Stacey Dash Endorses Romney, Twitter Explodes

    October 10, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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When actress Stacey Dash (IMDB – Dysfunctional Friends, Clueless, Cosby Show) tweeted about her endorsement for Mitt Romney, she had no idea of the backlash she was inviting upon herself.

Dash has been the target of hateful comments on the social media site since she voiced her opinion, some of which are racially tinged. The incident has led to outrage on behalf of the actress, with public figures like Sandra Fluke responding in her posts.

It all began with a post from Stacey showing support for Romney (and inexplicably wearing a Baywatch-esque bathing suit) and quickly led to replies like, “You’re an unemployed black woman endorsing @MittRomney. You’re voting against yourself thrice. You poor beautiful idiot.” Dash quickly retorted, “My humble opinion…EVERYONE is entitled to one.”

Dash is now garnering support from both the Romney campaign and her friends, who have been posting on her behalf on Twitter.

  • Bridget Patterson

    She has the right to vote for who Romney. What are you thinking. She doe not act like she is part of the black race.

    • BJcollins

      I think that when you have bread in your MOUTH, a HOUSE to live in, a JOB to go to everyday,
      you can go to the DOCTOR when you are sick, send your kids to PRIVATE school, and really
      live the AMERICAN DREAM, then vote for ROMNEY! These people do not have a clue of the everyday life so many of AMERICANS are living nor do they CARE! There is no compassion for the less
      fortunate ones. This world is full of greed. But, in the end God will be the ruler of this system that will bring peace and justice for all.

  • Jester

    Its funny how the black celebrities are like “WHAT? You’re black and you’re not gonna vote for the black guy?” Good for you, Stacey.

  • vickmcg

    Good for her! While I might not agree with Romney’s politics, I am proud of her for standing up for what she believes in and voting the way she wants to. We live in America and all have the right to vote the way we choose. The ridicule and the mean-spirited comments for someones belief turn me off completely when it comes to politics. Can’t people just play nice? It’s ridiculous!

    • grneyegenie

      right on vickmcg romney is a arrogant self loving azz hole. i pray everyday that people will wake up and c him for what he really is. he is not the working mans friend he does not like single parent people. he only cares for the rich this race should not even be close.its really sad that a lot of whites are playing the race card only voting for romney bcause they hate seeing a blk man incharge. that the whole republican party is willing to let this country fall apart just so they can say that a blk man cannot run this country.they have disrespected this pres the same way they did soo many blk americans stood up for freedom and justice

  • Vanetta Crute

    Stacey, you state you are voting to Romney because of the content of his character. He has no integrity. He will flip flop his view depending upon the audience. His views takes wome’s rights back to the 50s. ,voting rights back to the 50, ( when you would not have been able to vote) He supports voter suppression.

    You think Romney has more content to his character than President Obama? Romney won’t evern release his tax returns. He is a fake!! He has no real character. He is a FLIP FLOPPER!!!

    I am not voting for Obama just because he is black. I am voting for Obama because he CARES about the middle class. He wants Americans to be able to afford college education, he wants us all to have health care. Because of Obamacare, I can now get a Mammogram. Romney would not care if I died–due to lack of decent health insurance. Romney’s vision is every man woman child for themselves.

    All Romney cares about is where he and his buddies can make their next billion dollars. He will outsource as many jobs as possible and have Americans job that are left –work for minimum wage or less. He doesn/t care about most of America–just the top 1%. Are you in top 1% ? If not you need to reassess your views.

    • Don

      REALLY?? You say you are not voting for Obama because he is black. I call the BS card on that one. How do you feel about Obama’s integrity today, after finding out that he lied about the riots that lead to our ambassador being murdered by terrorists? Integrity?? The man is an opportunistic liar who takes advantage of the ignorance of the people who vote for him.

      I like the fact that you can recite the talking points, i.e. “flip-flopping” what you CAN’T do is cite one instance of that. Know why? because it is an Obama lie. You know who is a “flip-flopper”?, hell, let’s just call it what it is: a Liar? Obama… examples?… “I will bring the troops home by the end of the year”, ” I will close Guantanimo Bay”, “I will not raise taxes on individuals who make less than $250,000.00 per year”, These are all lies that have not come to fruition.

