Squirrel $300K Damage Caused in New Community Center

    April 12, 2014
    Kathy Karadza
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squirrel caused about $300,000 in damage to the new McMillen Community Center in Fort Wayne, In., set to open in June, according to officials on Friday.

Parks Department officials told board members Thursday that the squirrel got into the electrical equipment of the building in McMillen Park on April 1, causing a power surge that damaged the heating and air conditioning systems and some parts of the boiler system.

The squirrel did not survive.

Parks director Al Moll said the repairs will be covered by insurance, minus the department’s $50,000 deductible.

Crews are working to make repairs so the center can open as planned on June 7, and the company that installed the HVAC systems is rushing to replace them, according to the department’s Steve McDaniel.

The McMillen Ice Arena closed in 2009. A $1.9 million project is transforming it into a community center that will host basketball and volleyball courts, an indoor track, an indoor soccer field, and other activities. It will also have multipurpose meeting rooms.

The entire project is estimated to cost about $4.5 million.

In September 2013, Mayor Tom Henry, upon announcing the contractors chosen to renovate the space, said of the new project:

“I continue to be encouraged by the positive momentum in our City,” said Mayor Henry.

“The McMillen Community Center is going to be a tremendous investment. City Councilman Glynn Hines and citizens in southeast Fort Wayne have been champions on this effort. We look forward to the entire community being able to use and enjoy this unique and needed destination place,” the mayor said.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • Computer_Expert

    Next time, install surge suppressors.

    • Mark

      Town should have zero cost. Responsibility should be with contractor and/or architect and their insurance companies. Squirrel should not have been able to get to an area of unprotected equipment.

  • chris

    that cop is such a frigen pussy….yaaay squirrel

  • God

    Hail Satan

  • Mad Hatter

    300,000.00 by a Squirrel? That’s just nuts!!!

  • Sharlene MacLaren

    “The squirrel did not survive.” Can’t believe the reporter actually wrote that.

    • Max

      But you know you needed that closure.

    • Ma! Ma!

      Thank God they would have hauled his squirrel ass to jail then they would have sued him for every ;last nut he had!

    • Cesar

      If it did it would be in jail for damages and would have to serve community service….

  • Cosmo Kramer

    Did the squirrel have life insurance?

  • Matthew

    Good, the squirrel died !!

  • anonymous

    Inflation woes…

  • DeltaLady1946

    This is why we trap and shoot all squirrels that visit our back yard….they are an invasive spices that are not supposed to be here in the 1st place! We call them Tree Rats and if they get into your home, you won’t be feeling sorry for them any more!

    • Bob

      Squirrels are indigenous to the Americas, Eurasia, and Africa. So unless you live in Australia, there are certainly not an invasive species.

  • acowa1

    Obama will fix it.

  • hank

    Squirrels are not cute as some people think but destructive rats. Do away with them.

    • Bea

      That is not true. I love squirrels and they are sweet and gentle. All animals can be destrutive but none more so then MEN! DO AWAY WITH THEM

    • aquarius2

      Worse than squirrels are those cute little chipmunks. They seemed so adorable until I noticed the concrete slab by the backdoor was tilting–little devils built tunnels under it.

  • salad spinner

    Wow, now the squirrel wife & 5,000 babies will be homeless. They need a baby squirrel daddy. They should be given free Obamacare in the new veterinarian coverage. That’s right all you slugs, this feature was in the fine-print you skipped over. Even po white trash needs free vet coverage.

  • Linda Miller

    Anyway to prevent squirrels from getting in?

    • aquarius2

      I watched a documentary about squirrels. If they think there is food there is no way to stop them, they will figure out how to get around blockades.

  • Jebediah

    Poor Squirrel. So Sad :(

  • Poor_Squirrel


  • Jeff Bundt

    yep, they chewed the wiring underneath my solar panels, $8,000 of damage.

  • isonespal

    Last fall a squirrel chewed five wires going to the fuel pump on my Grand cherokee. The fuel tank had to be lowered to splice the wires. The tow and the repair cost 225. Less than a week later he chewed through another wire back at the pump. Another 225. Undoubtedly a trained squirrel, rather than a suicidal terrorist squirrel as described in this article.

  • isonespal

    Last fall a squirrel chewed through five wires going to the fuel pump on my Grand Cherokee. The fuel tank had to belowered to splice the wires. The tow bill and repair 225 dollars. Less than a week later, he chewed through another wire back at the pump. Another 225. This was undoubtedly a trained squirrel, rather than a suicidal terrorist squirrel as described in this article.

  • kirk allen

    No foul play was suspected. He was survived , by many other squirrels.

    • aquarius2

      Wrong, according to the article “The squirrel did not survive.” This one sentence paragraph made me laugh.

  • Ken Javor

    Obama and big gubmint need to step in and offer welfare to squirrels to stop their pillaging of America.

  • olebarnbuster

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  • aquarius2

    Serious story, however the one sentence paragraph, “The squirrel did not survive.” made me burst out laughing.

  • Amy Knight Ash

    that’s nuts!