Sophia Loren To Give Masterclass At Cannes

By: Amanda Crum - April 30, 2014

Sophia Loren has an impressive body of work on her resume, and now the 79-year old actress will be honored at the Cannes Film Festival, where her new film will be screened.

Loren will be the guest of honor and will host a masterclass at the event, where her film The Human Voice will be shown. The film was directed by her son, Edoardo Ponti.

“Neapolitans love Sophia Loren as much as they love Maradona,” Digital Imaging Technician Francesco Luigi Giardiello said. “Working in the same tiny market street as Sophia Loren is quite impossible! So we bought a backpack and added an onboard battery with a couple of BNC connectors running out to the camera and to my Leader monitor. With a Codex recorder in the backpack, we essentially brought a DIT station with us, on my shoulder. Thank goodness for Codex!”

The Human Voice is a short film based on a one-woman play written in the ’30s by Jean Cocteau. The focus of the story is a woman who is being broken up with by her lover, but the audience only hears her side of the conversation. Loren has reportedly wanted the role for years.

Cannes will also screen Loren’s 1964 film “Marriage Italian Style” during the festival, which runs May 14-25.

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  • skeptik

    Look, arguably the most prefect woman specimen of all time, and I will still do her , at
    79, just have to deal with the ..cobwebs, but it will be worth it!!!

  • Smokey

    Still gorgeous and gracious — finally Yahoo focuses on someone truly interesting.

  • claude terres

    I am afraid her masterclasses will be like the masterclasses of Maria Callas at Julliard school. People who will be in awe of her and Sofia like Maria will not be able to pass on what made their uniqueness. One can teach techniques and all that but not genius…Anyway I would be happy to be a mouse and watch her….