      Let’s talk about how Obama “cares” about you. Obamacare absolutely does not allow you to have a mammogram as you so ignorantly state. In fact, there are now more roadblocks to getting diagnostic procedures that will be implemented over the next 3 years. The fact that you say that you can “now get a mammogram because of Obamacare” indicates that you have no idea what you are talking about. There have been NO implementations of Obamacare as of yet that affect access to procedures for individuals with private healthcare, AND medicaid has always covered one per year for qualifying members. On the other hand, Romneycare HAS been implmented and has been successful, because it works on a state level, the way it should work.

      Finally.. you would agree that no one wants to pay higher taxes, right? If Obama is so all-fired concerned about raising taxes on the rich, why are so many ultra-rich Hollywood types in his pocket? C’mon… think it through… Why would a millionaire support the man who is going to take more of his money and give it to people who don’t have the fire and desire to earn their own?

      I think YOU need to reassess YOUR views before you start criticizing others.

    • Robert

      “Romney won’t evern release his tax returns. ”

      He has released what was legally required.

      But in that wein, Obam only released the “short fom” of his birth. To end the controversy, why didn’t he just go ahead and release the “long form”?

      Because he did what was legally required, no more.

      And what difference does it make how much Romney made? He is a successful entrepeneur. Obama is a puppet.

  • Jim Torres

    Sam Jackson- You are as blind as Ray Charles with your party line only. Remember MLK was a republican and he was BLACK.

    Stacy Dash is clearly smart enough to see through all the BS coming out of the White House and the long term damage they have done to our country.

    I sat directly behind you at a Tiger Wood event, I know why you vote for OB. I use to like some of your movies but are a piece of work….. I will not spend another dime to see you again…

    • Shaye Williams

      Its not a matter of voting for President Obama because he is black, the reason so many people are up in arms is because Mr. Romney is so very focused on Big Business and the one percent. He appears to have no compassion for anyone who is not like him, he has no real plan for the country, he seems insincere and has no depth…Republicans want less government in our lives but its o.k for the government to make choices for women and what we should do with our bodies… yes Martin Luther King was a republican and so were many other black people but that was when the Republican party had humanity and care about people not about how much money they can make on the back of the middle class. Romney is for one type of people…President Obama is for all!!

    • Anyae

      Race has nothing to do with voting my friend! Why is it revelant that MLK was a Black Republican? You are just as small minded as the people who are making race the bigger issue.

    • Effie

      Stacy dash is smart enough to get her name trending that is about it.

  • http://aemyrickphotography.ifp3.com andre

    Ahhh, this is the United States of America, and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    • R Smith

      AMEN…whether she votes for Romney or not, she is entitled to her own vote!

  • John Derocker

    I guarantee you all if Stacey endorsed Obama, black people and the left wingers treat her like the first lady. Stacey endorses Romney and they treat her like dirt. Go figure!

    • Anyae

      How do you know if everyone who attacked her was black?? Assumption? You must have forgotten that there are White Democrats.. You sound very ignorant.

      • Effie

        The GOP nor Mittens or Lyan care anything about blacks or Stacey Dash. They are simply using each other. She hasn’t had a movie role in over 15 years, so with this endorsement people are talking about her. She doesnt have enough money or clout to help Mitten’s campaign.

      • Robert

        Because this is the same way the blacks treated Bill Cosby when he told them to stop whining and take responsibility for themselves; they turned him into a pariah in the “black community”.

    • Joetta Days


  • http://www.family-fellowship.com Bob Tarasiak

    Anyone who is a TRUE God fearing Christian could NEVER vote for anyone who is pro-choice!! Let me be clear, the Bible declares “Thou shall not murder!” Again ANYONE who votes for Obama is voting for tax payer funded Murder called “abortion”! Anyone who VOTES for Obama WILL be judged by God for this decision! May God open the eyes of the people of this country! God bless! Also, What choice does the baby have? Same with Sam-Sex marriage! IT is NOT Biblical and God designed marriage as One man and One Woman! Homosexuality is a life style choice! NO one is born that way! this is a lie of Satan!

    • GetReal

      When you are completely free of sin you can use the bible as your reason for being a bigot. It always amazes me that people will ignore the bible when it inconveniences them but use it to persecute others. Do you think that a child raped by her father should be forced to carry the baby? If so you are a truly sick individual.

