Star Trek: The Original Series Google Doodle Celebrates Star Trek’s 46th Anniversary

    September 7, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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With all of the Google Doodles released during the London 2012 Olympics, the normal Google header on the Google homepage has seemed a little stale. Fortunately, that banality makes new Google Doodles even more exciting when they appear.

Today, Google is celebrating the 46th anniversary of Star Trek: The Original Series with a point-and-click adventure game doodle. The game depicts the show’s characters as the letters of the word Google (Spock is the ‘G’, Uhura and Kirk are ‘o’s, McCoy is the ‘g’, Sulu is the’l’, and Chekov is missing) and features many sound effects from the series.

Throughout the short adventure, players get a chance to see the bridge of the USS Enterprise, the transporter room, and the surface of a barren planet, where an abbreviated version of a famous scene (seen below) from the Star Trek episode “Arena” takes place. Kirk quickly builds the “Gorn Cannon” and defeats the Gorn Captain, who looks like a PEZ dispenser. Of course, the ‘e’ at the end of ‘Google’ who beams down with Kirk is an unnamed redshirt ensign who doesn’t make it through the journey entirely unscathed.

It wouldn’t surprise anyone if it turns out that plenty of Googler’s are trekkies, specifically the ones on the Google Doodle creation team. Star Trek is often cited as an inspiration for nerdy, creative people who engineer or design the technology that is currently changing the world. As far as influences go, Star Trek’s strong moral and egalitarian messages are probably good ones to ensure Google stays true to its “don’t be evil” motto.

[UPDATE] In case you’ve missed any of the secrets found in the doodle (did you find the Tribbles?), here is a nice walkthrough for the game:

  • Joyce

    This was great!! I am a huge Star Trek fan and my son was horrified that I made him watch as I played all the noises and recognized the Gorn character right away! We are better planet for having Kirk as a representative of the Human/American way!

  • Trek North

    Nice job. Captures the old series in a fun way.

  • S Pock

    They clearly represented the thin version of Scotty.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiLGNTvLaRk&feature=plcp Jack

    Awesome doodle – it’s been how I’ve spent my weekends over this year making a stop motion animation spoof of Classic Star Trek, we call it “Shat Trek” and our 14 minute pilot episode entitled: “To All The Gorn I’ve Loved Before” comes out in December – I promise it’ll be lots of fun to watch. Meanwhile – check out our little 4 minute teaser-trailer if you are curious… all the best to all you Trekkies out there!

  • Dan

    THAT WAS GREAT! The sound affects are great too so be sure to turn up your volume to take full advantage of the experience. I hope to see more doodles like this in the future…

  • Tom S

    This was awsome and loved the sounds from the original series too. 46 years, wow.

  • http://Google Hayley Faulkner

    Fantastic Google Doodle! had no idea that it would all move etc. when clicked on…. Going for another play now ha ha

  • http://Googledoodle Linda

    Great! Loved the star trek doodle! I want it saved!!



  • Don

    Ah, I think the premier was Sept 8, not 7.

  • Greg Lavers

    Thanks from a fan of Star Trek TOS. Shatner’s finest performances were in that series. The entire cast was incredible for a genre that really was alien to America back in those days. Westerns were to theme of most movies back then. Matter of fact Gene Roddenberry pitched the show as”A Wagontrain to the Stars” so that the TV execs would view it.


    This is bloody brilliant. For me this trumps all of the olympics doodles. WELL DONE GOOGLE

  • http://na robert

    wow this is really cool and funny..always the guy wearing the red uniform that get’s the worst end of the stick lol1!

  • Colin Crowe


  • kc

    Totally awsome. I want a copy.

  • Mick

    This is really brilliant! Did anyone notice in the transporter room, the red shirt cries when clicked, and the tribbles that fall out of the hatch? Well done guys:)

  • kc

    Love the tribbles too. ya’ll out did yoursevles this time.

  • Jim Gittelson

    I would hope that Googlers are trekkers, not trekkies!!!

