Sphinx Destruction Imminent If One Man Has His Way

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For years, the Sphinx and various pyramids around Egypt have offered few clues as to their origin; it has been up to us to decipher how the magnificent structures were built in ancient times and why they are such perfect examples of construction…and why they are still standing today, thousands of years later. They still draw tourists, archaeologists, and locals who wish to pay their respects every day; however, that could all change if one man has his say.

Morgan Al-Gohary, a radical jihadi sheikh, says he would destroy the Sphinx and the pyramids without hesitation if he could, in order to rid the Earth of what he calls “pagan idols”. Unfortunately, Al-Gohary has already succeeded in destroying other artifacts, such as the Bamyan Buddhas in Afghanistan, and says he would have no hesitation when it came to taking down the famous Egyptian monuments despite the fact that many think they were placed there for all of mankind, and not just for one religion.

“Everything, if it is a pagan statue or idol, that is worshiped or suspected to be worshipped, or is worshipped by one person on Earth, must be destroyed. We, or someone else, must destroy it,” he said in a recent television interview. He added that “all Muslims are charged with applying the teachings of Islam to remove such idols.”

“You don’t know the history of your country well,” writer Nabil Sharaf Al-Din, who was also a guest of the show, said. “Those pharaohs were the first to know religion in the world. The Sphinx and the pyramids are mankind’s heritage and not the property of Egyptians alone. They are the property of all mankind.”

Al-Gohary still sticks by his belief; however, he is not the first extremist to announce a demolition plan for the structures. A few before him have tried to take down the Sphinx and have failed, becoming the stuff of legends as word of mouth traveled quickly in ancient times that devastating floods and plagues would stop and destroy the person who tried to tamper with the monuments.

Sphinx Destruction Imminent If One Man Has His Way
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  • Trout

    Religion is the evil in this world. It alone is responsible for more death and destruction than any European greed. Think of the crusades, the inquistions, etc. ALL religions should be abolished, that way we are ALL EQUAL and no one type/person or belief will be better than another.

    • Lou

      Actually nationalism is the cause of more war related deaths than any other reason.

      • ray

        incorrect sir. White supremacy and the system of racism is the cause.

        • MIchael Jor

          Apologies to disagree sir, but it is you that are incorrect. The roots of nearly every global conflict have been in nationalism. In some cases, seriously ill individuals and/or groups have combined nationalism and racism into one thing. But I must disagree with your comment above.

    • Chris

      Virtually ever major war that was fought in the 20th century had nationalism or race at their heart. Also, think of the 20 million that Stalin was responsible for killing and the tens of millions who perished because of Mao in China. World War II was not a religious war either. Hitler’s hatred of the Jews was racially, not religiously motivated. The number of people who died as the result of religion is a fraction of a fraction of the number murdered for non-religious reasons (in addition to nationalism or in combination with it, it could be argued that militant atheism has killed more people than religion.)

      • DJP

        religion is #1. there is no disputing that. you have an imaginary friend, you’re crazy.. if people share their imaginary friend, it’s religion.

  • My Word

    As a Muslim here in America, “ya’ll need to sit your azz down, and leave those antiquities alone” Clean up your own house, your own life, because tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone. Damn extreme idiots, fools just mentally stuck. I don’t have to apologize for al-Islam, these people do not resemble Prophet Muhammed in any way shape form or fashion.

    • dale

      WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? AFRICAN LANDMARK?? yes egypt is in africa but they are their own country so they are an egyptian landmark!!

      • Realtooreal

        dale, your taking offense to the pyramids, Sphinx and other construction marvels being in Africa, exposes the same type of mentality or as not being far from that of Morgan Al-Gonecrazy (or I should say Gohary) and the racists who destroyed the nose of the Sphinx. As a christian tourist in Egypt during the latter part of the past century, I was appalled of how many Egyptians did not know they were Africans, including my guide who was the same guide for the famous American author Alex Haley. Those like you dale, who deem it necessary to indoctrinate and/or destroy for superiority posturing, selfish reasons, hatred, fear or religion; all need to take a ‘chill pill!’

  • ray

    I Honestly Think this is all a bunch of bull. I strongly believe they wanna tear down the spinx bc of the huge amount of ancient african greatness that comes along with that and the pyramids. I mean seriously, why would any loving person wanna tear down that great great african landmark? theres no excuse for this, its just pure hatered, i sincerly hope the african ppl fight back and end this madness bc americans dont care enough to see the truth and stop that devil.

    • Realtooreal

      Ray, I totally agree with you. As a christian tourist,I rode around the Sphinx on a camel; visited with respect, a Muslim gravesite; sat at the base of the Gisa pyramids; attended the Cairo museum, where an extended exhibit of King Tut remains on display plus an approximately 40-foot statute of King Ramses(sp) were among many other historically noted events and exhibits, in 1998.

      During that time the entire Sphinx sculpture was being dug out of the ground, revealing it is one huge boulder! Word had it, some racist fools had cut-off/destroyed the nose of the artifact because it denoted the greatness of African craftsmanship. …Now, many more years later, we have this ‘hater’?!

  • Kami Rush

    Such hatred, so sad. As Christ said…and the greatest of these is LOVE.

  • Jeffreymark Snyder

    The Sphinx is a Cat Man and a clue to our known direction to be not a Dog but a Cat, God spelled backwards is Dog, that’s the Mystery. the 3 pyrimids are (The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit) and they line up to Orions Belt the window in the large pyrimid at his Belt which is The trunk of the tree (Tree of Life) original sin was Adultrey & homo-sexualism. I heard on the discovery channel that there could be a Bible (Ancient) burried under The Sphinx. See: Dog Script. In Bible (Rev.22:15&Isaiah 56:10-12.) Stop abortion and go through “The Fire” !
    to live on the planet. Water, Fire,Ice.