      • Joetta Days


        • Joetta Days


          • R Smith

            Hey everyone has their own opinion. :-) I can’t fault you for having an opinion. I was just relaying this info to Bob about what the word of God (the Holy Bible) actually say about killing…Hopefully, people will wake up and realize that the Bible has the final say so in what will happen. Read it and one will see that all the things happening have been prophesied…Matthew 24-25….Revelations chapters 1-22…all throughout the Bible. Have a great day! :-)

    • R Smith

      In actuality, any TRUE God fearing Christian would be an independent not a Republican or a Democrat. Abortion is a moral issue. It is wrong in ALL cases. However, republicans are in favor of abortion only in cases of incest, rape, and things of that nature. Democrats are pro-choice. Killing is wrong in ALL, I REPEAT ALL, CASES…so should I vote for Romney because he says he is pro-life? Is he going to abolish abortion….NO! Be careful of who you support on the basis of a so-called “pro-life” proclamation because unfortunately no candidate in the past, present, or future is truly pro-life and will abolish abortion. It is the plain truth, unfortunately. I and a true, God-fearing Christian and I know that many presidents have come and gone and not one has abolished abortion. It is sad but true so be aware. Each politician, not unless he or she is a blood-washed believer in Jesus Christ will say certain things to get certain votes regardless of whether they are truly for these things or not. God bless! :)

    • Anyae

      You will be judged for being so judgemental. Mittens is a Mormon he started out saying he is not pro choice now he is. Besides God gave us free will so that is pro choice . If it is not God’s plan for one to get an abortion why does he allow it to happen? God is the ruler through all things and if something is not meant to be it will not be ! You need to read your bible!

    • Effie

      Everyone does not accept the bible as fact. It’s great that you do, but that is your choice. When this country was killing Indians and Blacks it did so in the name of Jesus I guess.

    • Twinkle

      Mr.Tarasiak I implore you, please study The Word more carefully…I too am a Christian however I try not to use my Christianity to attack people, sit in judgement of others or threaten them with places I have NO authority to send them to…God has the finally say on who will or will not enter the kingdom, not u or I. To say that ANYONE who votes a certain way is hellbound is not only ignorant but also a blatant lie. If u study the word closely you will find that God was then and is now and forevermore a God of choice…God wants us to choose him, his path, his way and to live righteously but he doesn’t demand it…just as being Pro Life doesn’t ensure a ticket to Heaven, voting for someone who is Pro Choice does not ensure a ticket to Hell. No matter who is in office Christians have to answer for sins THEY themselves have committed not for voting for someone who supports the right of people to choose their own path…God CANNOT be forced upon people thru politics…he is a choice.

  • Yrret

    Stacey, you really are Clueless……

  • Lita

    Stacey Dash has the right to choose whoever she wants to vote.
    Don’t criticize her for her endorsement of Romney. This election
    is not about race, it is for the good of all Americans. America
    should regain its triple AAA rating.

  • Darla Hudnell

    I applaud Stacey on being informed and using her brain instead of voting the black democratic line. She obviously has been paying attention to the damage Obama has done to this country. His lifelong indocrination as a socialist organizer at the foot of his real father, Frank Marshal Davis,is placing our country and the American way of life in jeopardy. Congrats Stacey. You are a smart cookie.

  • Robert

    I am or was a Stacey Dash fan this is so crazy to see this i understand it’s politics but i hate the fact that shares his views does she also think that half of america is lazy moochers is she in the 1% or the 47% help me understand

  • Elden O’Haver

    You do have the right to say or vote for whom ever you want Plus this will mess with Hollywood. I myself am not crazy about either one ,But i will vote.

  • beth

    Good for Stacey Dash for voting for who she wants and based on the views and beliefs of the candidate, not for the color of the skin. I do not understand when the presidency became a vote for the color not the beliefs and views…the only people that make it that way are those voting for Obama based on the color of his skin…do you really know what he truly believes and what his views truley are…ask yourself that b/c if you are ONLY voting b/c he is 1/2 black then please do not vote you are not helping our country and what we stand for! Abe Lincoln didn’t free the saves and the 19th amendment didn’t go into effect so we can vote based on color of skin or whether the candidate is male or female…its so we can vote for who we agree with more and who we want to see lead our country to success!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA! & I am an even bigger fan of Stacey Dash with a ton more of respect for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • asa

      Cute but uninformed comment. Pres. Obama has faced open hostility from Congress and half of the country for ONE reason – the color of his skin. NEVER has a President in modern history faced such disrespect. Not Clinton (for cheating), Bush (for intelligence), Nixon (for integrity). You skipped two hundred years of history to go back to Lincoln freeing the slaves??? Lincoln freed the slaves to cripple the South, not for voting rights. Learn your history or stay out of intelligent conversations.