  • Di

    Best doodle ever!! LOL at the poor Red Shirt Guy!!!

  • Jay

    I love the Google logo today! BUT, it’s a day early! The premiere of TOS was September 8th, not the 7th. I clearly remember this because it fell on my birthday. I also remember that the day was a Wednesday, because we usually went to church on Wednesdays and I feigned sickness that evening so that I could stay home and watch the very first aired episode of STAR TREK!

  • George

    I laughed ’til tears came from my eyes…LMAO!..AWESOME!
    A hardcore Trekkie :o)

  • http://www.ultralimousineservice.com susan lundquist

    Love this! I stayed and played each segment and immediately recalled the episode depicted.

    I was such a fan of the entire series (our company even drove Captain Picard one time). I recall the early series and rushing home from work each afternoon to watch them. Now I have to laugh at how impressed we all were over the simple and silly plots and special effects.

    I also have to admit that at least once a week, I relate something to a feature or story line. How much of our language has been impacted by Star Trek? Beam me up Scotty.

  • Andrea

    Google made me smile on a rainy day.

  • Geoff

    Just played this. Brilliant stuff. Love the Gorn. Only the Uhura music theme is a let down – should have had “hailing frequencies open captain” instead. Well done Google.

    (I wonder what they might do with “Alien” (1979)!?)

  • George

    Here’s my twist on a “Darwinian Star Trek” about SOME human’s brains…
    “Space, that thing between your ears…these are the voyages of two lonely brain cells…their ongoing mission, to seek out each other, bond, and become intelligent life…to boldly go where your brain cells have never gone before!”

    • George

      Ohhhh My…

  • Gerald Foy

    I don’t understand why people are raving about this, it’s awful! A couple of jpgs with things you can click on? I’ll take a playable instrument over this 1994-era work any day.

  • mattzweck

    i’m a big star trek fan. especially of the original series.

  • jessicka

    This so made my day!!!

  • michi


  • http://Google Wendi B

    Love the Star Trek theme ! Grew up with the series and still enjoy watching it today! V

  • John

    Your walkthru missed throwing the Rock at the Gorn…

  • Randi Cook

    Love this show growing up!!!! Thanks for the smiles today~~~~~~~~~

  • Stephanie Klinosky

    Yes! You are a day early Star Trek did start on Sept 8th 1966. How do I know this is because it happens to be the day I was born. I have always known that I was the same age as the show. Please correct your mistake.

    • http://Google Bonnie

      Is that all you got out of this Google a mixed up date and an announcement of your birthday, you’re not a true Trekkie! Obviously you can’t see for forrest for the trees.

  • George

    For those of you who think this doodle is a day early, it’s actually late, if you calculate leap years into the equation.
    Also, if you calculate the gravity coefficient in the alpha quadrant, divided by the space/time continuum of the gamma quadrant, multiplied by the time/space continuum of the delta quadrant, you’re actually moving backwards in time, so we are celebrating the 46th pre-anniversary of Star Trek The Original Series being created IN THE FUTURE! (think humpbacked whales and time warps) :o)
    Ok, ok, i know, a bit far-fetched & “out there” for the average mind…but it sounded so good when i thought of it!

  • http://Google Bonnie

    Google gave me a warm fuzzy feeling and a large laugh. Played it several times, wish I could save it. A day early, actual series aired Sept 8th 1966 but didn’t mind at all. I’m an orginal Trekkie and proud of it, gret job Google!

  • bryan

    Google is silly as Hell..lol they couldn’t find something worth celebrating today than this old behind show?..how about the speech our president gave last night..the could have did some patriotic red white and blue or something..there’s got to be something worth celebrating today than this. Matter of fact, I’m gonna google _things worth celebrating today” to see what I can come up wth..LOL

    • http://inlandinternet.com chris

      Wow, get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning or are you always such a ray of sunshine?

      • Soulbiter

        BARRACK OBAMA was so sad last night, just more of the same old dribble from the last 4 long years! He is such a LOSER!

