Socialcam Controversy Leads To A “Fix”

    May 15, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Socialcam is one of the most popular video apps on the iPhone, and it’s become entangled in a bit of controversy. There’s a social feature that’s on by default, and shares the videos you watch to your Facebook feed, but apparently, even if you turn it off, the feature comes back when you restart it.

Well, at least it was doing this, until it “pushed a fix”.

Circa co-founder Matt Galligan blogged about the issue and posted a video about it. He calls it “Socialcam’s shady secret”:

In an update to his blog post, Galligan shared a statement from Socialcam, saying, “Matt – please recheck this – we have pushed a fix to correct this problem. If you turn off Social Mode in the app it should remain off the next time you open the app.

Galligan says he won’t bother to install it again to find out if that’s the case.

As reported last month, the app had a reported 4 million new users over the course of a weekend.

  • Lon

    I do not understand why SocialCam is having to learn Facebook lessons for itself. Facebook users created an uproar before Facebook finally gave users the option to choose what and with whom they wanted to share. Something that SocialCam has NOT changed (at least it does not work for me) is the inability to persistently turn off sharing of liked videos. Just because I like a particular video does not mean that I think my friends will like it. In fact, the opposite may be true causing at least some of my friends to be offended by what I find entertaining. Wake up, SocialCam. This isn’t new. Give us the ability to control how and what we share.