      • Joetta Days

        Marry me Asa we think so alike

    • Sheiks

      Beth says, “its so we can vote for who we agree with more and who we want to see lead our country to success!!!!!!!!!!”

      Really lets looks back to the months leading up to Nov 2008 election; your man had had 8 years running the country (Republican Bush) and at the end the American economy was in shambles on the verge of collapse, the Housing Market, Banks, and Car industry was really messed up(putting it pg; f’d up would do it more justice)so that was some reall Success huh, dumb trick!!!! And you want to go back that crap, well maybe Romney should get elected with the bascially the same policies of Bush/Repubs. so it can finally collapse for real and see how you like it then!

  • Joann Spencer

    Vote Romney in NOV and you will find yourself in the bed with the enemy. Ms Dash has a right to vote who she want, but be sure you can accept the consequences of your actions.

  • Sheiks

    They should invite her to a Repub fund raiser invite her back stage afterwards put some KKK wardrobe on and run a train on her arse; see how she feels like voting for their arse then!!!! Republican Party = Modern Day Klansman!

    • KB

      that is the stupidest thing i have ever heard. take ur stupid racist ass somewhere else..

      • Sheiks

        Speaking of racist, thats your boy Romney, he doesn’t care about the 47% (the poor and middle class) oh or is he back to lying again to say he care!

    • Brandon Tailor

      Dumbass…The KKK was formed by Southern Democrats. Remember Robert KKK Byrd??? You Sheiks are a moron!!

      • Sheiks

        Really lets looks back to the months leading up to Nov 2008 election; Repubs had had 8 years running the country (Republican Bush) and at the end the American economy was in shambles on the verge of collapse, the Housing Market, Banks, and Car industry was really messed up(putting it pg; f’d up would do it more justice)so that was some reall Success huh, dumb trick!!!! And you want to go back that crap, well maybe Romney should get elected with the bascially the same policies of Bush/Repubs. so it can finally collapse for real and see how you like it then!

    • Kev

      For you information the KKK were DEMOCRATES. The Republician party was the party of Lincoln you know the president who abolished slavery.

    • Steve

      What a total idiot

      • Robert

        Most liberals are. Knee-jerks.

  • Joetta Days

    Wow is this the same person who admitted to sleeping with her white husbands on the first date I cannot believe this amoral clueless person is now a member of the party that endorses the christian perfect heaven bound moral majority oh my God this is truly a case of art imitating life

  • jackson

    I dont think either Romney or Obama can run this country and make any good with it. Neither one of them are going to do anything they say they are going to do other than take from the little people. As for Stacey she has turned out to be a very attractive woman she has my vote any day.

  • Me

    I love Stacey Dash

  • Joann Spencer

    Ms Dash will vote Romney in NOV. her right as an American. You can choose your choices, but not your consequences. This is not about race or religion, but this election is about who care about minorities and all people. Especially that 47 percent!

  • Marrisa Hamilton

    It is so sad that you cant have an opinion, believe system..etc. if you dont support Gay marriage you get bomb threats, if you support a certain person you are ridiculed…its crazy..I am an African-American woman and I am a christian and because I am a Christian I favor alot of Romney views, over Obamas & so what. I doubt it if I will vote for either candidate, I wish we had more than just two to choose from, anyway….I applaud Stacey Dash, whether she is doing it to stay revelant or whatever the case may be. She has a right to stand behind whover she wants.

  • tyrone green

    sweetheart that takes some nerve to appear not to follow the crowd but until romney assures america that he will agree to be took out of office at the 1st sign of treachery learn to be proud of something else,, loyal fan tyrone

    • Robert

      “to be took out of office ”

      Spoken like a true 8th grade drop out.