  • Joe Lat

    Kill him before he harms the sphinx or the pyramids. Violence, contrary to popular belief, DOES solve problems.

    • MIchael Jor

      In cases like his, it does. There is no other way to stop a complete madman from spreading ideas of hate and in the case of this article, stupidity. Morgan Al-Gohary needs to be told to shut up – preferable with a very strong blow to the head ( beware the hollow sound).

  • MIchael Jor

    In my opinion and mine only, the people of the world should declare a “fatwa” on this man, Morgan Al-Gohary. The level of ignorance is so astoundingly high it is impossible to describe. Typically I am all about anyone can believe anything they like unless they impose those beliefs on others. Other world events aside for just a moment, the mindset to destroy HISTORY and what we can learn from it, I am appalled to say, should just be put down. He couldn’t be jailed, he couldn’t be educated or convinced. Someone with a brain please leave his body unwrapped buried under a meter of sand somewhere near the Sphinx and “other idols.”

  • FJW

    Wow, this guy is trip. Sounds like he has a brain like a toddler checking under the bed for monsters at bedtime. Nobody really worships those gods anymore. It’s just ancient history. What a complete and utter moron to think that this would be a threat to him now. I say lock him up and force him to make shoes for the needy.

    • joe

      your a fucken idiot..and u should be rapped by 72 virginians.

    • joe

      your a f***en idiot..and u should be rapped by 72 virginians.

  • SonofMuslims

    “Everything, if it is a pagan statue or idol, that is worshiped or suspected to be worshipped, or is worshipped by one person on Earth, must be destroyed” this is vanity to even think you are ordained to do this. Islam is the first religion to ordain religious freedom and so there is no way any state or spiritual movement can control the minds and faith of any person at all ever. If u hope to destroy the legacy of “paganism” by destroying monuments and artifacts you are severely misguided, according to the teachings only one god can place or remove a thought or feeling from a human beings mind..Will you destroy yourself or your home if a pagan or child were to take it for worship? It would be simole to find someone willing to worship you one need only look toward your spiritually blind followers. Its my understanding that the Holy Prophet himself ordered the detruction of idols housed in the Kaaba. When Mecca was liberated from chaos. Did he also order the destruction of idols and statues throughout the world? I think not…When the muslims became a dominant culture did they ravage the earth in search of idols and monuments to destroy? I have not heard of it. I believe that the Kaaba was a special case whereas it was originally constructed by Abraham for the worship of his one god. So it was justified in that they were clearing out debris that had accumulated within that mosque effectively restoring it to its original condition. This would not be the casde in the destruction of the Buddha and or the epic momuments of Egypt and other parts of the earth. Respect the truth that these existed long before the Qur’an, and I think even before Abraham was born into the world. I believe Allah will not reward you for desecrating the spiritual freedom of humanity, and I assure you that myself and my children and children’s children will stand with any who would eradicate the teachings your sect from the face of the earth if it succeeds or continues to attempt to destroy the Sphinx,Pyramids and any other relics of the intellectual wealth of mankind for such an irrational and hopeless purpose as to blind the people with your misguided spiritual lies..and I declare that what you teach is not Islam in its full understanding but actually a vain thirst for notoriety and power.

    • joe

      your a f*c*en idiot..and u should be rapped by 72 virginians.

  • http://yahoo Debbie Jo

    Kill him

  • Erthman

    I think that enough damage has been done to the forefathers of our entire civilization. These zealots have stolen stone to build their places of worship, their civil buildings and their egos. Enough is enough. These Kemetan buildings are works of MANKIND. The determination of ancient peoples who cared not about themselves, but their nation, their neighbors, their children, and their children’s children should be left for our children’s children to enjoy… I mean no offense to any religion or creed, but these are the facts!

  • clayton

    the taliban the alqada are the one that need to go they are putting things in peoples minds that make no sense at all just a bunch or crack heads with nothing better to do they make up things and say people are doing wrong they really do not have religen just bad story tellers

  • http://lifechangingyear.com Tracey

    If Egypt didn’t have these historical monuments they’d be even worse off money-wise than they are now. Having just spent one month in Egypt I can say from first hand experience that the country has nothing else going for it. I’ve been harrassed, man-handled, conned, scammed and abused. The pyramids, the sphinx and luxor are what made it all worthwhile!

  • Lou

    He says that they are pagan idols because they are centuries old. What about their idols? According to the Islamic religion, Mohammed came down on a white horse. They still worship that horse too. They worship pagan idols too. They worship and look forward to the 13th Imam. He, in actuality, is the anti-Christ. So, that makes them devil worshipers. Islam, just like the Egyptian religions back then, is a cult. The only TRUE religion is Christianity. It is the ONLY way to get to heaven. Their religion will only take them to hell. Jesus is the only way to heaven. So, let’s get rid of Muslims and their idols instead!!

  • smoothmoney

    go ahead, who cares anyway. let the idiots in the middle east destroy everything. they have no cultural sensitivity or profound intelligence or respect for the universe. let them all plod along in their 15th century mentality. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • SunManPatu

    If I take his theory word for word then after I destroy all the idols, I’d also have to destroy my house because I might worship that. I might have to kill the birds, nature, sun, moon, earth because i might also worship that. Think about it.It is human nature to worship SOMETHING.

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