Star Wars Toys Used To Recreate Classic Photos

    July 4, 2012
    Richard Stalker
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‘Troopers Raising The Flag On Iwo Jima’ (Joe Rosenthal’s ‘Raising The Flag On Iwo Jima’)

Is there anything that a clone trooper can’t do? Besides live longer than 20 years? The Clone Trooper has become an iconic character in the vast Star Wars universe and will be for a very long time. So when a Canadian teacher decided to use Star Wars toys to make art, we all noticed.

As part of a year-long project ‘365 days of clones’, Canadian art teacher David Eger has recreated famous photographs and paintings using Star Wars figurines. The scenography is done in real life rather than in photoshop, in a project that was Eger’s response to his new year’s resolution to pursue “personal photographic endeavors” more often.

Eger photographed each piece on a date relevant to the original work. The anniversary of the date the photograph was taken in the case of most contemporary pieces, or the birth, or death dates of the artist. You can go check out his Flickr page for some more awesome photos of Star Wars toys.


‘B.F. Boba Fett’ (cover of film ‘E.T. Extra Terrestrial’), with Yoda in bicycle basket


‘Abbey Road’ (Ilan Macmillan’s ‘Abbey Road’ cover shot of the Beatles)


‘The Cloned Kiss’ (Alfred Eisenstaedt’s ‘The Kiss’)


‘Troopers Atop A Skyscraper’ (Charles C. Ebbets’s ‘Lunchtime Atop A Skyscraper’)

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