  • jack black

    So people are really surprised that the election is based primarily on skin color? Let’s be real, there are 2 reasons why the majority of people are voting for either candidate, 1st, skin color, 2nd, popularity. The majority of black people that are voting for Obama are voting for him primarily because he’s black and the same goes for the bulk of white people voting for Romney. Most young people voting for Obama are doing it because he’s popular; rappers, ball players, actors, etc like him therefore their fans will, and Romney is popular among rich people.

    • Robert

      “and the same goes for the bulk of white people voting for Romney”

      Have you ever thought that those that aren’t voting for Obama may not have thought he was qualified (and I don’t mean “Birthers”) to begin with? His presidency so far has not shown differently. He was a puppet then and he’s a puppet now. If people weren’t tired and jaded from the Bush years, he probably wouldn’t have even made the ballot. The biggest reason he was elected was his color.

      I personally don’t care about color, but I do care about quaifications. Had Powell or Rice run (both black and one a woman!) I wuld have voted for either. In a primary, I would have voted for Rice over Powell. She may have been in the background for much of her career, but she has knowledge and wisdom many “front runners” lack.

      “Most young people voting for Obama are doing it because he’s popular”

      And because most young people react, not act. They hear some emotionally charged, controvertial BS and instatly believe it’s true. All you have to do is look at all the e-mails they send flying around about “urban legends”, and you can see they haven’t a clue.

      • jack black

        Which is my point, so many people on both sides are voting for vain, shallow reasons. The truth of the matter is that regardless of the real issues that need to be addressed, more people than you may realize are voting for inconsequential reasons.

    • http://patricksantickcars.com patrick dykes

      Congratulations,Stacy! Your decision is a good one, and is worth of your dedication to it. Other young people will begin thinking for themselves, now, and I predict that, in coming months, your decision will be exonerated. Stick with it!

  • adam

    you know why she’s endorsing romney? cuz unlike all you liberal fuckin democrats, SHE HAS A JOB. SHE PAYS TAXES. SHE’S NOT WAITING WITH HER HAND OUT FOR THE REST OF AMERICA TO SUPPORT HER. Try it sometime. And as for the rest of you republicans, WORK HARDER. Millions of welfare wastes are depending on you.



    • http://yahoo L cooper

      You are totally crazy. Obama is an evil,coniving,liar and is not sincere about anything. I hope you waste your vote. Are you rally better off than four years ago? I am not. I take home less money now than I did in 2008. ENOUGH SAID……………..

  • Sheila

    This is America and everyone is entitled to their opinion. We have to stop hating on black people when they decide to vote againest a black president.Lets leave the color of skin out of it. I am a white woman and I firmly stand behind President Obama. He is a man of principals and character that Romney will never be.

  • Sheiks

    Really lets looks back to the months leading up to Nov 2008 election; your man had had 8 years running the country (Republican Bush) and at the end the American economy was in shambles on the verge of collapse, the Housing Market, Banks, and Car industry was really messed up(putting it pg; f’d up would do it more justice)so that was some reall Success huh, dumb trick!!!! And you want to go back that crap, well maybe Romney should get elected with the bascially the same policies of Bush/Repubs. so it can finally collapse for real and see how you like it then!

  • L. J. Forbs

    Of course, Ms. Dash should vote for whomever she pleases. Many people died and suffered for black people to have that right. That being said, the priviledge to vote is so important it should not be taken lightly. I am an African American and I don’t agree with everything Mr. Obama does or stands for, but I have never totally agreed with any political candidate whether they were running for President or Congress or local politicans, who by the way impact our lives much more than the White House does. When it comes to the Presidential election, it is clear, not from a race standpoint, that Obama has understanding and compassion for those who traditionally have no voice, or the average guy. He comes from that world. I am a Chicagoan and have met Mr. Obama and spoken with him and he is a caring and humble man. Romney’s agenda and focus is clearly not about the average guy which comprises most of the citizens of this country who do living, working, pay the taxes,and keep this country functioning. The truth is Romney is a part of the “Good Ole Boy Network”, that has been running this country for centuries. He is not competent to run this country especially with all the complicated things that are going on right now. Although a President really has only so much power, (focus on who you send to the House and Senate and your Governor, Mayor and State Senators) I, being an average American, would like to see the candidate and first lady who understand and have compassion for the average guy, which is 95% of the American People, in the White House and not the candidate who is concerned about the wealthy 5% Let’s give Mr. Obama a 2nd term where he is not hampered by re-election issues and see what he does with it. I believe he will do amazingly well. My name is L.J. and I approve this message!

