Solar Storm 2012 Not So Bad: No Power Outages Yet Reported

    March 8, 2012
    Jonathan Fisher
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We warned you yesterday of a coming solar storm, one of the largest to hit Earth in several years. Some forecasters predicted that the storm–about 10 times more powerful than the solar winds that usually reach us–could cause power outages and disrupt satellites and other technologies, as well as increase the frequency and visibility of the Northern Lights. So far so good, though. Officials have not reported any problems since the storm reached our planet at about 6 o’clock this morning, EST.

The earth got lucky, absorbing the brunt of the solar winds along its northern axis. “If it had been southern,” reports the Associated Press, “that would have caused the most damaging technological disruption and biggest auroras.”

The lack of power outages may be subject to change, though. “We’re not out of the woods,” National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientist Joe Kunches told the AP. “It was a good start. If I’m a power grid, I’m really happy so far.” The sun still has a bit left in it, and if the earth’s orientation to the winds shifts later, we could still encounter some disruption today.

Until then, though, we’ll keep writing. And if the storm does happen to disrupt your power, your communication, or your chi flow, let us know once the power’s back on.

  • shazad mohammed

    NOTE: The south of TRINIDAD had exprience a major eletrical disruption yesterday,08th march 2012. I think this story is as real as it gets.

  • Frank Hobel

    The oh no its the end of the world freaks got to love this sillyness, it never ends I hate stupid people !

    • karen

      @ Frank..a solar storm was mentioned but not the end of the world.whos stupid now!duh

  • Meinhard

    We live near Hesse Germany and just experienced a short black-out (at about 22:45 CET)that lasted about 15 minutes….it is currently restored. I guess we will see what happens next.

    • John Affleck

      Look up the word “coincidence”; it will be a revelation to you.

  • John Affleck

    I’m sure the solar storm was caused by global warming; expecting an anouncement from Al Gore, momentarily.