Spotify Gets Rid of Streaming Time Restrictions in All Markets Across All Platforms

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if you're a Spotify free user in some markets, you're most likely well-aware of time limits on streaming. After you pass that 6-month "grace period," Spotify begins to limit your listening time - at least until now.

Spotify has just announced that there are now no more time limits - this applies to all markets and runs across all platforms.

"There have never been any time limits in place in the U.S., but in some other markets, we had to restrict your listening time to some hours a month once a 6-month unlimited grace period had passed. But now, if you haven’t noticed, there’s no more time limit if you are using Spotify for free. We have removed these caps completely across all platforms – you can listen to your favorite songs as many times as you like, for as long as you want...That’s right, no more time limits," says Spotify's Diego Planas Rego.

This news comes on the heels of the company's decision to offer free mobile streaming for the first time. Before December, Spotify free users could not stream music on their mobile devices.

Although today's announcement doesn't change much for users in the U.S., it does make a huge difference to Spotify users in some of the company's other 54 markets. The company is, without a doubt, making their free service more attractive to potential users in a crowded field that's quickly becoming more crowded.

Take for instance Beats Music (yes, the headphones people), which is set to launch in just a few days.

Spotify has just over 24 million total users, 6 million of which pay for the service.

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