Spicy Burger Puts Two Men In Hospital


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When a burger requires a legal waiver in order to dig in, perhaps that’s one red hot flag you shouldn’t ignore.

The Hot Chilli Burger is an infamous staple of the Burger Off restaurant in Hove, England.

It’s more than a spicy burger; for many it’s something of a burger challenge.

The goal is to eat it and pray that you don't spend the next several hours in absolute agony.

A number of eager Burger Off patrons have taken up this challenge...and regretted it.

Arron Hendy and Ruari Barratt were no exception.

The pair of journalists journeyed to the burger joint in order to get the scoop on the much buzzed about menu items for The Argus.

Unfortunately the duo got more than what they bargained for.

Hendy agreed to try the burger after it was ranked in the top ten burgers in the country courtesy of Tripadvisor.

Both men took one bite, just ONE SINGLE BITE of the Chilli Burger.

And that’s when things got ugly.

Several minutes after taking a bite out of the Chilli Burger, Barratt began to suffer severe stomach pains.

Barratt soon lost the feeling in his hands, his legs began to shake, and his eyes rolled back in his head.

Though an ambulance rushed Barratt to the Royal Sussex County Hospital within a few minutes of his bite of burger, it would be two hours before Hendy followed him. Strangely enough, it took that long for the worst of the symptoms to hit.

The experience was a terrifying one for the assistant news editor.

Said Hendy, “I was in so much pain I was telling people I felt like I was dying.”

The journalist admits to feeling embarrassed about his reaction, however he urges burger enthusiasts to pass on trying the Chilli Burger for themselves.

“If you’re thinking of trying this burger for a dare...just don’t.”

Image via Wikimedia Commons