Sony Keeps Video Recorders Relevant At CES


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Sony wants to everybody to get a little bloggie with their new camera.

Sony at CES announced the new Wi-Fi enabled Bloggie Live HD Camera. The device is significant because it is integrated with Skype’s Qik Video service.

The Bloggie Live camera is a fully featured video recorder that features 8GB of internal storage, full 1080p HD video, 12.8 megapixel still shots, 3-inch touchscreen, records in MP4 format and its Wi-Fi enabled as its full name suggests.

The real kicker with this device is not so much that it’s a video recorder because there are already plenty of devices, including your smartphones, that do that. The device can upload through it’s Wi-Fi connection all the videos the user takes to Facebook, YouTube and PlayMemories Online.

The device can also broadcast live which is a major plus as live streaming on phones is still somewhat iffy. It also allows people with compatible devices to comment on the live stream as it’s being recorded with their comments popping up on the Bloggie Live’s screen.

The device was revealed to be fully compatible with Qik Video service on Skype’s blog. This allows the Bloggie Live to do all of its live streaming magic. It also features Qik’s full suite of video sharing features.

With phones becoming more and more advanced, it’s going to be harder for devices like the Bloggie Live to stand out. A lot of what it can do can already be done by smartphones. Heck, Qik was made for smartphones.

It’s still a nice device since there’s gonna be a market for dedicated mini-recorders for a few more years at least. The move towards Wi-Fi enabled video recorders will definitely extend their life as there are still consumers who prefer devices that are dedicated to a singular function unlike smartphones that are a jack of all trades and master of none.

The Bloggie Live HD Camera will be available on January 11.