    • Sheiks

      I heard that “The truth is Romney is a part of the “Good Ole Boy Network”, that has been running this country for centuries. He is not competent to run this country especially with all the complicated things that are going on right now”.

      Amen and Amen, I think you have just gave me a new job! lol hee hee

      • http://yahoo Louise Cooper

        To L J Forbs.
        It is a front. He does not care about you or anybody else who votes. He is a fake. He IS the anti-christ. If he gets relected by stupid people like you. You will see what I mean. Everone thinks he did poorly in the debate. Well, let me tell you this. He did it on purpose to make people like you feel sorry for him. He played the oh pitiful me card. Can’t you see through him. I can. I always have. I will not vote for this idiot. I WILL vote for whomever runs against him regardless………………

        • http://webpropost Nikkol Anderson


  • joe35

    Meghan McCain said it perfectly. Liberals are always going on about how compassionate and understanding and respectful we should all be of one another, and yet they are the first ones to mock and ridicule others for having different opinions.


    Ok here are the facts 8% unemployment, highest gas prices ever, trilions of dolors in debt, no budget,our credit rating in the tank and mr smug four more years is concerned about what?… big bird give me a break the boy doesn’t have a clue I’ll take my chance with romney

    • Dehlia

      Sweets, please before you bash someone at least run spell check or learn HOW TO SPELL. The reason why you may not have a job . . .You barely made it through High School and have never returned to college. 10, 20, or 30 years later . . . Guess what? You cannot find a job. How is that President Obama’s fault?

    • AndyM

      Unemployment is below 8%. Gas prices were higher in July, 2008.

      It would be helpful if, after typing “here are the facts,” if you responded with facts, not fiction.

      Nice race-baiting by referring to the president as “the boy,” as well.


        I refer to him as a boy because a MAN would admit his mistakes and not continue to lie to true americans

        • Negro

          Nope, you did it because it has a racist connotation and you love it!!!

    • Brandi

      Right…because America was perfect before Obama was elected and Bush 1 & 2 did such an awesome job that Obama doesn’t have a landfill of crap to clean up after Sr. and Jr. took a big dump on our entire country all those years…right…

      • jvs

        Brandi, George H W Bush (Bush 1) was in office before Clinton. George W Bush was in office before Obama. You should also look up the Clinton presidency and see some of the things he did in office and then look at the effects they have had on our nation. Do your homework and don’t just parrot everything you hear from all your friends.

      • gator

        you say Bush 1&2 did such an awesome job. Ok lets calculate Gulf war part one 1 trillion dollars then gulf war part 2 another trillion. the hunt for Osama a couple of billions and no results. obama well he had Osama killed no wars hey no terrorist attack neither and he is pulling our troops out of Irac. now you say Romney oh shit he wants to invade Iran another trillion dollars there I don’t think he is the right candidate at least Obama did not lead us into war and the economy is getting a little better it takes more than four years to fix what the Bushes messed up

        • http://yahoo Ray Palmer

          Why do people get upset,about an election?? All candidates,are just alike. They all are liars,crooks,thieves,low lifes,who send,our men and women to die,in two bit border wars.The rich,get richer,the poor,get shafted,again,and agian.I just do not understand it..Why in hell,would a rich cadidate,want a job,that pays,less than thier monthly,business,expences…Never have I seen a poor candidate… Bush 1 and Bush2,Reagan,Carter,ect…All were crooks,any candidate,no matter,what party,what state,2 bit local candidate,only want the job,to steal,all they cab,while in office…One of my Grandfathers,was a Lawyer,and crooked politician..When I was 18,he kicked the bucket,he was in his early 80’s,when it came time,to dig the grave,I informed the backhoe,operator to go home..Because my grand dad,was so crooked,we were giong to screw,him into the ground.. art

    • http://webpropost Nikkol Anderson


  • kings

    Anyone who has the temerity to refer to the President of the United States a full grown adult male, father of two lovely daughters, married to a stunningly beautiful black woman; as a “boy” is an ignorant, 12 headed jackass, insular, inbreed bigot!!!!!