Star Trek Fan Has $500,000 Trek Man Cave

    July 10, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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Star Trek fans will do a lot of embarrassing stuff. They’ll travel thousands of miles to conventions and meet-ups. They’ll buy and make costumes that get worn on days other than Halloween.

Then there’s the paragon of parenting virtue who only spoke Klingon to his son for the first three years of his life.

Now comes the tale of a man who has spent three years and nearly half a million dollars fixing up his basement like a Star Trek shrine.

Anthony Sforza of Long Island went to great lengths — perhaps where no one had gone before — to get materials for his basement Enterprise.

“It was very difficult at first to find the materials that they used on the show,” Sforza said. “I tried to call them but getting an answer was impossible.”

“Fortunately I was able to purchase a piece of the original set which I pulled apart to find out the exact paint and materials that were used,” he said. “That’s how I created the basement.”

Sforza recreated the captain’s conn and other pieces of the Enterprise bridge — NCC-1701, no bloody A, B, C, or D. But he also collects costumes, badges, tricorders, action figures, latex masks, and weapons.

“My collection probably has about 300 pieces in it,” Sforza explained. “The most notable pieces of the collection are the Captain’s costume, which is called the Monster Maroon.”

Sforza’s kids love the Star Trek obsession. But his sister thinks it’s a little weird.

“Anthony’s been obsessed with Star Trek for as long as I think I’ve been alive,” she said. “I don’t remember him ever not being obsessed with it, even when he was a little boy. I think he’s a freak, but he loves it, and he could be into worse things. So if that’s what makes him happy then that’s great.”

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  • http://yahoo.com/ Keeponwalkin

    It does seem a bit off-the-wall, but with him being a “Star Trek” fanatic, and he can evidently afford it, more power to him….I’d like to visit.
    I used to watch “Star Trek” twice a day…and enjoyed the “enhanced” version where they upgraded some of the Special FX on the originals. I was never a real big fan of the other “Star Treks” but have watched them more over the last few years.

  • Sterling Archer

    thats outstanding that he made it so!

  • J Malcolm Stewart

    In the 21st Century, you can actually get laid doing this….

    • jabbadonut

      Uh, this IS the 21st Century.The guy is married, so he’s probably “getting laid.” And as far as “actually” getting “laid doing this,” I have to ask, “laid by what?” :)

  • Steve Bodiford

    This has got to be the biggest babe magnet ever! 😉

    • jabbadonut

      Define “babe” . . . :)

      • Steve Bodiford

        It’s called tongue in cheek. is a figure of speech used to imply that a statement or other production is humorously or otherwise not seriously intended, and it should not be taken at face value.

        • jabbadonut

          Ok Steve. Again, define “babe.” :)

          • Steve Bodiford

            It’s not a pig, a ball player or a torn off piece of a Candy wrapper. It’s not disparaging yet, it can be offered as an affectionate term. To whomever you assign qualities of beauty, grace, charm, and wisdom…a babe might fall under each or all of those umbrellas. I hope this brings some clarity to your question!

          • jabbadonut

            Oh, you mean Adriana Lima then . . . :)

          • Steve Bodiford

            As the Romans would say…”aut disce aut discede”

          • jabbadonut

            But that is contrary to my goal . . . :)

          • Steve Bodiford

            I do hope its te discede and not he disce you refer to!

          • Steve Bodiford

            In your case..I’ll take PIG for 500 Alex!

  • Arod

    Sell tickets… I’d pay $5 to see the collection…

  • Monte Lee

    You sound like the moron! Bringing your stupid politics to an article about star trek. Wish someone would break your stupid fingers so we don’t have to hear about your stupid politics everywhere.

  • Code of the West

    I love Star Trek but… his poor wife….

  • Nita Shafer

    You too will be assimilated, you too will be a Democrat

  • Nita Shafer

    GASP– Spock and Sulu were GAY LOVERS

  • Gary M.

    Fat D-bag. No surprise there.

  • john carter

    He’d make his money back (and then some) if he’d open his place up for private viewing.


    *sigh* Too bad he married a non-fan. Oh, well- if I win the Lottery, I’ll build a bridge mock-up, along with a KRAFTWERK stage set-up [“The ROBOTS”] in the adjoining ready room, with a ROBOT museum, vintage SYNTHS, etc. My BOTCAVE. :]

    • Charles Overturf

      Kraftwerk is cool! Mr. Roboto, love it!

  • jabbadonut

    I love Star Trek, but some fans aren’t “well,” if you know what I mean. This guy is one of those. I shudder to think what he’d be doing in another life.

  • trahanaquasimodo

    Hey Evil NsA clapper has Spent more for his STAR TREK command center in the EVIl NsA Headquarters..at TAX payers expense .

  • Exclusive

    Obviously it is escape… surely things aren’t that bad.

  • Jet Davis

    poor loser has probably never been laid by a decent looking woman and unless youre a billionaire it would be stupid to spend that kind of money on something like that