Star Fox 1993 Opening HD Redux is Winning

    May 3, 2012
    Chris Gabbard
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We haven’t seen a new Star Fox console game since the Gamecube. This is a big problem. Fortunately Rickonami on YouTube has provided us with an awesome remake of the 1993 opening scene of Star Fox to tide us over until a newer version comes out.

And by newer version, I mean a real Star Fox game, either a better version of the original or Star Fox 64 for the console. Someone at Nintendo needs to see this, and the awesome potential a revamped Star Fox would bring. They should probably start with a decent console. No motion controllers. No outdated graphics output. No handheld console with gimmicky features. Just updated version of the games we came to love as kids of the Nintendo generation.

To truly appreciate it, you must watch the original 1993 Star Fox opening.

[via: gametyrant]
  • Christian

    The way you decry motion controls betrays quite loudly how little I can expect from you as a gaming journalist.

    No offense. Your assessment that Nintendo should stick to its roots is accurate as anything, but that doesn’t mean you have to pretend Nintendo’s new ideas haven’t single-handedly revolutionized the gaming industry for the better.

    butt no gaiz skywerd sowrd wuz dumm cuz moshin controlols wer 2 responsiv & fun

  • Christian

    Oh yeah, and I should mention; bashing motion controls on an article calling for a new Star Fox game of all things just DOESN’T make any sense, the prospect of physically controlling an airship with a Wii U controller is just TOO good to pass up. Seriously, connect the dots here.

  • Jaiguru

    Agreed. Motion controls are, so far, terrible. They’ve been laggy, poorly calibrated and wildly innacurate and the Wii is the worst offender, though that’s not to say I have much affection for the PS3 wands or the kinect. They have removed a ton of possibility from control schemes, replacing it with a gimmick that has had an over all detrimental effect on console gaming. Simpler controls = fewer possible in game actions = dumbed down gaming.

    I think it’ s a moot point at this time, but I still lament the fall of this once great hobby to the masses of casuals that now drive the market.