Sony Pulls Latest PS3 4.45 Firmware Update

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Sony Pulls Latest PS3 4.45 Firmware Update
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You might have noticed your PS3 telling you to update to system software version 4.45 last night. If you downloaded it, you also might have noticed that your PS3 is nothing more than a brick now.

Sony confirmed last night that its latest firmware update is bricking a “small number” of PS3 consoles. The update, which was meant to add the ability to turn off trophy notifications, would cause the XMB UI to vanish on some machines.

What makes this particular problem more concerning is that it’s hard to pinpoint a cause. Affected PS3 owners on the official PlayStation forums are saying that it’s affecting those who have upgraded their hard drives, but there are some with upgraded units that haven’t been affected.

So, what’s Sony going to do about it? The PlayStation Europe Twitter account fills us in:

In a statement to the BBC, Sony says that affected gamers should wait for a solution from Sony instead of trying to fix it themselves. Unfortunately, many PS3 owners on Sony’s messages boards already tried to do a system restore only to find that their hard drives were corrupted and required reformatting.

Well, it was only a matter of time, right? Sony had “won” E3 with its pro-consumer approach to used games and online DRM, but the good will it was earning couldn’t last forever. Here’s hoping Sony pushes out a quick fix to this latest problem before gamers get really mad.

Sony Pulls Latest PS3 4.45 Firmware Update
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  • http:www.nickscape.co.uk Nick Cockman

    Had an issue with this so have had to go back, I hope Sony sort this issue out soon, I’ve not done well with recent updates, the last one stopped my PS3 & projector working :(

  • Murathan

    This has nothing to do with E3 and Sony’s victory. Some of you Xbox fanboys are so pissed of that you are so glad to see something bad happened to PS3 doesn’t metter Sony still kicked Microsofts money filled ass and won the console war already

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/zach-walton Zach Walton

      You’re right – this doesn’t affect Sony’s perceived victory at E3. What it does do is provide a humorous anchor to last week’s jubilations by saying, “Well, something bad had to happen sooner or later.”

      And please don’t take this as me dancing around Sony’s grave or something. My PS3 may have not been affected by the issue above, but I feel the potential thousands that are frustrated. I full well understand the frustration that comes with having a console reduced to a large paperweight and it’s not fun. I just hope Sony will be able to rectify the problem with a simple software patch so Sony fans can keep on enjoying games.

  • larry

    I love my ps3 and Sony. so please fix this update. I hope you guys get it working right again. i waiting patiently for y’all to fix it because I love you all and I hope you’ll get this working right.

    • Steve

      I agree. I’ll be patient, but I do expect a fix. I’m not about the console war, I love both. But, Sony NEEDS to do the right thing here and FIX the problem not just pull the update so other users don’t get effected. If all else fails, this was the companies fault and I DO EXPECT a new system in return. (Third time I’ve had to replace and lose my files for Sony after buying a new HDD, external HDD, and a Playstation Plus account to back everything up.) Kind of ridiculous at this point. Make something that works right like my 001 Supernintendo, still going strong today!

  • Scotty Neyman

    I think this is crazy I can’t even get back to my main menu. It keeps trying to install the update after down load the says (((error 800E41f6))) I can’t do nothing is Sony gonna replace my system its fried bro….

  • https://sites.google.com/site/ps3firmware445update/home ryan


  • Jeremy

    The update deleted all of my videos. Most of them were from my pc, so getting those back onto my system won’t be a problem, but the rest were movies & shows I purchased from the Playstation Network. I was hoping to be able to re-download them but was only given the option of re-purchasing them and then re-downloading them.

  • http://yushogames.blogspot.com.au Rare Video Games

    What a headache at least the Playstation network is still up and running. Still better than the xbox.

  • James

    My ps3 won’t even project the image on my tv after updating it. I don’t know what happened. Is anyone having the same problem.

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