        Not as much as he will be on November 6th, 2012 though!

        Go Romney!

    • Paul Vaughn

      Bryan, probably the reason they did Star Trek after the speech last night is because we “SO HOPE SOMEONE TRANSPORTS HIM TO ANOTHER GALAXY so far away that no one can bring him back to finish destroying America”…

  • candice

    i think that its great for kids to watch but personally i like it when they disapear from the galaxy and kill the dragon with the kaboom! and knocks him out. hahahahaha its was funny

    • Candice

      i think that the star trak for google was great it was funny hahahahahahaha my daughter liked it as much as i did. google is always a hahaha laughing moment keep google open minded

  • http://inlandinternet.com chris

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!Live long and prosper Doodle team!

  • Raoul

    What happened to Scotty??????? The man that always saved the ship????

  • TribbleLover

    I really enjoyed getting the Tribbles to pour out on the bridge by pressing on a hatch door in one of the frames.

    • DJ

      Too funny…you are sooo right!

  • Jim R

    Not many people will understand it but, when you click on the the “e” while on the transporter, he whines and sweats… any Trekker or Trekkie alike knows the red guy doesn’t usually return from an away trip!!

  • LB514

    Um… when I click on the doodle, it takes me to a websearch with this article at the forefront. I can’t hear any sound effects or anything. What might I be doing wrong?

    • Nancy

      It’s not working for me either. Guess Google either turned it off or the ship got captured by yahoo!

  • Ken

    Not hard to tell that there are a LOT of fellow nerds at Google. Thanks for making my day.

  • http://runningwithpugs.wordpress.com Ariel

    It’s not a dragon, it’s the Gorn

  • peter

    Actually Google did not get the date wrong…. the new doodle came on line as the date changed at 180* (the internatioal date line)..

  • http://kck.st/O9pBC3 SD

    Awesome, Google! Way to celebrate Trek, with a mini point-and-click adventure game. Also very clever of them to take note of the recent geek resurgance of p-n-c adventure gaming, from Double Fine Productions and Telltale Games, to Wadjet Eye and Kickstarter projects from legendary adventure game designers (like a spiritual successor to the Space Quest series by the Two Guys from Andromeda!!).

    Too cool…

  • DJ

    I absolutely love it!! A trekkie to my heart!!

  • Sandra

    WAY TO GO GOOGLE!!!! My hats off to all the creative, fun loving Trekkers (yes, that’s intentional) out there…and happy birthday to Star Trek, and to Gene Roddenberry where ever you are, forever may your spirit soar like the Great Bird of the Galaxy at Warp factor 8!!!
    Thanks To Google for making my day!

  • Mary

    Having a “kinda” bad day…Google changed all that! Thanks for the Star Trek memories. Job well done. Live long and prosper!!

  • palmera

    Thank you Google! and Happy Birthday Mr Spock!

  • Lisa

    Did anyone else notice that when you’re in the transporter room. if you roll over the “I’m feeling lucky”, it changes to a number of different ‘feelings’?

  • Cody

    I loved this star trek doodle. I never was a star trek fan, but I like this doodle, and the Pez Dragon Gorn thingy was hilarious.! Thanks! :)

  • Tracy

    LOVED it!!! Thanks Goggle, good job.

  • Chingatchkook

    Google rocks, I love this company. They know how to have fun and entertain their clientele. Well done!

  • http://www.thelogodesigns.com Logo Designing

    Just amazing ! Loved the background music. Really Doodles are inspiration for graphic design creators.

  • 1tycoon

    Just think battlestar galactica and you should understand the greatness of a fine show as star trek. And google rocks for staying outta the political arena.

  • m arshad

    very intresting startup

  • paula

    Sigh…i’ve tried and tried…but when i hit the flight deck..it just goes to “GOOGLE SITES” concering star trek. Can’t play the game. Darn….

  • Raine

    Best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.ukbettips.co.uk/ UK

    Star trek the final frontier.