Sophie Simmons Impresses “X Factor” Judges

    September 27, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Being the daughter of infamous Kiss member Gene Simmons can’t be easy, especially when your life has been showcased on a reality show and your mother is Shannon Tweed. But Sophie Simmons decided she wanted to take the stage at “The X Factor” and show the judges that she’s more than just a celebrity’s kid.

After choosing a particularly difficult song in terms of competing with the original–Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love”–Sophie chose to tell her parents she was auditioning just a day before she graced the stage, wanting to keep their protests to a minimum. But however they may have felt about her decision, they both accompanied her and waited backstage while she performed.

Although it’s hard to believe that the judges had no idea ahead of time that Gene Simmons was in the building with his daughter, they seemed surprised to learn who she was. Sophie insisted that she “didn’t want any help”, and that was the reason she hadn’t wanted to tell her parents what she was doing.

The 19-year old got good reviews from the judges, with Simon seeming the most impressed. Demi Lovato said she wanted to see Sophie gain “more control” over her voice, while Britney praised her. L.A. Reid was the only one who didn’t seem blown away, and gave her a no, but the other three judges sent her through to the next round.

“I didn’t know how badly I wanted it until I was up there,” a tearful Sophie said.

  • laura

    I’ve watched gene simmons “Family Jewels Show”,so i know who Sophie&Nick are However i really wasn’t impressed with her singing(i don’t think it was just her song choice),really don’t think there was much in her stage presence either.I can understand her passion to want to break out of her famous father’s shadow and be know for herself 7 talents but don’t believe she had the WOW factor to pass to the next round.As another contestant stated she thinks if she was not the daughter of famous (Shanon Tweed& Gene Simmons )daughter she probably wouldn’t have passed.

  • alex

    just watched clip on computer,seen sophie sing/audition very good in my opinion,now have reason to watch, not a fan of KISS.Just thought she sounds good.will be watching.

  • http://Yahoo Cindy

    She has a lovely voice and is easy on the eyes
    she is obviously pencilled in to become a star.
    but this whole contrived introduction was just too cheesy and unecessary. Why else are cameras following her, why is mom and dad there. No Simon love you but this was just way over the top
    Sophie Simmons does not really need to be on X-factor, Leave that to complete unknowns.

  • Jericha

    I liked Sophie well enough. I don’t think she’s going to go far in the competition, just because there are other contestants with more powerful voices, but her voice is really pretty. I feel like she would make some charming indie singer/songwriter music, which is totally the kind of thing I listen to. Whatever happens with this show, I hope she has some success somewhere. I wasn’t home last night to see this episode since I work late nights at DISH, but thankfully my Hopper recorded it for me. I turned it on as soon as I walked in the door. I always turn it on right when I get home so my sister and I can watch it together. We’re pretty addicted.

  • eli

    kiss are rock legends,even tho i can out pla em anytime. sophie was good ,but was waitin..for that killer high note..didnt come

  • JOE


  • peter

    Neopitism at its best.

  • peter

    Neopitism at its very best.

  • Gianna

    Sophie is a beautiful girl with a very lovely voice and demeanor. Why shouldn’t her parents be there? They love her very much and wanted to be there for her just like any other parents. I wish her all the best and she deserves it for who she is as a young girl with aspirations of becoming a singer based on her own talents. She is a breath of fresh air compared to most other “Hollywood Loser Kids”. Go Sophie and follow your dreams.

  • Joey Kornatowski

    I think u did a great job on x factor. Ur dad knows me from chicacago…. My number is 708. 337 7477 I would love to start a band with u!! I have a great voice and a great guitar player…..

  • Lynette Murray

    Live in Australia and can’t believe the negative, bitter and jealous comments in regard to sophie simmons Give the girl a break. She has talent, didn’t choose her parents and seems a mature, well adjusted teen. Go Sophie !

    • Allen

      You tell them none believers out there!!!

  • Karen

    I thought Sophie was great! It takes allot of courage to do what she did and I hope she goes far, on her own talents. As for the other people who think she is riding on her parents “coat tails”, grow up!