this nation that it is also highly unlikely she was evading the law. It is even more odd that a couple tried to kill a cop.

    Something just isn’t being told about this story. What it is —- I don’t know. It takes a lot to kill another human being. It isn’t easy. There is always a motivation.

    • Jojo44

      So what do you think the cop did to be partially at fault here?

      “Every” sounds like a stretch. While you can certainly say that one could have done more to prevent a situation sometimes, assigning fault to both parties isn’t always applicable. Example: man who has a history of beating wife shoots her in the head while drunk and the wife did nothing other than not leave him. So is she at fault somewhat in your opinion? I don’t think so. Sometimes people can do more for prevention, but that doesn’t mean they chose or are to blame for the outcome.

      Only in this world do the same people who think poor black kids who grow up to be gangbangers are less responsible for their actions and situation than a guy who was murdered that was doing his job.

    • Rocco Antinelli

      So tell me Mr Experience, how many violent situations have you seen? And why? I would like to know where do you live where there is very few random acts of violence? I do have experience and seen MANY random acts of violence. Did you not just read the story of how three black teens murdered a white teen from Australia? When questioned they said “We did it because we were bored” Many crimes committed by junkies are not planned but committed without thought.

      It takes a lot to kill someone? Have you checked the crime stats lately? It takes “escalation and egos to commit violent crimes? So tell me professor, what about robberies? What did the store owner, the senior citizen, the bank teller do to cause them to be shot. What was their part???

      Find it odd a woman committed a violent crime?? Guess those prisons are filled with females who committed misdemeanors. Its highly unlikely that they were both fleeing suspects??? One there are now OFFENDERS not suspects. Two, again where the hell do you get you information? Did you consider that it was a man and woman that they have a relationship? And the female wanted her male “partner” not go to jail? Do you not find it odd they both had guns? And the most obvious question, why the hell do they shoot a cop so fast??? There was only three mins from the time he called in his stop to being found by a motorist. Think maybe they either had warrants or just committed a crime??? Hmmmm…..oh thats right according to you very few male female teams commit crimes that involve violence. I have some people I would like you to meet. You people need to think before you spout out idiotic statements. Hope all of you goofs come back to this site when they get more info on the offenders. You will see just how stupid your speculations are.

      Bottom line is a Police Officer who was doing his job and protecting others including you, died for no reason. He has a family and we should show respect and help ease their pain by honoring someone who lost his life to someone who had NO RIGHT to kill him and then like a typical criminal coward, run.

  • Jack Lovett

    A pig wearing a costume issued by the criminal gov. out their extorting
    $ from the public at large. Theft under color of law.The pig and all like him/it/her need to die.Gov is our enemy.

    Not a slave,