SOPA / PIPA: Orrin Hatch Withdraws Support After Blackout


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Yesterday’s SOPA blackout is turning out to be an amazingly effective protest. After angry internet users spent yesterday calling and emailing their Congressional representatives (and even sending telegrams), support for SOPA and PIPA is dropping in a big hurry.

Yesterday we brought you news that Republican senator Marco Rubio had backed down from his support of PIPA, of which he was listed as a co-sponser. Now it seems that Orrin Hatch of Utah, also a co-sponsor, has joined the ranks of senators rushing to withdraw their support. Hatch made the following statement late yesterday:

After listening to the concerns on both sides of the debate over the Protect IP Act, it is simply not ready for prime time and both sides must continue working together to find a better path forward. Rushing something with such potential for far-reaching consequences is something I cannot support and that’s why I will not only vote against moving the bill forward next week but also remove my cosponsorship of the bill. Given the legitimate vocal concerns, it is imperative that we take a step back to allow everyone to come together and find a reasonable solution.

Though neither SOPA nor PIPA are quite dead yet, news like this is encouraging. Hopefully more senators will follow Hatch’s example.